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Internet art, digital art, digital artists
A guide to netart websites


Web art internet portals *

The Creators Project
The Creators Project celebrates visionary artists across multiple disciplines who areusing technology in innovative ways to push the boundaries of creative expression.They seek to inspire new and emerging artists by showcasing the infinite possibilities presented by the advancement of modern technology.

Padiglione Internet (the Internet Pavilion) for the Venice Biennale.

Webby Awards. Prizes for the best websites. From the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. 
The Alliance of Digital Artists. Training, schools, employment, exhibitions.

Prix Ars Electronica international competition of cyberarts.

dConstruct (UK)
Brighton’s major digital design conference, dConstruct, which each year brings leading names in design and user interaction to the UK. It is organised by the design agency, Clearleft and takes place at Brighton Dome.

Webby Awards winner. Create your own dreams.
The “” web site is an online-only exhibition of the early (and continuous) history of Internet art. This site provides links to original content to net-art projects and related websites made since the rise of Internet art in de ’90 into the mainstream art world.This site also features links devoted to critical theory and the history of digital art as well as links to software or computer generated art and sound art, but the aim is to collect and retrieve art that is produced for and through the WWW.

The Slade Centre for Electronic Media

Commissioning and supporting net art.

A story about ordering one thing, and getting another instead. A bacteria is spreading over the internet causing online retailers to deliver the wrong products…

Web films, web art from France.

Thomson & Craighead
Online works of art and digital art projects. Jo Thomson and Alison Craighead, based in London, are artists working with sound, video and the internet.



Adobe Tutorials
Pegasus Web Design Resources features free web design, graphic design and Adobe PhotoShop tutorials written by Daniel Piechnick, a professional web designer based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Online publishing network where the digitali meet the literati. Art  and fiction installtions on the web, cyberfiction, writerly webs, articles on internet versus print media.

Omnimedial Images by Apostolos. Images comprising any thinkable discipline, from oil-colours and photography to sculpture, theatre design and multimedia. Apostolos has a background in theatre and television design.

Art Center Nabi, South Korea
Art Center Nabi is formed around the idea of humanizing technology so that technology is fully integrated with human’s cultural life to open a new space for creative practices. This can be achieved only after the fruitful collaboration and understanding among science technology, humanities and arts.

The Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany, Bonn.
Kunst – und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Contains interactive digital installations.

Art Future
A portal guide devoted to futuristic art and design, art created with new technologies, web/internet art, scientific art, new forms of art collecting, and other related resources.

Art games *
Art defining games. The site for game-based artwork.

Julian Oliver. Selectparks

Julian Oliver on Vimeo

Julian Oliver’s website.

DeviantART art games.

Albright-Knox Artgames
Artgames is an educational and interactive website for children to create art and play games online while learning about painting and sculpture.

Tate Kids/Games/Street Art
Make your mark at Tate Modern.

Kids Art Games. Nick Jr
Creative art and creativity games for kids with favorite Nick Jr. characters like Dora the Explorer, Blue, Diego, Backyardigans, and more.

BBC/CBBC Games. Play all the CBBC games for free.

GettyGames (Getty Museum)
Online games from the Getty Museum.

LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries

Pac Mondrian
Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie-painting.

Art Games
Artificial’s list of Art Games.

Artists, online commercial galleries showing works by digital artists.

ASCII art * ASCII Art Collection
Tutorial for those who want to try making ASCII art. The site also has a large alphabetically listed collection of ASCII art.

ASCII art. Wikipedia entry. Ascii Art Dictionary (Andreas Freise)
A large Ascii Art collection, Ascii animations and related information, tutorials, FAQs, etc.

Ascii Art Dictionary / Collection

ASCII Art Generator – Make your picture into text. 
Pictures of Ascii Art. Discover ascii art, thousands of pictures classified by topic.

Association of Internet Researchers (a(o).i.r)
is an academic association dedicated to the advancement of the cross-disciplinary field of Internet studies. It is a resource and support network promoting critical and scholarly Internet research independent from traditional disciplines and existing across academic borders.

Australian Network for Art and Technology A network and advocacy body for artists working with science and technology.

Awards and festivals for web design and internet/new media art *

The 5K award for excellence in web design and production.

Prix Ars Electronica international competition of cyberarts.

Split Film Festival

Commissioning and supporting net art.

UNESCO Digital Arts Award

Web Award Competition

Webby Awards

Bavari, Allessandro. Noted Italian artist/computer artist Alessandro Bavari’s own website.

BBC Gallery of Digital Artists

Bowie Net

Bowie, David. David Bowie’s artwork.

Broken Saints


Cage. Cybert Art Gallery Eindhoven
One of the most longstanding cyber galleries on the internet (1995). Promoting contemporary, emerging artists.

Center for Culture and Communication
Innovative experiments and developments related to communication, culture, and the open society.

Clip art *

Animation Factory Popular clip-art websites.

Open Directory Project list of clip art websites.

Computer Fine Arts
A collation of digital art web projects.

Open Clipart

Rhizome journal of computer fine arts.

Conferences *

Conferences. Web design conferences and events.

Contact Zones. Cornell University
CD-Rom art, CD-Rom artists from Australia, France (Jean-Louis Boissier), US, Spain, Germany, England.

Culture jamming *

Culture Jamming
A website directory from The Open Directory Project.

etoy Coorporation
Etoy uses the corporate structure to maximize cultural value: the final link in the value chain.

rtmark Corporation
Corporate consulting for the 21st century. Investment funding for the arts.

Design for websites *

Designer web directory and gallery Digitalthread. 
New web designers.

Designers. Web designers and developers. 
An alphabetical web index from The Open Directory Project.

Design is Kinky
A premiere site for interviews and profiles of talented designers both Australian and international.

Desktop Theatre
Real-time theatre on the internet with graphical chat rooms.

Digitalthread  New web designers. 
A first arrival point for the best graphic design links – a gallery of web design, a list of the best web design companies, a library of graphic and web design books.

Digit Magazine
A resource for creative professionals covering the latest in web design, graphic design, streaming media, 3D, animation, multimedia and digital video.

Web design resources, a guide to websites.

An online community for art and skin lovers. A large collection of software skins  and desktop wallpapers. DeviantART is an expansive, worldwide community of artists of every age and nationality who create works spanning every medium, every subject and level of talent and skill. – The digital art community

Digital artists, a guide to websites.

Digital artists on the internet. 
An artist index with image gallery. From ArtNet.

The Digital Art Museum
The Museum offers opportunities for the presentation of digital art from all digital artists, and provides a forum for critical dialogue between emerging and established artists and their audiences.

Digital Art Source

the online home of Don Relyea, artist, musician and programmer.

Post internet art *

An article on post internet art in Artspace Magazine.
An article from Artspace magazine.

The Perils of Post-Internet Art. Art in America

Art Post-Internet. UCCA
PDF catalogue accompanying the exhibition “Art Post-Internet,” curated by Karen Archey and Robin Peckham for the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing during spring 2014.