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Rita AngusRita Angus
Title: Boats, Island Bay
Image size in millimetres: 600 x 600
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Dick_Frizzells Big Bunch Print
Dick Frizzell Limited Edition Print “Big Bunch”
Limited Edition Screenprint
Image size in millimetres: 1050 x 795 excluding border
Edition of 80 prints. Printed, signed and numbered by Dick Frizzell.
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John Pule
Small Bird by John Pule
Image size in millimetres: 560 x 760
Handmade edition of 60 numbered and signed by John Pule.
Pule writes about this print _I wanted to create a visual as well as a symbolic meaning of images and sounds, so I chose one of my poems that I thought said something about listening and sound. In this poem the words are constantly moving around, shifting image to image, making us see mountains, oceans and forests.
Frances Hodgkins, Mother ChildMother and Child by Frances Hodgkins
Fine Art Print
Image size in millimetres: 380 x 390
Sometimes known as _Woman & Child_ this artwork by Frances Hodgkins is one of NZ’s favourite paintings. Recently reprinted by Capper Press in a beautiful new edition.
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