Maconi, Filippo
The personal site of Italian painter Filippo Maconi: his curriculum vitae, exhibitions and a gallery of his works of art.

Makoumbou, Rhode Bath-Schéba
Sculptor Rhode Bath-Schéba Makoubou. Brazzaville en République du Congo. Depuis sa tendre enfance, elle a été initiée à la peinture par son père, le peintre David Makoumbou. Elle s’est réellement engagée dans l’art à partir de 1989. À travers ses Œuvres, ce sont surtout les activités sociales de la femme africaine qui sont mises en valeur.

Marom, Rakefet Natanson
Sculpture and prints by Rakefet Natanson Marom. Mixed media and bronze figure sculpture. Portfolio, works selection and a contact form.

Matar, Joseph
Original paintings, watercolours and studies by Joseph Matar, Lebanon.

McCrea, Derek
Derek D. McCrea. Landscape, lighthouse, barn and flower original watercolor paintings, limited edition prints and pen and ink drawings reflecting country scenery and barns of Georgia, North Carolina,Wisconsin and Virginia.

Menic, Ama
Ama Menic, sculptor. Ama Menic is a Plymouth-based (UK) artist. She has worked in a variety of mediums, but her first love has  always been clay. She has also worked as a production thrower for two Potters, which developed her skill and confidence in throwing.

Merigeau, Claire
A contemporary French abstract expressionist painter.

Michaud, Louise
Louise Michaud is a multi-media artist and teacher creating works in acrylics, watercolours, inks, fabric and dyes on silk.

Mojzes, Igor
Igor Mojzes, painter. A gallery of figure and landcape paintings, with a biography.

Monahan, Scarlet
Scarlet Monahan (born 1983, UK) captures the simple and the quirky through the lens of a camera, creating atmospheric surrealist figurative work. The site includes photographic prints, album covers, digital illustrative pieces for writers and many images for electronic media. Some of her three-dimensional works in stone and steel are owned by international companies.

Moore, John
John Moore has degrees in art and science subjects, a doctorate in computer vision and has owned and managed successful businesses in both high-tech and leisure sectors, winning numerous awards.JohnMoore  is fascinated by machine intelligence and by how the application of simple rules can have complicated consequences. He believes that perception is behind the evolution of human intelligence, which is why art “works” (i.e. why we see ‘things’ in a painting rather than just flat blobs of colour) and why art is so important.