Das, Vipul Chandra
Vipul, from Assam, India, is a painter, graphic artist, installation artist/video installation artist. He has won several awards and scholarships.

Little CharmerDavidson, Ross
Ross Davidson, Contemporary Visual Artist, Dunedin, New Zealand. Born in 1971 and raised in Kaikoura, Ross Davidson is a dedicated visual artist on a mission. After exploring many things with which to nourish a demanding spiritual self, he settled on abstract photography to full the void. Consistency, originality, rhythm, irony, cool, honesty, and love arehis cornerstone principles. Most of all he tries to keep an open mind and let his principles and intuition guide him to help create something of real beauty.

caunesde Caso, Michel
Rectoversion, original triple-sided painting. ‘….what opposes a world with another is not very significant …’ Contemporary sculpture, paintings and writings by Michel de Caso.



Defregger, Stephanie
Stephanie Defregger lives and works in Wanaka, South Island. She is represented in several galleries in New Zealand and also shows her artwork in solo exhibitions, group exhibitions and auctions. Her clients are from all over the world.Vibrant colours, energetic structures and the concept of variety form the basis of her artworks.

Demovidova, Anna

fd9cc4_112deec51b05403062934082fb3ce516.jpg_srz_165_205_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzfd9cc4_287f1aa0482c2cbcef9a55759534048e.jpg_srz_3647_2696_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzAnna Demovidova (born in Rostov Veliky, Russia) is a contemporary Russian-American painter best known for her paintings of women. She looks at this experience from multiple angles – as a woman perceiving the world, and a woman perceived:

“I seek the unguarded moment as we awaken from the private vulnerable domain of sleep to the public stage – the short time before we don our costumes and engage our social roles as wives, mothers, and creative forces in the world. These women are stripped bare in order to expose our essential nature.”

Demovidova also paints scenes of Jazz and Flamenco as well as Portraits.

Anna Demovidova studied painting and drawing at the Kalinin Art Academy in Moscow, then came to the United States to complete her B.F.A. degree at the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point. Demovidova has exhibited her work in many group and one-person shows in Washington DC, Maryland, New York, England, and Virginia, where she now lives and works as a professional artist and art instructor. Demovidova’s work is in many national and international collections.

Devane, Andy
Andy Devane was born in Drogheda, Ireland in 1979. He studied painting at Limerick School of Art & Design before moving to Rome in 2000. His main subject matter since then has been recording Italy’s historic and architectural heritage, painting a mixture of the factual and fantastical in a classic style with strong attention to detail. During his seven years abroad he was involved in a variety of major exhibitions in the Italian capital as well as travelling widely throughout Italy. In 2007 he returned to Ireland, establishing a studio in south Co. Wexford. He has maintained strong artistic links with Rome, where his works are held in many private collections; he still travels there regularly for commissions. In early 2008 he staged a solo exhibition entitled “Affinita'” at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Dublin. Later that same year he held “Roma Antica” in the Pontifical Irish College, Rome.

de Groot, Ellen
The depiction of women is the most important theme in Ellen de Groot’s oil paintings, along with the rendering of tissue and the qualtity of cloth-materials. Her main inspirational sources are the Flemish Primitives.

di Carlo, Federico
Federica Di Carlo, after studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and Bologna, lived in Barcelona and London, where he attended several courses and came into contact with international artists. One of his last experiences was in Salzburg studying with the American artist Judy Fox to refine the sculptural techniques. His works include installations, drawings and paintings.

Diner, Eliahu
Watercolours, drawing, art prints and writing by Eliahu Diner, from israel.

DiStefano, Pia
Paintings and drawings by Pia DiStefano, California.

Le Diuzet, Marcel
Marcel de Diuzet creates works in oil, dry pastel and aquarel. He lives in Vannes, Brittany, France.