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Eros and Psyché.CanovaArt museums displaying works of Neoclassical art.

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Neoclassical artists *

Canova, Antonio

Antonio Canova. Artcyclopedia

Antonio Canova. An image gallery.

Canova, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Antonio Canova. Il Museo Canoviano di Possagno. The Canova Museum

Canova. Eros and Pysche  and other works. Le Louvre, Paris

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Canova. Hermitage Museum

David, Jacques-Louis

Jacques-Louis David. Artcylcopedia

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Marat assassiné. Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels

Web Gallery of Art

Jacques-Louis David. An image gallery.

Jacques-Louis David. Le Louvre

Gérard, François

Baron François Gérard. Web Gallery of Art

Francois Gerard, Rijksmuseum

Francouis Gerard. Le Louvre

Houdon, Jean-Antione

Jean-Antoine Houdon, Wikipedia entry.

Ingres, Jean August Dominque

Jean-August-Dominque Ingres. Web gallery of Art

Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres. Le Louvre

Proudhon, Pierre-Paul

Pierre-Paul Proudhon. Artcyclopedia

Thorvaldsen, Bertel

Bertel Thorvaldsen. Art museums holdings works of art by Thovaldsen. Artcylcopedia

Thorvaldsens Museum

Bertel Thorvaldsen. Wikipedia entry.

Napoleon Crossing the Alps at the St. Bernard Pass, 20th May 1800, circa 1800-01
Napoleon Bonaparte 
Jacques-Louis David

Three Graces, 1812-16
Three Graces, 1812-16
Antonio Canova