Jun 302015
Rodrigo Franzão Textile Art

Rodrigo Franzão was born in São Paulo in 1982 and currently resides in the town of Abadiânia in the state of Goiás, Brazil since 2013. The evolution of his artistic process began to unfold after nearly a decade as a Portuguese teacher, Literature and Fine Arts. His interest in the arts began at the College […]

Mar 042015
Sarvi Hamedani: Art in Metal

A New Style in Metal Bullion Incarnation Art (Treasury) Master, Sarvi My name is Sarvi Hamedani, the creator of statue inscriptions made from bronze colour bullion. I have been working in this field of incarnation arts for 20 years. I began my artistic work by engraving copper sheets, but this could not satisfy my passion […]

Feb 112015
A visual-literary dialogue all the way from Chile & debuting in Miami

Chilean artist Monica Bengoa; The Frost Art Museum, Miami A visual-literary dialogue all the way from Chile & debuting in Miami … with a French twist. Chilean artist Monica Bengoa has re-imagined into extraordinary artworks the pages from the book “Exercises de Style” (by French author Raymond Queneau). More info here: monicabengoa.cl/en/exhibicion/exercices-de-style-exercises-in-style-2/ Her exhibition opens […]

Feb 032015
Stephane Jaspert, Paris: paintings on cobblestones

The Culture Rock Stephane Jaspert, Paris; born in 1961 in Stuttgart Paintings on Paris cobblestones and pavement stones These pictures can be famous paintings, brand marks, logos, personalities, signs…all the images and symbols of today’s visual culture. This task is endless: there is an infinity of images. The choice of pictures is related to the […]

Jan 312015
Karina Plachetka

Karina Plachetka, painter, designer, illustrator Her subjects include portraits, still life and landscapes especially with a mediterranean theme. Born and raised in Poland, Karina lives and works near Munich in Germany. After graduating at the ‘Freie Kunstwerkstatt Prof. Hans Seeger’ in Munich in 2000, she worked as an freelance illustrator, graphic artist and designer exhibited […]

Dec 062014
Stasys Eldrigevicius

  Stasys Eldrigevicius is an artist from Medinskiai in the north of Lithuania. His work comprises pastels, painting, photography, graphic art and drawing. He has won numerous prizes and has exhibited widely. 2010 Gloria Artis Medal, Warsaw, Poland 2009 Doctor Honoris Causa, Vilnius, Lithuania 2009 Bronze Medal, Toyama, Japan 2001 National Art Award, Lithuania 2000 Order […]

Nov 212014
Robots Reborn. Robot Sculptures by +Brauer

Robots Reborn. Upcycled Illuminated Robot Sculptures by +Brauer Bruno Lefevre-Brauer, known as + Brauer, is a graphic designer living in Paris. Over the past 20 years he has designed numerous album covers for French and international artists and pursued his personal artistic expression through sculpture. An artist who regularly exhibits in Paris, these charming illuminated […]