Architecture world history, architecture by country

Architecture world history, architecture by country, style and period
A list of websites

Architects Index

Architecture Databases

archINFORM. A comprehensive international architecture database, indexed by country, city, town and region. With image maps.

ADAM. Art, Design, Architecture & Media Information Gateway,
is a searchable catalogue of over 2500 internet resources that have been carefully selected and catalogued by professional librarians.


Buildings Online. Pictures of African houses, mosques, villages.

Arts and Architecture Web Resources. A directory of African art sites. 


See: American (US) architecture


Chinese ancient architecture.
Beijing Museum of Ancient Architecture. Chinese architecture pictures.

Egyptian monuments, Egyptian antiquities.

Egyptian Pyramids. Explore in panoromaic 3D Quicktime.

Great Buildings Online
A world collection. Image galleries, information on great architects, famous buildings, places, architectural styles. 3D Models. Oceanic, Middle Eastern, Asian, American, African and more.

Parthenon, Athens, Greece.

The Classical order in Greek and Roman architecture. The syles of classical column.

Classical architecture. Wikipedia, entry.

Ancient Roman architecture, Wikipedia entry.

Ancient Roman Architecture – Great Buildings Online
Great Buildings Online provides images and commentary on some of the best-known buildings of the Roman world.

Ancient Greek Architecture – History for Kids

Ancient Greek Architecture – Great Buildings Online

The Acropolis

The History of Greek Architecture. Images of temples and monuments, with descriptions.

World Heritage Cities. An international directory.


Architecture In Asia
Showcases contemporary and historic architecture (built and unbuilt) in Asia.
Features the work of professionals and students in Asia.
Highlights the work of Asian architects, students and artists.
Encourages healthy discussions on Architecture and Art.
Highlights professionals and students.
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Asian Historical Architecture – a Photographic Survey

The Asian Tradition in Architecture

Asian Architecture: a database from ArchINFORM.

Chinese architecture, Wikipedia entry.

Indian architecture, Wikipedia entry.

Japanese architecture, Wikipedia entry.

Modern Asian Architecture Network


Architects Accreditation Council of Australia

Australian Design Review

Australian Architecture and Design. Dezeen

Australian architecure. ArchDaily

Royal Australian Institute of Architects

List of Australian architects, from Wikipedia.

Specifier, an Australian architecture bi-monthly.
Specifier Magazine, which is about fifteen years old now,  includes global projects, award-winning Australian architecture, arts features and interviews, as well as a news pipeline, a directory of products and professionals, green building products, and downloadable product brochures.


Austrian Architectural Foundation

Austrian architects, Wikipedia entries. Portal für Architekten, Bauherren und Architekturinteressierte.

Austrian Architecture. Images of Austrian buildings.

Hoffmann, Josef. Josef Hoffmann. From  Great Buildings Online.

Hundertwasser, Friedensreich
The museum in Vienna dedicated to the work of Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Viennese architecture. About


See: British Architecture

Great Buildings Online

Palaces. Historic Royal Palaces



The Magic of Bulgaria. A photo gallery by Ludmil Egov.


Central Europe Online. A general web portal for all of Central and Eastern Europe. Has many useful architecture web links.


Beijing Architecture. An article on modern Beijing architecture by Ron Gluckman.

Beijing Historical Architecure

Beijing Skyscrapers

Beijing 360 degree panorama, GEM Science and Technology Center.

China. Architecture. Great Buildings Online. Courtyard house, Chek Lap Kok airport, Hong Kong, by Norman Foster.

China Travel. Chinese tourist information.

Feng Shui. Feng Shui Society Homepage. Feng Shui website links.

Historical architecture of China. Oriental

Shanghai Architecture Guide. Archinform

Buildings and structures in Shanghai. Wikipedia

Shanghii Bund area, buildings.

Shanghai historical architecture.

Shanghai Skyscapers

Skyscrapers in China.


Architecture of the Czech Republic. A web portal from Central Europe Online.

Great Buildings. The Czech Republic


Danish Architecture Centre, Copenhagen. Christianshavn

Royal Academy of Fine Arts Architecture School

Architecture in Denmark
The Astoft Collection of Buildings of Denmark

Copenhagen X
Official website on modern architecture and urban development in Copenhagen.

Wikipedia entry on Danish architecture.


Ancient Egyptian architecture, Wikipedia entry.

Egyptian monuments, antiquities.

Egyptian Pyramids. Explore in 3D Quicktime


Finnish Architecture. A dedicated Finnish architecture site.

Finnish Architecture. Alvar Aalto, Hekki Siren.

Museum of Finnish Architecture

The Alvar Aalto Museum and Foundation

Helsinki Buildings, Architecture, Photos, Architects.
Helsinki Buildings, Architecture, Finland, Photos, Finnish Architects, Houses, Helsinki Architecture, News.

Finnish Association of Architects

Log Structures in Finnish Architecture

National Romanticism in Finnish Architecture

Architecture of Finland. Wikipedia entry.

Traditional Finnish architecture. Flickr Photo Sharing