Performance Artists


Women in theatre and performance art.

Famous performance artists:

Abramovic, Marina. Marina Abramović
Marina Abramović
Sean Kelly Gallery
Marina Abramović
Marina Abramovic Online
Marina Abramovic
Marina Abraomovi

Acconci. Vito. Vito Acconci website.
Acconci video art.
The 0 TO 9 archive.
Vito Acconci.

Beuys, Joseph. Joseph Beuys

Chicago, Judy. Judy Chicago
Judy Chicago homepage, Through the Flower.

Fischer, Urs. The Urs Fischer website.
Urs Fischer. The New Yorker, an article by Calvin Tompkins.
Urs Fischer. Palazzxo Grassi, Venice. Artinfo

Gallacco, Anya. Anya Gallaccio.

Gonzalez-Torres, Felix. Feliz Gonzalez-Torres
Artcyclopedia directory of art museums displaying work by Felix Gonzales-Torres.

Holzer, Jenny. Jenny Holzer. Adaweb

Horn, Rebecca. Rebecca Horn Homepage
Rebecca Horn. Two Rebecca Horn works at the Guggenheim Museum.
Biography of Rebecca Horn at Tate Modern.

Irwin, Robert. Robert Irwin

Julien, Isaac. Isacc Julien, British film and installation artist.

Kaprow, Allan. Allan Kaprow

Kruger, Barbara. Barbara Kruger. Biography, interviews, essays, artworks.
Barbara Kruger, a website.
Barbara Kruger
Broad Art Foundation
A Barbara Kruger criticism page.

Laib, Wolfgang. Wolfgang Laib
47th International Art Exhibition, Venice 1997

Messager, Annette. Annette Messager Online
Annette Messager. Interview
Annette Messager. ArtFacts
Annette Messager. MOMA
Annette Messager Tate Gallery

Pinsky, Michael. Michael Pins

Robert Wilson

A list of performance artists, from Wikipedia.