Aug 092016

Tytus Brzozowski is an artist from Poland. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology. He also studied and worked in Finland where he was searching for severe Nordic art and design. He has been working in Jems Architects for five years. Tytus Brzozowski presents the city of his dreams – full of decorative buildings, narrow streets and soaring towers. Using the elements of architecture and landscape that are characteristic for Warsaw, he creates new worlds that, despite its fairy character, are still local. He looks for stratifications of history, collates buildings from different places and times. In the paintings of Tytus Brzozowski one can find intriguing, surreal elements, hidden threads and events.

Tytus Brzozowski

Jul 262016

Huda Totonji

Huda Totonji is an established Arab female artist. She obtained her BA in Studio Art and MFA in Art and Visual Technology from the US with academic excellence. She is a master calligrapher certified in teaching Arabic Calligraphy (Ijazat Alkhat Alarabi). As a great enhancement for future leadership in academia, her interest in scholarly research guided the completion of her degree in Fine Art and Visual Technology.

Dripping Rose

Having been born and raised in Saudi Arabia, the Eastern thought is where she came from. Living her adulthood in the United States allowed the Western thought to shape her identity in the West. Huda comes from two civilizations, one that expresses itself visually through the ‘word’ and the other that expresses itself through ‘pictorial’ and figurative (representation) language. Being able to combine both the Eastern and Western ideology has been a constant interest in Huda’s artistic approach. This furthermore exposed her to Eastern and Western educational systems.


Teaching as a fulltime lecturer at Dar Al Hekma College, Jeddah, KSA, further enriched her knowledge and exposure to academic improvement and excellence. She joined the faculty of the Graphic Design Department at the Art Institute of Washington. She also worked at Georgetown University. Her academic and professional experience from the Middle East and the West has also contributed to her ability to communicate with different age groups, cultures, and nationalities. Professionally, Huda, the artist, researcher, and lecturer has gained extensive recognition in various exhibitions as well as universities in the United States and internationally, which has been louvered in various forms of the media.

Being a visiting speaker in many of the most renowned universities in Washington Metropolitan area and others such as, Georgetown University, George Washington University, Howard University, Montgomery College, Oregon State University, Portland State University, Kansas State University, Penn State University, University of Pennsylvania, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, Texas A&M University, and in Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. This enhanced her academic professional acknowledgments. Her bilingual, critical thinking, visual perception, and analytical reasoning skills is projected in applying theory into practice in the field of Fine Art in higher education.

Huda Totonji’s artwork has moved formally from painting towards video, performance and text in response to investigating issues and questions about femininity and representation. Working with the female gaze, her MFA thesis show from George Mason University presented these challenges through the use of Performance Art, Video Installation, Multi-Media, Drawing, Painting, and Photography. Her dissertation explored the integration of text and image researching Islamic Calligraphy, Female Subjectivity, and Art and Science. Her future career goal is to establish robust educational channels between international universities and other universities in Saudi Arabia, leading the Saudi female educators and artists into an outstanding productive and creative educational environment.

May 242016

NO LOVE LOST (Short film)
All you need is love but sometimes love is not enough.

A Jewish boy nurturing a secret romance with a Muslim girl, despite the realities of their backgrounds, is unaware he is being stalked. While the young lovers struggle to be open about their relationship, the stalker’s obsession reveals a thought-provoking turn culminating in the trio coming face to face.

Festival Awards, Mentions & Nominations:

Rochester Film Festival 2014 – HONORABLE MENTION for EXCELLENCE in cinema
AMSTERDAM Film Festival – Cinematic Vision Award
Dances With Films Festival – Grand jury Award Honorable Mention
Seoul International Agape Film Festival – Nominated for Best Short Film
Malta Short Film Festival – Audience Award for Best Short, Best Cinematography
Trinity International Film Festival – Best Narrative Short
Satyajit Ray Short Film Award – Nominated for Best Short Film
Farcume – Faro short Film Festival – Jury Farcume Honorable Mention for Fiction
I Will Tell Film Festival – Nominated for Best Short Film
Almost Famous Film Festival – Best of Fest Short Film Award; Best Director and Best Actress
Urban Mediamakers Film Festival – Audience Award
International Samobor Film Music Festival – Nominated for Best Original Score….

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Jan 202016

The Derwent Art Prize

Derwent Art PrizeThe third edition of the Derwent Art Prize is now calling for entries.

The Derwent Art Prize was conceived in 2012 and aims to reward excellence by showcasing the very best artworks created in pencil by British and International artists.
The deadline for entries is 1st June 2016 and artists can submit up to six of their works. For further details and full terms and conditions on entry requirements, please visit

Sep 112015
Kostya Goldtv Mitenev

Insulted TV

Ghosts Of A Plane

Ghosts Of A Plane

A Russian artist of contemporary fine art (street-art, minimalism, painting, drawing and performance}

I am an underground artist and filmmaker / Necrorealist and “New Artists” in Leningrad, USSR Exhibitions: “Kino of Poets”, performance , The house of culture “Red October”, 1986, Leningrad «New Artists», The house of culture of name Sverdlov, 1988, Leningrad «From Underground till Perestroika», Exhibition Hall “Harbour”, 1988, Leningrad «Necrorealizm», MUCSARNOK art gallery, 1990, Budapest, Hungary “Bridges”, the Palace Bridge, 1991, Leningrad « The New Sky And The Moon On It », open air show on Isaac Square, 1991, Leningrad – St.- Petersburg Films: “Followers Of Olf”, 16 mm, 1987, Leningrad “Stupid Lips”, 35 mm, 1990, Leningrad “Over a Mistery”, 1990, LSDF,Leningrad 90th, Moscow, 1998 Web-art founder, 1998 And a lot of art exhibitions on-line and off-line 2000th I am an actual artist and street artist (kostya goldtv) Exhibitions: «Empire 5.48 a.m.», “Atlantic city” The trading house, St.-Petersburg, 2008 «Alice in Wonderburg», club “MOD”, Spb, 2008 «Nowwwave»…..

Kostya Goldtv Mitenev

Jul 162015

“Metáfora” is an independent experimental film. “Metáfora” is a symbolic voyage inside the dream of an old woman. With an innovative cinematographic language, “Metáfora” takes us to a state of meditation where we experience different characters looking for the same answer. The film is in Estonian, with English subtitles and the duration is 82 minutes.

“Metáfora” will had its first screening at Lago Film Fest in Italy in July and thereafter began its tour at the festivals of Europe, South America and Asia.

Jul 162015

Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI)

Science and art

ASCI has been pioneering the international art-science field for 27-years.
The monthly ASCI eBulletin is the most the world’s most comprehensive, monthly, hyper-linked listing of news, events, resources, and opportunities in the burgeoning international art-science field; sample issue:

“SCIENCE INSPIRES ART: Biodiversity/Extinction,” the 17th international art-sci juried art-sci exhibition organized by
Art & Science Collaborations to be held at the New York Hall of Science; October 10, 2015 – February 28, 2016. Co-Jurors: Elizabeth Corr, Manager of Art Partnerships at the Natural Resources Defense Council; and Dr. Paula J. Ehrlich, President & CEO of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation.

DEADLINE: August 23, 2015

Jul 162015


Everest mounaineering artPeak Inspirations
The Peak Inspirations Exhibit will consist of many of the mountaineering and adventure related artworks created by Denali Schmidt. The exhibit features a unique journey for the observer to be part of the world Denali expressed through these forms: oil on canvas paintings, installations, photography, videography and audio excerpts from Denali’s writing in Pakistan.

The opening reception will be held on July 30th 2015 at the White Walls Gallery in San Francisco.