Literary websites, an index

Sea novels *

A list of the top sea novels, from Bookmarks Magazine.

Science fiction

Short stories, short story websites *

See: Short Stories

Situationalists *

Situationalists. The Bureau of Public Secrets

Sonnet form *

See: Poetry: Sonnet form

Software for writers *

Scrivener for Mac OS XWriters Software Super Center

Top Ten Rreviews
Creative Writing Software Review

Fiction Factor
Free writers software, free e-books, software for writers.

Windows software for novelists and creative writers.

Writer’s Blocks Writing

Writers Store

A leading source of screenwriting software such as Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter, Save the Cat, Contour…
Surrealist literature

Symbolist literature


See also:
Literature by countryTheory, criticism, critics directory
A dictionary of synonyms, antonyms..

Travel literature *

Travel literature. 
Travel writers, travelogues, travel writing website links.
Resources for travel writers. Publishers of travel books.

Twentieth-Century (Modernist) Literature *

See:  Modern and early 20th Century Literature

Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal.
An early example of ‘modernist’ literature.


Utopian Literature *

Utopian Literature
Utopia on the Internet.Writers of utopian literature, literary expressions of utopia.


Victorian literature *

See: 19th Century and Romantic Literature 
British Authors  and General Author Index

Verse forms *

Poetry. A Dictionary of Poetic Terms
Prosody, metre, verse forms, rhetorical terms, literary terms, etc.

Sonnet form, metrics, history of the sonnet, Shakespeare’ sonnets. 
An introductory course from the J Sargeant Reynolds Community College.

Quatrain examples

Voice of the Shuttle
A literary website link directory.


Web blogs *

Web blogs, literary news websites.

Guardian Unlimited literary blogs.

Wired for Books
A site bringing literature alive with audio, video, and old-fashioned text of modern and classic stories, plays, poems, essays, and author interviews. Includes audio interviews with writers such as Maya Angelou,  Amy Tan, Isaac Asimov, Robert Creeley, Anne Rice, James Dickey and many others.

Women’s Literature, Women Writers
Women authors, feminist writing.

Workshops, creative writing schools *

See: Writing Schools

Writers’ Resources *

See also: Literary Publishers and Agents, Advice

Award-winning, online advice page for writers, publishers, agents, marketing.

Writers’ resources. Workshops, publishing, networks, young writers.

FAQs, Help and Tutorials
A list of websites from The Open Directory Project

Open Directory Project
A directory of writers resources on the internet.

Writers Write
Writer’s resources. Publishers, articles, author interviews, author directory.

Arthur Rimbaud Reckless and Rebellious                           French Poet, 1870 
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Stephane Mallarme (1842-98) 1876
Stephane Mallarme (1842-98) 1876 Giclee Print
Manet, Édouard 
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Simone Breton, Gala Eluard Max Ernst                           Andre Breton Robert Desnos Paul Eluard and                           Joseph Delteil 1923
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