Minimalism in art

Minimalism in art; Minimalist artists; Post-Minimalism
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An introduction to Minimalism from ArtLex.

Minimalism: Artists and their Works

Minimalist music, Wikipedia entry.

minimal ZONE
A place where you are an artist. Give colour to the random shapes and share your work of minimal art.

Minus Space. Reductive Art
A curatorial/critical project based in Brooklyn, New York, presenting the most innovative reductive, concept-based art by international artists working in all media.


Post-minimalist artists
Guggenheim Collection

Postminmalist artists.

Wikipedia entry on Postminimalism.

Wikipedia entries on Minimalism.

Famous Minimalist Artists *

Andre, Carl *

Carl Andre. Art museums.

Flavin,  Dan *

Dan Flavin. Exhibitions,
Dan Flavin. A retrospective exhibition at The Pinakothek.
Dan Flavin. Artcyclopedia.

Hesse, Eva *

Eva Hesse. Art museums displaying works by Agnes Martin.
Eva Hesse. Guggenheim Museum

Judd, Donald *

Donald Judd. Art museums displaying work by Donald Judd.
Donald Judd. Guggenheim Collection
Donald Judd. Tate Gallery
Donald Judd Wikipedia entry.

Kapoor, Anish *

Anish Kapoor
Tate Gallery

LeWitt, Sol *

Sol LeWitt. Art museums displaying works by Sol LeWitt.
Sol LeWitt. Wikipedia entry.

Marden, Brice *

Brice Marden. Guggenheim Museum
Brice Marden. Works by Brice Marden in art museums.

Martin, Agnes *

Agnes Martin. Art museums displaying works by Agnes Martin.

Newman, Barnett *

Barnett Newman. Art museums displaying works by Barnett Newman.

Reinhardt, Ad *

Ad Reinhart. Art museums displaying works by Ad Reinhardt.
Ad Reinhardt, Wikipedia entry.

Rothko, Mark *

Mark Rothko. Wikipedia
Mark Rothko. National Gallery of Art

Ryman, Robert *

Robert Ryman. Works by Robert Ryman in art museums.
Robert Ryman. Guggenheim Museum

Stella, Frank *

Frank Stella. Art museums displaying works by Frank Stella.
Frank Stella. Wikipedia entry.
Frank Stella, ArtNet

Weiner, Lawrence *

Lawrence Weiner. Guggenheim Museum