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Chinese film, Chinese film directors, cinema databases and websites

Actors. A list of Chinese actors, from Wiikipedia.

Actresses. A list of Chinese actresses, from Wkipedia.

Chinese Films
features news, film release dates, cast and crew details and plot outlines. There are also links to Chinese studios and the websites of film-makers, as well as independent English language reviews of movies.

Chinese Film From the Movie Database
Chinese films, Chinese film makers.

Chinese Film and Movies.

Chinese cinema: reviews;
Hong Kong cinema; Taiwan cinema; cinema of the People’s Republic of China.

Chinese Movie Database
A large database covering Chinese films made in mainland China (from 1905 till present), Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The Cinema of China, Wikipedia entry.

The Chinese Movie Database
A world-wide Web collection of Chinese cinema information.

Directors. A list of Chinese film directors, from Wikipedia.

Films and film makers from China (IMDB).

Hong Kong film directors, Wikipedia entries.

Hong Kong International Film Festival

Hong Kong Movie Database

The Illuminated Lantern
Asian culture and films webring. Chinese/ Hong Kong cinema.

Shanghai International Film Festival 

Directors *

Ang Lee

Chen Kaige

Cai Chusheng

Cai Chusheng
Chinese Movie Database

Cai Chusheng – Ceaseless Explorer of Film Arts

Tsai Ming-liang

Zhang Ke Jia