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Great photographers from history to the present

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Photographers by name:


Abbott, Berenice

Abbott, Berenice. Berenice Abbott,  Masters of Photography
Berenice Abbott. New York Public Library photography collection.
Berenice Abbott. Photographs in display in Museums. Artcyclopedia
Berenice Abbott. The Getty Museum
Berenice Abbott Wikipedia entry.

Adams, Ansel

Adams, Ansel. Ansel Adams Gallery
Ansel Adams. SFMA 
Ansel Adams. Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Ansel Adamas, Wikipedia entry.
Ansel Adams. California Museum of Photography Fiat Lux Online Database.
Ansel Adams. SFMOMA
Ansel Adams Online
Ansel Adams. Metropolitan Museum of Art
Ansel Adams. Masters of Photography

Andreev, Nicolai

Andreev, Nicolai. Nickolai Andreev

Araki, Nobuyoshi

Araki, Nobuyoshi. Nobuyoshi Araki, a dedicated website.
Nobuyoshi Araki. Fototapeta
Nobuyoshi Araki polaroids. Assembly Language
Nobuyoshi Araki at the Tokyo Met, review.

Arbus, Diane

Arbus, Diane. Diane Arbus. Masters of Photography
Diane Arbus. Art museums displaying photographs by Diane Arbus. 
Diane Arbus, an online book of her photographs.

Atget, Eugène

Atget, Eugène. Eugene Atget
Eugene Atget image database from Eastman House.
Eugène Atget, Wikipedia entry.
Eugene Atget. Biography & Images. Atget
Eugène Atget. The Getty Museum

Avedon, Richard

The Richard Avedon Foundation
Selected images, publications and exhibitions.
Richard Avedon. Wikipedia
Richard Avedon. MOMA
Richard Avedon. Photography
Richard Avedon. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


Bailey, David

Bailey, David. David Bailey’s homepage.
David Bailey. Wikipedia

Barth, Uta

Barth, Uta. Uta Barth. Henry Art Gallery
Uta Barth interview.

Basilico, Gabriele

Basilico, Gabriele. Gabriele Basilico. Galerieanne Barrault

Beaton, Cecil

Beaton, Cecil. Sir Cecil Walter Hardy. Wikipedia entry.
Cecil Beaton. Staley and Wise Gallery
Cecil Beaton. BBC profile and gallery.
Cecil Beaton. Victoria and Albert Museum
Cecil Beaton. National Portrait Gallery, London

Bloom, Steve

Bloom, Steve. Steve Bloom, the celebrated photographer specialising in evocative images of the living world.

Berri, René

Berri, Rene. Rene Berri, Magnum Photographs
Rene Burri. Le Monde
René Burri. Wikipedia entry.

Blumenfeld, Erwin

Blumenfield, Erwin. Erwin Blumenfield. Finding a Camera and a New Career. By Vicki Goldberg.
Erwin Blumenfield. Biography, exhibitions, publications.

Boltanski, Christian

Boltanski, Christian. Christian Boltanski
Christian Boltanski. Artnet

Bohm, Dorothy

Dorothy Bohm Homepage
Dorothy Bohm. The Photographers’ Gallery
Dorothy Bohm exhibition at The Manchester Art Gallery

Bourke-White, Margaret

Margaret Bourke-White. Gallery M
Margaret Bourke-White. Wikipedia entry.
Margaret Bourke-White. Masters of Photography

Brady, Mathew

Brady, Mathew. Mathew Brady
Mathew Brady homepage.
Mathew Brady Civil War photgraphs. Old
Mathew Brady. Wikipedia entry.

Brandt, Bill

Brandt, Bill. Bill Brandt Homepage
Bill Brandt. National Gallery of Art
The Bill Brandt Archive
Bill Brandt. Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
Bill Brandt Online
Bill Brandt. Museum of Modern Art
Bill Brandt. Masters of Photography
Bill Brandt. Wikipedia entry.

Brassaï, Gyula Halasz

Brassai, Gyula Halasz. Gyula Halasz Brassai. Masters of Photography 
Brassai. National Gallery of Art
Brassai. The Art Institute of Chicago
Brassai. Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Brassai. Background and images. Atget
George Brassai, an image gallery at Pinterest.
Brassaï, Wikipedia entry.

Bravo, Manuel Alvarez

Bravo, Manuel Alvarez. Manuel Alvarez Bravo. Master of Photography 
Manuel Alvarez Bravo. The Getty Museum
The photography of Manual Alvarez Bravo
Manuel Alvarez Bravo. Profotos

Browne, Frank

Browne, Frank (Father Browne)
Frank Browne. Photographs taken on board the Titanic.


Callahan, Harry

Callahan, Harry. Harry Callahan
Harry Callahan. George Eastman House
Harry Callahan. Wikipedia entry.

Calle, Sophie

Calle, Sophie. Sophie Calle. Tate Gallery
Sophie Calle. Galerie Perrotin
Sophie Calle. Wikipedia entry.
Sophie Calle. Guardian article.

Cameron, Julia Margaret

Cameron, Julia Margaret. Julia Margaret Cameron Trust, UK.
Julia Margaret Cameron. Eastman House collection.
Julia Margaret Cameron. Getty Museum
Julia Margaret Cameron. National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
Julia Margaret Cameron. Articles, photographs, resources.

Carroll, Lewis (Charles Dodgson)

Carroll, Lewis. Lewis Carroll photographs.
Lewis Carroll. National Portrait Gallery, London.

Cartier-Bresson, Henri

Henri Cartier-Bresson. Works by Henri Cartier-Bresson in art museums.
Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson. Pour préserver et garantir l’indépendance d’une ?uvre dans un esprit de vie. 
Henri Cartier-Bresson. Wikipedia
Henri Cartier-Bresson. MoMA

Clergue. Lucien

Gallery of past and recent work by Lucien Clergue on Anne Clergue’s website.
Lucien Clergue. Wikipedia entry.
Lucien Clergue. Ro Gallery
Lucien Clergue obituary. The Telegraph
Lucien Clergue obituary at L’Oeil dela Photographie

Colbert, Gregory

Colbert, Gregory. Gregory Colbert. Ashes and Snow exhiibition, photo archives.

Cox, Renée

Rennee Cox. Art Critical review.

Cunningham, Imogen

Cunningham, Imogen. Imogen Cunningham Trust
Imogen Cunningham. Masters of Photography
Imogen Cunningham. Art Institute of Chicago
Imogen Cunningham. Art museums and galleries.
Imogen Cunningham. Eastman House Museum of Photography & Film
Imogen Cunningham. The National Gallery of Art

Curtis, Edward

Curtis, Edward S. Edward S. Curtis. Library of Congress
Edward S Curtis. Smithsonian Museum


Daguerre, Louis

Daguerre, Louis. Louis Daguerre. Images at Wikimedia commons.
Daguerre and the Invention of Photography. Metroplitan Museum of Art
Louis Daguerre. Wikipedia entry.

Davidson, Bruce

Bruce Davidson. Magnum Photos
Bruce Davidson. Wikipedia
Bruce Davidson. Edelman Gallery

Demand, Thomas

Demand, Thomas. Thomas Demand. Artnet image gallery.

Divola, John

Divola, John. American scenes by John Divola, California. Los Angeles panoramas, desert scenes, Malibu scenes, houses, interiors in black and white and colour.


Egglestion, William

Eggleston, William. William Eggleston, Wikipedia entry.
Eggleston Trust’s website. Official website of William Eggleston and the Eggleston Artistic Trust.
William Eggleston. Masters of Photography
William Eggleston. Getty Museum
William Eggleston. Victoria and Albert Museum

Eisenstaedt, Alfred

Alfred Eisenstaedt. Wikipedia entry.
Alfred Eisenstaedt. Los Angeles County Museums of Art
Alfred Eisenstaedt. The Photographers Gallery
Alfred Eisenstaedt. Gallery M
Alfred Eisenstaedt. Michael Hoppen Gallery
Alfred Eisenstaedt. Masters of Photography
Alfred Eisenstaedt. Life Magazine

Erwitt, Elliott

Elliott Erwitt. Wikipedia
Elliott Erwitt. The official website.
Elliott Erwitt. Koch Gallery
Elliott Erwitt. Andrew Smith Gallery

El Lissitzky

El Lissitzky. Photographs by El Lissitzky at The Getty Museum.

Emerson, Peter Henry

Emerson, Peter Henry.  George Eastman House Archives
P. H. Emerson. Background and a selection of images.

Evans, Walker

Evans, Walker. Walker Evans. Articles, photographs and web resources for Walker Evans.
Walker Evans. Wikipedia
Walker Evans. MOMA
Walker Evans. Getty Museum


Fass, Horst

Faas, Horst. Horst Faas, Wikipedia entry.

Frank, Robert

Frank, Robert. Robert Frank. Wikipedia entry.
Robert Frank. National Gallery of Art

Friedlander, Lee

Friedlander, Lee. Lee Friedlander. Masters of Photography
Lee Friedlander. Photography Masters
Lee Friedlander. Museum of Modern Art
Lee Friedlander. Works by Lee Friedlander on display in art museums.


Ghirri, Luigi

Ghirri, Luigi. Luigi Ghirri. Matthew Marks Gallery
Luigi Ghirri. Dazed Digital
Luigi Ghirris. Time Magazine

Gioli, Paulo

Gioli, Paolo. Paolo Gioli
Paolo Gioli: Thirty Polaroids

Goldin, Nan

Goldin, Nan. Nan Godlin. Art museums displaying works by Nan Goldin.
Nan Goldin. Tate Gallery, London.
Nan Goldin. Whitechapel Gallery, London.
Nan Goldin. Centre Pompidou, Paris.
Nan Goldin. The Nan Goldin Story. ArtNet
Nan Goldin interview. ReelNewYork

Griffin, Brian

Griffin, Brian. Brian Griffin. Photographs and films by Brian Griffin, photographer for fashion houses such as Comme des Garcons and albums for Simple Minds, Billy Idol, Elvis Costello and The Attractions: Psychedelic Fur, Peter Gabriel and many others.

Gursky, Andreas

Gursky, Andreas. Andreas Gursky. MOMA
Andreas Gursky. Wikipedia entry.
Andreas Gursky. Artnet
Andreas Gursky. White Cube Gallery, London
Andreas Gursky. Sprueth Magers Gallery
Andreas Gursky. The most expensive photograph. The Telegraph
Andreas Gursky. Large scale urban  photography. Amazing Planet. 
Andreas Gursky. Solo Exhibition 2007 in Munich
Andreas Gursky. Kunstmuseum Basel Video at VernissageTV.
Andreas Gursky. Matthew Marks Gallery
Andreas Gursky. Art museums holding works by Andreas Gursky.

Gutschow, Beate

Beate Gütschow. Artnet
Beate Gütschow website.


Henson, Bill

Bill Henson. Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery
Bill Henson. Artforum article.
Bill Henson.

Hikoma, Ueno

Ueno Hikoma. Wikipedia entry.

Hoppe. E. O.

E.O. Hoppé. Wikipedia
E. O. Hoppe Photography/Corbis Images
E.O. Hoppé Estate Collection
E. O Hoppe. National Portrait Gallery
E. O. Hoppe, an image gallery.

Hovningen, George

Hovningen, George. George Hoyningen-Huene, University of California Archive, Hoyningen -Huene Collection.
George Hoyningen-Huene. WWAR

Hurley, Frank

Hurley, Frank. Frank Hurley. Wikipedia entry.
Hurley, James Francis.The Australian Dictionary of Biography Online
Frank Hurley. Digital Collections, National Library of Australia.



Josefsohn, Daniel

The Daniel Josefsohn website.
Photographs by Daniel Josefsohn at Zeit magazine.
Wikipedia entry on Daniel Josefsohn.
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Karsh, Yousuf

Yousuf Karsh. George Eastman House. Archive of 59 images.

Kertész, André

Kertész, André. (Getty Museum)
Andre Kertesz. PBS
Andre Kertesz. Masters of Photography
André Kertész. Wikipedia
André Kertész: National Gallery of Art

Kim, Miru

Kim, Miru. Miru Kim’s website.
Miru Kim. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Miru Kim. Naked City Spleen by Miru Kim (16 photos + video)

Knaup, Peter

Peter Knaup. Venice Without Tourists


LaChappelle, David

LaChappelle, David. David La Chapelle. Artnet
David LaChapelle homepage.
David LaChapelle, Wikipedia entry.

Lacome, Brigitte

Lacombe, Brigitte. Brigitte Lacombe’s website.

Lange, Dorothea

Lange, Dorothea, Dorothea Lange. Oakland Museum, California
Dorothea Lange’s “Migrant Mother”
Dorothea Lange. American Memory
Dorothea Lange Photos. The History Place
Dorothea Lange. Wikipedia

Lartigue, Jacques-Henri

Lartigue, Jacques-Henri. Jacques-Henri Lartigue website.
Jacques-Henri Lartigue portfolio of photographs.
Jacques-Henri Lartigue. Michael Hoppen Gallery
Jacques-Henri Lartigue. Masters of Photography
Lartigue. Exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, London.

Leibovitz, Annie

Leibovitz, Annie. Annie Leibovitz. Artcyclopedia
Annie Leibovitz. Wikipedia entry.

Lichfield, Patrick

Patrick Lichfield. National Portrait Gallery, London.
Patrick Lichfield: A life in pictures. The Independent
Patrick Lichfield. Wikipedia entry.
Patrick Lichfield. The Telegraph

Lum, Ken

Lum, Ken. Ken Lum image gallery, ArtNet.
Ken Lum. ArtFacts

Lux, Loretta

Lux, Loretta. Loretta Lux Homepage
Loretta Lux image gallery, ArtNet.
Loretta Lux. Yossi Milo Gallery
Loretta Lux. Galleries showing works by Loretta Lux.


Maisel, Jay

Maisel, Jay. Jay Maisel Photography
Jay Maisel. Berman Graphics
Jay Maisel. Nikon Masters Series – Jay Maisel

Man Ray

Man Ray. The Man Ray Trust. Man Ray Photo Archives
Man Ray images on the web. Artchive
Man Ray photographs showing in art museums. Artcyclopedia
Rayographs by Man Ray. Eastman House of Photography.

Mapplethorpe, Robert

Mapplethorpe, Robert. Robert Mapplethorpe. Masters of Photography
The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation
Robert Mapplethorpe. Art museums displaying his photographs.
Robert Mapplethorpe, Wikipedia entry.

Mark, Mary Ellen

Mark, Mary Ellen. Mary Ellen Mark Homepage

McCullin, Don

Don McCullin.Wikipedia, 
Don McCullin. V&A Exploring Photography
Don McCullin. Artnet

McCurry, Steve

McCurry, Steve. Steve McCurry, acclaimed photojournalist. Traveling the world over the last two decades, Magnum photographer Steve McCurry has looked directly into the faces of people from all corners of the world.

Meiselas, Susan

Susan Meiselas. Wikipedia
Susan Meiselas. Magnum Photos
DER Filmmaker: Susan Meiselas

Meyerowitz, Joel

Meyerowitz. Joel. Joel Meyerowitz

Miller, Lee

Miller, Lee. The Lee Miller Archive, UK
Lee Miller. V&A 
Lee Miller. National Portrait Gallery, London.
Lee Miller. Wikipedia
Ali Smith on Lee Miller’s literary talents, an article in The Guardian.

Misrach, Richard

Misrach, Richard. Artnet
Richard Misrach Online
Richard Misrach.Wikipedia

Morgan, Barbara

Morgan, Barbara. Barbara Morgan. Artworks in museums. Artcyclopedia

Muybridge, Eadweard

Muybridge, Eadweard. Eadweard Muybridge
Eadweard Muybridge. Horse and Rider
Edweard Muybridge. Wikipedia
Eadweard Muybridge. Masters of Photography 
Muybridge Collection, Kingston Upon Thames, London
Eadweard Muybridge Collections
Eadweard Muybridge exhibition at Tate Britain.


Nadar, Félix (Gaspard-Félix Tournachon)

Nadar. Félix Nadar. Wikipedia
Nadar. Masters of Photography
Felix Nadar Online. Art museums displaying photographs by Nadar.
Nadar. Getty Museum
Musée d’Orsay Collection Database, Paris.
Nadar. Profotos
Nadar. Wikimedia commons image gallery.

Neshat, Shirin

Shirin Neshat. Gallery
Shirin Neshat, Photography Now
Shirin Neshat. Iranian Chamber Society

Newton, Helmut

Newton, Helmut. Helmut Newton. Firenze


Owens, Bill

Owens, Bill. Bill Owens Website
Bill Owens. Wikipedia
Art a GoGo Interview: Bill Owens
Bill Owens: Ordinary Folks.  San Jose Museum of Art
Suburbia: A Portfolio by Bill Owens. Life Magazine


Parr, Martin

Parr, Martin. Martin Parr Homepage

Penn, Irving

Penn, Irving. Irving Penn gallery.
Irving Penn. Wikipedia entry.
Irving Penn photograph album at Photography-Now.
List of Irving Penn’s published books of photography.
Irving Penn. Masters of Photography
Irving Penn on artnet
Irving Penn Online
Guide to pictures of works by Irving Penn in art museums.
Irving Penn. Photo
Irving Penn, A Career in Photography
Irving Penn: Small Trades (Getty Center Exhibitions)
Irving Penn. National Gallery of Art

Peress, Giles

Gilless Peress. Biography. NYT
Gilles Perez
Gilles Perez. Coversations. Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley

Prince, Richard

Richard Prince photographs.


Rankin. Wikipedia entry.
Rankin Live, a retrospective, a live shoot, an interactive gallery and
magazine all in one.

Riefenstahl, Leni

Riefenstahl, Leni. Leni Riefenstahl

Rheims, Bettina

Bettina Rheims. Wikipedia entry.
Bettina Rheims. Artnet

Richter, Gerhard

Richter, Gerhard. Gerard Richter. Atlas
Gerhard Richter website.
Gerhard Richter, Wikipedia entry.
Gerhard Richter, Guggenheim gallery
Gerhard Richter Archive (State Art Collections Dresden, Germany)
Paintings and Works on Paper, Galerie Ludorff, Duesseldorf, Germany

Riis, Jacob

Riis, Jacob. Jacon Riis

Ritts, Herb

Ritts, Herb. Herb Ritts official website.
Herb Ritts, Wikipedia entry.

Ruff, Thomas

Ruff, Thomas. Thomas Ruff. Tate Gallery
Thomas Ruff interview.


Sander, August

Sander, August.  August Sander. Tate Gallery
August Sander. Getty Museum

Sherman, Cindy

Cindy Sherman. A Cindy Sherman website.
Cindy Sherman on the internet. Museums and galleries.
Cindy Sherman, Wikipedia entry.

Sidibe, Malick

Sidibe, Malick. Malick Sidibe. ArtNet

Sayginer, Murat

Sayginer, Murat. Murat Sayginer’s website. Sayginer, a contemporary photographer from Turkey, has won several international photography awards, including first prize, Prix de la Photographie Paris.

Skrebneski, Victor

Skrebneski, Victor. Victor Skrebneski. Museum of Contemporary Photography
Victor Skrebneski website.

Smith, Eugene

Smith, Eugene. Eugene Smith. Masters of Photography
Eugene Smith. Background and Photographs
W. Eugene Smith Photographs
Eugene Smith. Aileen Archive

Strand, Paul

Strand, Paul. Paul Strand. Masters of Photography
Paul Strand. Getty Museum
Paul Strand. Museums displaying work by Paul Strand.

Steichen, Edward

Steichen, Edward. Edward Streichen. Masters of Photography
Edward J. Steichen. Getty Museum
Edward Steichen. Cosmopolis
Edward Streichen. Art museums displaying work by Edward Steichen.

Steiglitz, Alfred

Steiglitz, Alfred. Alfred Steiglitz. Articles, photographs, web resources.
Alfred Steiglitz. Eastman House collection.
Alfred Steiglitz. Kodak collection.
Alfred Steiglitz. National Museum of Art, Washington D.C.

Struth, Thomas

Struth, Thomas. Thomas Struth. Guggenheim Collection.
Thomas Struth. KGI.
Thomas Struth. Artforum

Sugimoto, Hiroshi

The Hiroshi Sugimoto website.
Hiroshi Sugimoto. Guggenheim Gallery, Berlin.
Hiroshi Sugimoto. Gagosian Gallery
Hiroshi Sugimoto.Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts
Hiroshi Sugimoto, Wikipedia entry.


Teller, Juergen

Juergen Teller.
Juergen Teller Tumblr photos fan site.
The Telegraph Juergen Teller Woo ICA.
European Graduate School information on Juergen Teller.
Wikipedia entry on Juergen Teller.

Teste, Edmund

Teske, Edmund. Edmund Teske, by Orville O. Clarke, Jr.

Testino, Mario

Testino, Mario. Mario Testino website.
Mario Testino, Guardian feature.

Tikhomiroff, Nicolas

Nicolas Tikhomiroff. Magnum Photos


Waplington, Nick

Waplington, Nick. Nick Waplington. Papermag article.
Nick Waplington. Artnet.
Nick Waplington. A list of exhibitions.
Nick Waplington. Wikipedia entry.

Weegee (Arthur Fellig)

Weegee’s World. International Museum of Photography
Weegee, from the Gordon Archive.
Weegee. Art museums displaying worrks by Weegee.
Weegee, Wikipedia entry.
Weegee article and pictures.
Weegee. Eastman House collection.

Weston, Edward

Weston, Edward. Edward Westion. An online book displaying Weston’s photographs.
Edward Weston, a dedicated website.
Edward Weston, Wikipedia entry.
Edward Weston. Masters of Photography

Daguerreotype Daguerre Atelier 1837″ by Louis Daguerre  Société française de photographie.