Cachinero, Evangelino
Evangeline Cachinero’s work evolves quickly and absorbs many styles and art forms working to assimilate all into one. She works with paints, pencils, pens, computers, sewing machines, paper, scissors, books and cameras. Australia.



Carney, Lisa
Lisa Carney’s work is characterized by large blocks of colors mixing organic and geometrical forms with found elements. Using many mediums and materials like acrylic paint, papers, fibers and altered photographs, she applies multiple layers creating depth and imitating the passage of time.

Chandler, Sadie
Painting, animation and installation works by Sadie Chandler based around themes of consumer culture and glamour: huge wall paintings, floor works or Flash animations.

Choisnet, Alain
Alain Choisnet, creator of figurative contemporary bronze sculptures.

Cook, Wendy
Prints on canvas (emulsion paintings), books, boxes, jewelry, paper, photography by Wendy Cook, New York.

Cooper, Donna
Bronze sculptures by Donna Cooper. “I think what I do best is create  expressions that capture the emotions and personal story of the individual for whom I’m designing the piece.  My work tells stories that are unique to the person to whom the bronze is given.”