Film and film-making websites


Internet films, internet video, DVD
See: Web Films

Iranian cinema

Israeli cinema *

Israel Film Archive

Israel Film Fund


Italian Cinema


Japanese cinema

Journals, film ezines


Korean cinema *

Film news, latest productions.

Darcy’s Korean Film Page
A site designed to give the reader an overview of the films, issues, people and events that shape the film community in Korea.

the Korean Movie and Drama database.

Korean actors, actresses and film directors directory.

Korean cinema.
Wikipedia entry.

Korean Film Archive

Korean Film Commission
News, reviews, new releases, festivals, events and actor information.

New York Korean Film Festival


La-La Land Library
A directory of the best film and television information resources on the web. 

Locations, famous film locations *
Filmaps, share and discover film and TV movie locations around the world. You can search by movie or locations and see the results in Google Maps

The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations: Exploring film locations around the world

Search by film title.

London film, cinemas *

London Cinema & Film Guide

Film London, an agency for the film and media sector in London.
Strategic agency for film and media in London and supports the growth and development of film, TV, video, commercials and interactive media.


Makeup and hair styling *

Makeup Hair and 
A site for hairstylists and makeup artists in film and fashion. Classes, workshops, jobs, events, resources.

Makeup School
Elegance International, based in the heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles. EI offers hands-on training in various makeup artist courses.

Mexican cinema *

Ariel Award

Mexican Academy of Cinema

Academia Mexicana de Artes y Ciencias Cinematográfica

Mexican cinema, entries from Wikipedia.

Middle Eastern cinema *

Doha Film Institute
Qatar’s first international organisation dedicated to film financing, production, education and the annual Doha Tribeca Film Festival.

Egyptian Cinema Profiles & Currently Showing Movies

Egyptian films. IMDB

Cinema of Egypt, Wikipedia entry.

Luxor Egyptian and International Film Festival

Mobile films *

MOFILM The Global Mobile Short Film Festival

Pocket Films Festival, Paris.
Created by the Forum des images in 2005, the Pocket Films Festival supports audio-visual creation with mobile technologies.

Mongolian film *

Mongolian Culture portal. Mongolia film portal.

A Survey of Cinema Making on Mongolia 

Museums and film archives


The New York Film Academy
Designed for the new generation of filmmakers who share a common passion and want to learn by making their own films immediately in a hands-on intensive program.An international institute with schools in such places as New York, Universal Studios, California, Boston, Chicago, Miami, London, Paris, Tokyo and soon in Mexico.

New Zealand Film


Pakistani cinema *

Pakistani Cinema, a blog.

Cinema of Pakistan Wikipedia entry.

Pakistani Cinema. Supporting the revival of Pakistani cinema.

Philosophy and film *

See also: Film theory and criticism

Gilles Deleuze Bergsonian Film Project. An essay

Film Philosophy Online Journal

Polish cinema

The Pompidou Centre, Paris. 
Film art and artist exhibits at the Pompidou Centre.

Posters  Film posters *

Posters, Classic and vintage film posters, from 100 of the best movie posters.

Prague National Film Academy and other film studies. 
PCFE Film School offers intensive studies in screenwriting, directing, camera and editing. Based in Prague, the programs are led by world-class filmmakers, including Oscar and Cannes award-winning directors and Prague National Film Academy professors.