Lambi, Trisha
Commissioned portraits in oils and still lifes by Trisha Lambi, Australian artist.

Lange, Jean Marc
The painting of Jean Marc Lange, “Premier Grand Prix de Rome” at the age of nineteen, is both literary and narrative. Recent work exhibits a new translation of his technique, emphasizing the narrative dimension he has chosen, and seeking to communicate his preoccupation with a very particular artistic language.

Lanovsky, Frédéric
Frédéric Lanovsky, contemporary French sculptor creates giant sculptures, with worldwide exposure.

Larmee, Kevin
Chicago painter, Kevin Larmee: oil and acrylic paintings. Kevin Larmee’s work has been exhibited extensively throughout the U.S.

Laurini, Anna
London-based artist Anna Laurini. Anna has commissioned her artwork in Australia and New York for private and corporate clients alike. Her work is based on abstract colour theories and lends itself to her modern interpretation of figuratism. Whilst enjoying the benefits of working with canvas Anna frequently produces her work on wood, glass, cardboard and various recycled surfaces.

Leigh, Sarah
Sarah Leigh is a professional animal artist based in the UK. With an ability to catch the personality and character of an animal her work is becoming more and more popular. Her website displays a vast portfolio of her works.

Levin, Dana
Dana Levin is a leading contemporary and Classical Realism painter. Her works have been exhibited in galleries and museums all over the United States as well as Europe. Her paintings are included in the permanent collection of the Everson Museum and the New Britain Museum of American Art.

Lo Savio, Cosimo
Cosimo Lo Savio, pittore figurativo expressionista. The virtual gallery of Cosimo (Mino) Lo Savio of Turin (Italy).

Low, Alban
Paintings by London-based artist Alban Low. Alban Low is inspired by the French countryside or the hidden beauty of London.He has found that the clarity, colour and light he discovered in Cambieure, France was hidden everywhere in London, from the bridges of the Thames to the imposing buildings of the city.