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Kafka, Franz

Kafka, Franz. Franz Kafka Homepage. The Kafka Project
Franz Kafka, Wikipedia entry.
Metamorphosis, Project Gutenberg etext.
Kafka’s papers finally come to light.
Kafka Society of America
Deutsche Kafka-Gesellschaft
Reiner Stach: Franz Kafka
Jan Jindra, Judita Matyasova: Journeys of Franz Kafka
Benno Wagner: Das virtuelle Kafka-Bureau
Gerhard Rieck, Franz Kafka konkret
Kafk@nline. Die Kafka Zeitschrift
Kafka-Metamorphosis, a wiki.
Kafka Society of America
Oxford Kafka Research Centre
New York Times article on Kafka’s refound missing papers.
The Trial. Free Ebook from Project Gutenberg

Kapuscinski, Ryszard

Ryszard Kapuściński. Wikipedia entry.
Ryszard Kapuściński. The Guardian
Ryszard Kapuscinski: Tapping out tales. The Economist
Audio interview with Ryszard Kapuscinski.

Kavan, Anna

Anna Kavan Website
Anna Kavan full bibliography.
Times Literary Supplement: “The Thwarted Fiction of Anna Kavan”

Keats, John

John Keats. Poetical works.
Keats: A comprehensive study of his life and works.
John Keats. John Keats, works online and Keats events.
John Keats, selected letters.
John Keats, original manuscripts.
Keats and Shelley House, Rome.
Keats House, Hampstead.
Portraits of Keats and his family, including portraits by Severn, Brown and Haydon.
John Keats, Wikipedia entry.
John Keats. The 1819 odes, Wikipedia entries.
John Keats. The Life and Works of John Keats
The Harvard Keats Collection
The Keats-Shelley Association of America.
The British Library Keats manuscript and picture collection.
Ode on a Grecian Urn
Ode to a Nightingale
Ode on Indolence
Ode to Psyche
Ode on Melancholy
To Autumn

Kerouac, Jack

Jack Kerouac, Wikipedia entry. Online Resource
Jack Kerouac GLBT page
Jack Kerouac Bibliography
Denver Beat Photo Tour
Photos of the Kerouac Gas Station in Longmont
Neal Cassady’s official site authored by his family.
Photos, Jack Kerouac’s Last House, St. Petersburg, FL
Jack Kerouac Project website.

Khayyám, Omar

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
Omar Khayyam, Wikipedia entry.

Kipling, Rudyard

The Rudyard Kipling Society
Rudyard Kipling poems. The Complete Poems.
Rudyard Kipling, Wikipedia entry.
Rudyard Kipling etexts from Project Gutenberg.
The Jungle Book, etext from Projectt Gutenberg.

Kleist, Heinrich von

Heinrich von Kleist. Kleist Museum, Frankfurt.
Heinrich. von Kleist Etexts

Kawabata, Yusanari

Yusanari Kawabata

Kis, Danilo

Danilo Kis internet sites.

Klopstock, Friedrich Gottlieb

Klopstock, Friedrich Gottlieb. Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock. Wikipedia entry.
Works by Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock. Project Gutenberg
Klopstock’s poems.

Kobo, Abe

Kobo, Abe. Abe Kobo website.


László Krasznahorkai. Wikipedia entry.
lászló krasznahorkai, official website.
Everything you need to know about László Krasznahorkai. The Guardian
The winner of the 2015 Man Booker International Prize.
Guardian review of Satantango.
Madness And Civilization: The very strange fictions of László Krasznahorkai.
The New Yorker

Kraus, Karl

Karl Kraus. Mailing list/mailinglisten.
Karl Kraus. An introduction and bibliography.
The Question of Karl Kraus, by Clive James.
Karl Kraus. Wikipedia entry.
The Life and Work of Karl Kraus
On Karl Kraus by Joshua Cohen, at The Forward.
Die Fackel, an etext from The Austrian Academy of Science.

Kundera, Milan

Milan Kundera, a German site.
Milan Kundera, a French Kundera site.
Milan Kundera Wikipedia entry.
Milan Kundera internet links, essays, etc. from Vox Poetica.

Kunitz, Stanley

Stanley Kunitz. Wikipedia entry.
Stanley Kunitz. Poems and an introduction.
Stanley Kunitz. An introduction.
Stanley Kunitz. Poems and an introduction. The Poetry Foundation
A video of Stanley Kunitz from PBS.
The Stanley Kunitz Papers at Princeton University
“Pulitzer-Winning Poet Stanley Kunitz Dies”. The Washington Post
Stanley Kunitz, The Art of Poetry No. 29, Paris Review”
Stanley Kunitz “Three Small Parables for My Poet Friends”. The Oxford University Press blog.