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CALMA. Computer Assisted Learning for Musical Awareness,
a downloadable music software program from the University of Huddersfield, UK.


See : String instruments

Cello. The Cello Internet Society.
Cellists, cello schools.

Chamber music websites.


See: Vocal music

Directory of chant on the web, 
Open Directory Project.


See also: blogs, journals Conservatory
Forums and live chat.

Chat, discussion. 
Classical Music Discussion and Chat from Jolly

Claudio Monteverdi Discussion Port

Giovanni Palestrina Discussion Port

Mahler Live Chat

Mozart Live Chat

Children’s music *

See Children’s music and Music Education

Children’s Museum World of Wonder. Music Room.


Church music

Anglican Church music

Catholic encyclopedia entries for choirs, choral music.

Classical music portals, databases and directories

See: Directories and portals


See: Classical music/composer competitions

See also: Piano Competitions


Composers’ homepages. Downloadable music files. 

Contemporary composers

Concerts, tickets *

World Ticket Shop

London classical music, opera and dance tickets.

Classical muisc events in London. Time Out

Tickets to concerts in European cities.

Tickets to classical music concerts in Europe, Britain, Argentina and the U.S.

Conductors. Alphabetical index of great conductors. 

Contemporary music

Contemporary composers 

Contemporary music index, contemporary music resources. 

Cortical Foundation 
Founded in 1992 to broaden awareness of  innovators in sound and composition and maintain sound archives and publication of recordings, with particular emphasis on artists emerging during the 1960’s.

Country indexes

Country/area composers index.