Great film directors, a list

Great film directors, a list of websites



Kaurismaki, Aki

Aki Kaurismaki. An article in Strictly Film School.
Aki Kaurismaki. IMDB

Kaige, Chen

Chen Kaige. Chinese Movie Database
Chen Kaige. IMDB
Chen Kaige, Wikipedia entry.

Kiarostami, Abbas

Abbas Kiarostami. An overview of Kiarostami’s films.
Abbas Kiarostrami. Senses of Cinema. Articles, filmography.
Abbas Kiarostrami. IMDB
Summaries of films by Kiarostami.
Interview with Kiarostami, San Francisco Film Festival.

Kieslowski, Krysztof

Krysztof Kieslowski. Site dedicated to Krysztof Kieslowski.
Krzysztof Kieslowski, Wikipedia entry,
Krzysztof Kieslowski. IMDB
Krzysztof Kieslowski reference, articles.
Kieslowski films and interviews at YouTube.

Kubrick, Stanley

Photographs by the young Kubrick, an exhibition in Venice.
Kubrick & Me
A memoir by Emilio Alessandro, employed by Stanley Kubrick as driver and personal assistant. A collection of heartfelt private memories, offering a completely different perspective on Kubrick. Featuring more than 50 never-before-seen photographs.
The Aryan Papers. A film, with archival photographs.
Jane and Louise Wilson were commissioned to make a work in response to The Stanley Kubrick Archives holdings. The resulting film focuses on Kubrick’s Aryan Papers project – a film about the Holocaust that Kubrick researched for many years, but which he never made.
University of the Arts London Stanley Kubrick Archive
The contents of nearly 1000 boxes belonging to Stanley Kubrick’s personal archive.
The Authorized Stanley Kubrick Exhibition Archive
Exhibitions of costumes, props, technical material, photographs, film and numerous written documents in close co-operation with Christiane Kubrick and his long-standing executive producer, Jan Harlan.
YouTube videos containing material by and about Stanley Kubrick, including interviews and documentaries.
Authorized (Warner Brothers) Stanley Kubrick Website
Archivio Kubrick.
A huge database about Stanley Kubrick: pictures, trailers,
interviews, rare photos, unfinished projects and much more, for a complete trip into Kubrick’s vision.
Christiane Kubrick’s site.
Gallery of paintings by Kubrick’s wife.
Stanley Kubrick. Links to four separate sites exploring the work of Stanley Kubrick.
The Kubrick Site, a non-profit archive for documentary materials;
The Kubrick FAQ; 2001: A Space Odyssey; Stanley Kubrick, 1928-1999.
Guardian article on the Kubrick archives.
The documentary which provided some initial inspiration for 2001. The narrator is Douglas Rain, the voice of Hal.
Universe. The National Film Board of Canada (1960)
Kubrick Exhibition at Deutsches Filmmuseum, Frankfurt, Germany.
Kubrick FAQ Site.
Kubrick’s Boxes, a documentary on Kubrick. You Tube.
Senses of Cinema, a BFI page devoted to Stanley Kubrick
New York Times. articles, essays, reviews, video excerpts.
The Kubrick Site
A non-profit resource archive for documentary materials regarding, in whole or in part, the work of Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999). Screenplays, reviews, discussion, recollections.
Kubrick Multimedia Film Guide.
A blog devoted to ‘2001: A Space Odyssey.’
‘2001: A Space Odyssey’: Kubrick’s Pioneering Achievement. Cinephilia and Beyondt
2001 Internet Resource guide. Sound clips, image gallery, links.
Kubrick 2001; the Space Odyssey Explained, a Flash presentation.
2001: A Space Odyssey video excerpt, from the New York Times.
2001 Collectible Exhibit
Stanley and Us, a series of interviews with relatives and colleagues of Stanley Kubrick.
Eyes Wide Shut, an analysis.
Barry Lyndon. Barry Lyndon Reconsidered, an essay.
Barry Lyndon. First draft of the screenplay.
Barry Lyndon. IMDB
Barry Lyndon. Kubrick speaks on Barry Lyndon.

Kurosawa, Akira

Akira Kurosawa : l’empereur du cinéma Japonais.
Akira Kurosawa, Wikipedia entry.
Akira Kurosawa. Epic images of Kurosawa.


Lang, Fritz

Fritz Lang. IMDB
Metropolis, a new restoration.
Fritz Lang. Wikipedia entry.
Fritz Lang.

Lean, David

David Lean,a dedicated web site. Filmography, writings, archives, research.
A page devoted exclusively to David Lean’s work.
David Lean. Elizabeth’s David Lean page, with website links.
David Lean. Internet Movie Database. Details of films by David Lean.
David Lean. British Film Institute site on David Lean, with the David Lean Archive catalogue.
David Lean Filmography and biography. Brit Movie
David Lean Wikipedia entry.
Eddie Fowlie’s blog. Eddie Fowler was special effects expert, set decorator, locations manager and property master on David Lean films.
David Lean. Senses of Cinema article.
Lawrence of Arabia, Wikipedia entry.
YouTube videos related to David Lean and his films.

Lee, Ang

Ang Lee Guardian interview.
Ang Lee. Wikipedia entry.
Ang Lee. IMDB

Leigh, Mike

Leigh, Mike. Mike Leigh audio interviews.
Mike Leigh. Wikipedia entry.
Mike Leigh. Screen Online

Leone, Sergio

Leone, Sergio. The Sergio Leone website.
Sergio Leone, Wikipedia entry.
The Spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Leone
Sergio Leone blog.
Sergio Leone IMDB entry.
Sergio Leone film clips, documentaries and interviews at YouTube.

Lubitsch, Ernst

Lubitsch, Ernst. The Cinema of Ernst Lubitsch.
Ernst Lubitsch. Wikipedia
Ernst Lubitsch. IMDB
Ernst Lubitsch. The Criterion Collection

Lumière, Louis and Auguste

Lumiere, Louis. Louis Lumiere
Louis and Auguste Lumiere. Wikipedia entry.
Louis Lumiere. IMDB
Institut Lumiere

Lynch, David

David Lynch website.
David Lynch internet resources.
David Lynch clips and interviews, YouTube.
Transcendental Meditation. The David Lynch Foundation
David Lynch. IMDB
David Lynch. Wikipedia entry.


Malick, Terrence

Terrence Malick. IMDb
Terrence Malick. Wikipedia
Terrence Malick. NYTimes
Terence Malick. The Telegraph article.
The Tree of Life

Mann, Anthony

Anthony Mann IMDB
Anthony Mann. Wikipedia
Anthony Mann. A list of the best films.

Marker, Chris

Marker, Chris. Chris Marker. IMDB
Bibliography of books and articles about Chris Marker.
Chris Marker: a weblog.
Chris Marker, Wikipedia entry.

Mikhalkov, Nikita

Nikita Mikhalkov

Mitry, Jean

Jean Mitry. Wikipedia
Jean Mitry. Nebesio on Mitry
Jean Mitry. IMDb

Mizoguchi, Kenji

Mizoguchi. Kenji. Kenji Mizoguchi: The Master. An essay.
Kenji Mizoguchi
Kenji Mizoguchi. Strictly Film School

Murnau, Friedrich

Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau. A Murnau databank.
Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, Wikipedia
F.W. Murnau. IMDB
F.W. Murnau. Film


Ophuls, Max

Max Ophuls. A brief overview of his work.
Max Opuls biography. Le Plaisir
Madame de. Essay by Derek Malcom.
Max Ophuls. Wikipedia entry.

Ozu, Yasujiro

Yasujiro Ozu.  Tokyo Story. IMDB
Yasujiro Ozu. Derek Malcolm’s Century of Films, from Films Unlimited.
Yasujirō Ozu. Wikipedia
Yasujiro Ozu. A critical analysis.
Ozu, a Spanish portal.
Ozu Yasujiro. Masters of Cinema
Yasujiro Ozu. The Criterion Collection