Abramovich, Patricia
Oil abstracts and landscape paintings created with with painter knives. Patricia’s inspiration comes from flowers, trees and landscapes. Born in France, Patricia now lives in Israel.

Aftenie, Radu
Contemporary bronze, stone and wood sculptures, figurative, abstract and conceptual, by Radu Aftenie.’…What gives life to my art is the challenge to find harmony inside tensions and contrasts…’

Aisha, Umm
Umm Aisha. Awakening Art. Contemporary Islamic art providing the soul with a visual awakening. Includes a blog.

Angeles, Mariojosé
Mariojosé Angles(1965) was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He has held various collective and individual exhibitions in the Dominican Republic, starting in 1988. After his exhibition “Iconos Caribe” (1997) in the Archaeological Museum of Altos de Chavón, he was selected to participate in the Salon “Grands et Jeunes d’Aujoud’hui” in Paris.



Ash, Clifford J.
Drawings in pen, pencil and ink by Clifford J. Ash.