Canadian literature, writers and poets

Canadian writers and poets, poems, literary organizations; a guide to websites


Canada Council for the Arts

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Canadian Literature, a Quarterly Review

Canadian Literature and Culture Site
An overview from Brown University.

Canadian Literature Research Service (National Library of Canada)
Authors included: Earle Birney, Emily Carr, Stephen Leacock (includes Audio), Gabrielle Roy, Yves Thériault.

Canadian poets, Canadian poetry online.

Magazines, journals, blogs *

Quill and Quire

This magazine from Canada publishes poems, stories, interviews, cartoons and novel excerpts.


National Library of Canada

Northwest Passages
Canadian literature online. 


Poets *

Canadian poets, a list.
A collection of poets with biographies, list of published works, and sample poems. Toronto University

Canadian poets, a list.

The league of Canadian Poets

Poets. Contemporary Canadian poetry online.


Playwrights Guild of Canada
Productions, performing rights.


Theatre. Encyclopedia of Canadian Theatre

Today in Literature
Good books, good stories – every day.
Today in Literature began in 2001, the naïve idea of an English teacher on leave from the classroom. It was a weekly radio series in Canada before moving to the internet, on and several other sites. It is now an independent web-site and subscription service, with over 25,000 visitors a day and subscribers in virtually every country in the world.

Women writers from Canada.

Canadian authors and poets *

Wikipedia list of Canadian writers.

Reviews of popular books by Canadian authors, from Good Reads.

Atwood, Margaret

Atwood, Margaret. Margaret Atwood’s website.

Margaret Atwood, an introduction and biography.

The Margaret Atwood Society

Margaret Atwood, Wikipedia entry.

Carson, Anne

Carson, Anne. Anne Carson. The Poetry Foundation

Anne Carson. Wikipedia entry.

Cohen, Leonard

Cohen, Leonard. The Leonard Cohen Forum

Leonard Cohen. The Book of Longing website.

Leonard Cohen Website

The Leonard Cohen Files. Index to various editions of Leonard Cohen’s books, list of cover songs, original poems submitted directly by Cohen.

Leonard Cohen, Wikipedia entry.

Speaking, a Leonard Cohen archive.

The French Leonard Cohen website.

Coupland, Douglas

Coupland, Douglas. Douglas Copeland Discussion

Douglas Coupland Official Site

Douglas Coupland Wikipedia entry.

Douglas Coupland interview, January Magazine.

Layton, Irving

Layton, Irving, Irving Layton. Wikipedia

Irving Layton, a webpage from Toronto University

Leacock, Stephen

Leacock, Stephen. Stephen Leacock

Stephen Leacock. The poems of Stephen Leacock.

Stephen Leacock, Wikipedia entry. 

Munro, Alice

Alice Munro collected news and commentary at The Guardian.

Alice Munro. Collected book reviews at The New York Times.

Alice Munro, Wikipedia entry.

Alice Munro. The New Yorker

Ondaajtee, Michael

Michael Ondaatje
Wikipedia entry.

Robertson Davies, William

Davies, William Robertson. William Robertson Davies, Wikipedia entry.


Zwicky, Jan

Jan Zwicky’s page at The European Graduate School

Jan Zwicky. Wikipedia entry.