South American art

South American art, artists, galleries and museums, journals: a guide to websites

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Journals and magazines of South American art

Online magazine for art, culture and events.

Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes
National Council for Art and Culture

Online periodical for art and literature theory and history.

Escáner Cultural
Online periodical for art and culture.

Discussion about art and social sciences.



The Andes Society for History and Culture

History of the Andean Civilization
A timeline, including civilizations before 200 BC.

Music and Instruments from the High Andes

Ancient Peru: The Ancient World of the Andes

Wikipedia entry on The Andes.

Caribbean art

Caribbean art, a guide to websites.

The Incas

Guaman Poma – El Primer Nueva Corónica Y Buen Gobierno
A digital version of the Corónica, scanned from the original manuscript.

Conquest of Peru, Prescott, 1847.
Full text, free to read and search.

Inca Artifacts, Peru, and Machu Picchu
360 degree movies of inca artifacts and Peruvian landscapes.

Inca stone cutting techniques:
theory on how the Inca walls fit so perfectly.

Ancient Civilizations – Inca
A research site for children.


See: Argentina 

Ancient Mesoamerica

Ancient Mesoamerican civilizations.
The Maya, Mixtec, Zapotec, and Aztec.Information by Kevin L. Callahan, University of Minnesota Department of Anthropology.

Ancient Peru.
The art and culture of ancient Mesoamerica.

Huaca Pucllana Museum, Peru.

Museo Arqueológico Rafael Larco Herrera

Museums of Peru.

Artist directories

Artists of Latin America. Latin-American painters.
Praxis International Art. Online galleries showing work by Latin American painters.

List of Latin-American artists.
A list of Latin American visual artists (painters, sculptors, photographers, video artists, etc.). Wikipedia entries.

Famous Spanish & Latin American Painters

Latin-American Women Artists, a Bibliographic Archive
Listing 853 artists and 126 artists’ personal websites.

Latin American Masters
20th and 21st Century art by modern and contemporary Latin American artists.

Art Nexus
A leading magazine on Latin American art for 25 years, offers new resources at, including articles,reviews, art event information and images and information from leading galleries.

Aztec art and civilization

The Aztecs/Mexicas

The Aztecs/Mexicas were the native American people who dominated northern México at the time of the Spanish conquest led by Hernan Cortes in the early 16th Century.

Aztec Calendar
The date according to the tonalpohualli, the sacred calendar of the Mexica, the Aztecs of Mexico.

Aztec, Olmec  & Mesoamerica History Link
Art, Daily Life, Maps, Pictures and Research.

Aztec civilization. 
Wikipedia entry.


Bolivia Web Guide

The arts and history of Bolivia.

Artists in Bolivia
A curated gallery from Universes in Universe.

Bolivia Web
Music, folk dance,museums, literature, painters, film.

El Retorno de los Angeles
Bolivian Baroque paintings.

National Museum of Archaeology



See: Brazil

Brazilian art museums, exhibitions and galleries.
a guide from Universes-in-Universe.



See: Art in Chile, a guide to websites.


Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango

Colombia Web
General portal for Colombia

Archaeological sites in Colombia.
Wikipedia entries.

List of pre-Columbian cultures.
Wikipedia entries.

The National Museum of the American Indian

Pre-Colombian art history websites.

Ministry of Culture, Colombia.

Museums and galleries

Visual arts in Colombia,
a systematic directory of annotated links, from Universes-in-Universe.

Costa Rica

See: Costa Rica, a guide to websites.

Arts and culture of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Art Tour
A showcase for the art of artists living in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Tourism and Visitor Information
Info Costa

History of Costa Rica.

Lonely Planet Guide to Costa Rica.

Museums in Costa Rica.

El Salvador



Guatemalan artists with artworks in Museums.

A list of Guatemalan artists.
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Three Prominent Guatemalan Artists

Out of the Guatemalan Gang Culture an Artist
The Smithsonian magazine

Antigua. Around Antigua, a tour guide.

Art workshops in Guatemala

Mayan Mexico. Guatemala
A travel guide, with a map of Mayan sites.


Arte Público Press. A literary magazine.Hispanic Art Links. Latin American art sites.

Hispanic and Latin American Art,
a portal from

Hispanic Society of America

Mexican ceramics. 


Honduras general internet portal.

Artists of Honduras

Museums in Latin-America
An extensive directory covering all Latin-American states.

Mayan archaeology in Honduras.



Ilam. Instituto Latinamericano de Museus

Incas; The Incas, a list of websites.


Latino American Cultural Centre of Chicago
To develop, promote and increase awareness of Latino cultures among Latinos and other communities through film and video events, education, and other art forms.


Mayan civilization, Mayan archaeology. 
Mayan Art, architecture, deities, hieroglyphic writing and iconography.

Mesoamerican studies

Institute for Mesoamerican Studies

Mesoamerican Studies
Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies

Articles and resources, with illustations. Maya, Aztec and Olmec.


See Mexico

Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino, Santiago.

Museums in Latin America, directories

ILAM. Instituto Latinamericano de Museus. 
A directory of museums in Latin America.

Museums in Latin America
An extensive directory covering all Latin American states.


Native cultures from South America, particularly the Amazon basin.



Artists of Peru
Virtual galleries from The Centro Cultural Peru Virtual

A list of contemporary Peruvian artists.

Peruvian Artists

Centro Fundacion Telefonica

Galleries, museums, exhibitions, institutions.

The Incas

Inca Civilization, an introduction.

The Incas, a Peruvian cultural site. 
The history of Tawantinsuyu.

Inca Artifacts, Peru, and Machu Picchu.
360 degree images of Inca artifacts and Peruvian landscapes.

The Inca Empire. Wikipedia entry.


Galleries and art museums in Lima.

Museo Oro del Perú
The Gold Museum

Museo Arqueológico Rafael Larco Herrera, Lima. 


Tuxys. Arte y Cultura
An online art, music and literature magazine.


La casa de Colonia. Gallery for contemporary art

Dirección de Cultura. Ministry of Culture, Uruguay.

525 AVC. 525 AVC 
exhibits contemporary visual art works for sale online. It is a tool designed for art lovers, collectors, critics and curators. They intend to keep a careful balance of languages and techniques and we attempt to leave aside the distinction between fine arts and minor arts, established and emerging orcentral and peripheral art.

Instituto Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes. National School of Fine Arts, Uruguay.

Museums in Uruguay

Uraguay. Artemercosur
Art museums in Uraguay, photographs, online artists.

Visual arts in Uruquay
A systematic directory of annotated links, from Universes-in-Universe.


See: Venezuela