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Zeroland: a guide to the arts online; a systematic, comprehensive and curated guide to trustworthy, informative and inspiring arts-related webpages from around the world

You are only a click or so away from top websites related to the arts and to literature. Many of these sites do not always appear prominently in the result lists of major search engines, so you may come across sites you would not always find using these automated search tools! This directory, much more than a ‘list of links,’ is rather like a library catalogue or index at the back of a book, and as such is able to more easily help people find the websites most relevant to their field of enquiry. This site does not display ‘paid for’ links, and links are indexed either alphabetically or by category such as subject, genre, period, name or country. Those who want to advertise their sites on this site can, for a payment, display ‘featured’ linked images on a page or pages of their choice. For this option please contact us by the contact form below. As well as a reference index for public use, this site is also a link network, ‘hub’ and news source,  allowing all those directly involved in the arts to meet and find contacts or outlets for their work or services.

Zeroland includes many websites of special artistic, literary, imaginative, scholarly, informative, technical or historical value, and gathers them from sources such as universities, schools, museums, galleries, archives, organizations, scholars, artists and writers.

Please feel free to submit your own site to his directory. There is no listing fee.

Zeroland is for the casual, interested visitor, as well as for students, academics and arts or media professionals.

To maintain the integrity of the site’s content, advertising appears only in the right-hand columns or in the foot of the page; links in the main body of the index are not subject to any listing fees and appear only because they have been reviewed and accepted by the site’s editors.

Because links are removed only if they cease to function, Zeroland is intended as a permanent record or ‘library’ of annotated links to arts and humanities websites.
The directory is updated almost daily to ensure it includes new content and remains free of unbroken links. If you find new, interesting websites (or broken links!) please do not hesitate to let us know.

We have tried to ensure this site does not link, whether directly or indirectly, to web pages containing material which might conventionally be termed ‘offensive’.

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Websites from all areas and countries – the US, South America, Europe, Britain, The Middle East, Russia, China, all parts of Asia, Africa and Oceania – are welcome. This site is an international arts portal, after all!

No personal information is collected from any posts or letters to this website.Our aim is to provide convenient access to the best arts and culture websites from around the world.

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Künste, Musik, Literatur, Film, Philosophie. Gutes aus dem Internet.
Dieses Verzeichnis wird jede Woche aktualisiert. Ich habe versucht, das einwandfreie Funktionieren der Links sicherzustellen, aber wenn Sie irgendeinen broken Link finden, fühlen sie sich frei, mich zu benachrichtigen.
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Ich hoffe, daß Sie diese Seiten nützlich finden!


Arti, Musica, Letteratura, Cinema, Filosofia. I più bene del’ Internet.
Le informazioni:
Questo indice è aggiornato ogni settimana. Ho provato ad accertarmi che il sito rimanga libero da collegamenti interrotti ma se ne trovate qualcuno sentitevi liberi di farmelo sapere.
Se voleste suggerire o chiedere altri collegamenti, o formulare osservazioni, Vi prego di trasmettermele a: ahart@zeroland.co.nz, o usare la forma di presentazione qui sotto e non esitate a collegare la vostra pagina a questo luogo se desiderate. Se il nome d’un artista, di un musicista, di un produttore, di una organizzazione o di un Web site specifico non è elencato in queste pagine, potrebbe ancora essere trovato su uno degli altri luoghi di collegamento o liste degli indici. Spero che troviate queste pagine utili!


Arts, Musique, Littérature, Film, Philosophie. Mieux de l’Internet
Ce répertoire est mis à jour chaque semaine. J’ai essayé de lui assurer les restes exempt des liens ininterrompus, mais si vous trouvez satisfais le sentir libre pour m’informer.
Si vous voudriez suggérer ou demander d’autres liens, ou faites les commentaires, envoyez-s’il vous plaît leur moi at ahart@zeroland.co.nz, ou utilisez la forme de soumission ci-dessous, et ne hésitez pas à joindre votre page à ce site si vous souhaitez.
Si le nom d’un artiste, d’un musicien, d’un auteur, d’une organisation ou d’un site Web individuelle n’est pas énuméré à ces pages, il devrait encore trouver sur un des autres sites ou répertoires de lien énumérés ici sous la catégorie appropriée. Par exemple, un lien à un peintre non inscrit devrait être trouvé en cliquetant sur un de l’autre.
J’espère que vous trouvez ces pages utiles!

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