Galimberti, Carlo Adelio
Oil paintings by Carlo Adelio Galimberti, of Milan, Italy. Paintings combining the modern with western mytholoigical and allegorical themes.

Gates, Tim
Paintings on canvas or panel by Tim Gates, San Francisco. Reflections of friends, children, faces of strangers from everyday city existence. Imagination takes from reality and vice versa.

George, Ricky
Sculpture, painting and commercial work by Ricky George, from the island of St. Lucia. Figurative works inspired by his profound admiration and love for the human anatomy.

Giannini, Fabrizo
Recent works, projects, news, exhibitions, biography and press releases of art by Fabrizio Giannini.

Goldengrün, Paul Salvador
Paul Salvador Goldengrün. Dreams and Nightmares/Traum-und Alptraumbilder/ Authentische Kunst wie von einem anderen Stern. The Divine Ones, The Diabolic Ones…

salva cuevasGomez, Sanchez
A gallery of photographs taken by Spanish photographer Salvador Gómez Sánchez in North Africa, Russia, Japan and Mexico.


Sanchez Gomez. YouTube

Gonzales-Trejo, Pablo
Projects by Pablo Gonzales-Trejo, including video installations, sculpture, cyber-drawing and painting.

Gray, Bruce
Bruce Gray specialisies in modern sculptures in metal, steel, aluminum, stainless steel and wood, including kinetic art, mobiles, corporate art, garden sculpture, wall sculptures, rolling ball machines, magnetic sculptures, functional art, art furniture, and abstract paintings.

Grayeagle, Michael
Original watercolor paintings from the heart and hand of Michael Grayeagle, Pennsylvania. Michael Grayeagle enjoys the way watercolor (and its transparent light) flows from the brush.  ‘I never paint anything I have not first known or felt with my being, my heart – my spirit. ‘

Gregorczyk, Aleksandra
Aleksandra Gregorczyk, painter (oils on canvas) and sculpture, works in Paris, France.
Aleksandra Gregorczyk a choisi de nous plonger dans des images mentales d’apparences, troublées par la folie, la peur, l’étrangeté…Depuis 2000, elle vit à Paris.

Guillaume, Alexandre
A folio of photographic work by Alexandre Guillaume, a French artist living in New York.