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Film editing, film editors, editing software, blogs, organizations; a list of websites

Zero Cut
Alan Stewart’s website featuring useful tips for Avid editors, and links to Motion Picture related sites.

Academy Awards for film editing (search the database). 

List of academy awards for film editing.

The Art of the Guillotine
The Art of the Guillotine is a website designed for film editors by film editors. Its contents includes: forum, media and publications.

Film Editing software *

2-pop, the Digital Filmmaker’s Resource Site
Concentrates on DV editing and offers editors’ forums on a multitude of subjects including Avid, Final Cut Pro, and special effects where you can ask all your questions.

Producer of many digital, web, print, etc. products.

Creative Cow
Product and book reviews on software and editing systems as well as articles and getting your technical questions answered.

Digital Cinema Society
A nonprofit corp headed by a cinematographer with editors and members from all motion picture fields dedicated to “educating and informing the entertainment industry about digital motion picture production, post, delivery, and exhibition.”

Editors Guild Magazine

American Cinema Editors

Digital film making.
Cinema in the Digital Age

Edit Heaven
Helping new and experienced film/video editors learn more about their field.


Famous film editing sequences.


Glossary of film editing terms.

Glossary of film terms. Zerocut

A glossary of film terms.

Blogs *

The Film Editor’s Blog

The Joy of Film Editing
A resource to help you edit your project and propel your show to the finish line.