Hall, Jane

Jane Hall is a contemporary artist represented by the Chelsea Art Gallery in London. Her work centres upon the traditional British seaside holiday and she has also painted a popular series of pictures based on ballroom and Latin American dance.

Hausmeister, Stephan
Sephan explores how visual narratives participate in the production and exchange of cultural ideas and meanings and how information technology redefines artist’s roles and offers new methods of production and presentation. His research references issues of globalisation and in the Field of Vision series he seeks to generate a debate concerning the ways in which the visual field contributes to an increasingly trans-national exchange of cultural values and information.In his series of artworks: Walking Billboards, presented at Documenta11 in 2003, he re-edited and re-published imagery found in the mass media and displaced these images into different contexts and different sequences thus manipulating readings.

Heard, Graeme
Expressionistic portraits from Australia. Graeme Heard portrays the essential and elemental in tiny portraits celebrating and reinterpreting the magic of mythology, religion and theatre.

Heing, Ani
Ani Heinig lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. She uses acrylic and canvas to create detailed paintings of discarded metal objects.

Abstract paintings by Henraj, Delhi, India.

Hesso, Mahmo
Oil paintings by Malmo Hesso, from North-Eastern Syria. A graduate from The Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University, Hesso draws on internal visions emerging from his country’s humanistic, poetic and agricultural legacy.

Horkay, István.
István Horkay, digital collage artist.

Hussain, Jakeer
Online gallery of oils on canvas by Jakeer Hussain, Palamaner, India.