Medieval art, Gothic and Byzantine art

Medieval art and architecture, Medieval artists, Gothic and Byzantine art: a guide to websites

Art médiéval; Mittelalterliche Kunst
Arte medieval Le Moyen Âge

Simone MartiniA

Architecture *

British Medieval Architecture
Abbeys and Monasteries, Architectural Sculpture, Castles, Cathedrals and Churches

English Late-Medieval timber-framed architecture.

Gothic architects, a list from Wikipedia.

Medieval churches in Europe.
L’Architecture religieuse médiévale.

Medieval Society
A site about the history of the times and culture of Medieval society.

Romanesque architecture

Romanesque Architecture

Romanesque Art and Architecture in France.

Arte Románico y Rutas Medievales en España

Art museums displaying the work of the middle ages.

Byzantine art *

Byzantine art. ArtLex entry.

Byzantine art: 
images from Etciù Museum.

Byzantine artists. 

Byzantine icons and mosaics.

Byzantine manuscripts, a guide to websites. 

Early Christian and Byzantine Art: 
icons, illuminated manuscripts, monuments, fescoes.

Wikipedia entry on Byzantine art.

Mount Athos

French Medieval studies *

The French gateway to Medieval Studies.
Médiévistes sur le net : sources, travaux et références en ligne

German Medieval studies *
German Medieval studies.

Gothic art *

Gothic artists. 
A web directory from Artcyclopedia.

Gothic painting.
A web gallery from The WebMuseum.

International Gothic style of painting.

Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, by The Limbourg brothers. Wikipedia entry.

Simone Martini; information and an online gallery.

Simone Martini. Wikipedia entry.

Annual Medieval festival dedicated to the Limbourg brothers, in Nijmegen.

Wikipedia entry on Gothic art.

Guilds *

Medieval Guilds


Iconography, Orthodox icons.

The International Center of Medieval Art

Islamic medieval studies *

Islamic Art

Islamic medieval art and architecture.

Japanese medieval art and architecture.


Manuscripts *

Byzantine manuscripts.

Manuscripts, a guide to websites.

Manuscripts of the Bodleian Library

Saint Albans Psalter Project
University of Aberdeen

WebMuseum: Les très riches heures du Duc de Berry.

Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

Medieval Art History Resources German Medieval studies.

Medieval art web directory. 
The Open Directory Project

The French gateway to Medieval Studies.
Médiévistes sur le net : sources, travaux et références en ligne

Metropolitan Museum Collection of Medieval Art

Medieval Literature 

Mosques *

Mosques Around the World

Mosques of the World
Sacred Destinations

Musée national du Moyen Age, France

Sculpture *

Gothic sculpture in Italy.

Italian Romanesque Sculpture


Wikipedia entry on Medieval art.

Medieval artists *

See also:
Medieval artists, icon painters.

Iconographers, icon painters; a list of websites.

Medieval artists. Painters, and sculptors,
a list from Wikipedia.


Web Gallery of Art

Art museums displaying artworks by Cimabue.

Wikipedia entry.




Duccio di 
130 works by Duccio


Giotto di Bondone. Artchive

Giotto. Scrovengi Chapel

Giotto agli Scrovegni
Website from Ministero per i Beni e le Attivita Culturale. A virtual visit.

BBC report on restoration of the Arena Chapel.

Giotto on the internet. 
Churches, museums.  Artcyclopedia

Giotto. CGFA Gallery

Lorenzetti, Ambrogio

Lorenzetti, Ambrogio. Ambrogio Lorenzetti

Olga’s Gallery

Web Gallery of Art

Art museums displaying artworks.

Martini, Simone

Martini, Simone. Simone Martini
An image gallery.
Simone Martini
Art museums, churches.

Rublev, Andrei

Rublev, Andrei. Andrei Rublev

Andrei Rublev
Wikipedia entry.

Ushakov, Simon

Ushakov, Simon. Simon Ushakov

Theophanes the Greek

Theophanes the Greek

Les Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry: The mo...
Les Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry: The month of august by the Limbourg brothers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)