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Alternative Press Center
An index of alternative magazines, journals, online resources. Alternative viewpoints from around the world. Searchable under subject, name, author.

the Arts Tri-quarterly, UK.

Aristotle’s Poetics
Full, annotated text from The Perseus Project.

Art and Culture
A website with a literary theory section. Art+Culture is the portal for artistic knowledge and discovery. People across all of the arts come together to learn, connect and share.

Articles from Google Scholar. 
Search specifically for scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports from all broad areas of research.


Blogs *

A Piece of Monologue
A Piece of Monologue  is an independent website that examines literature, film and contemporary issues in critical theory. The site offers a broad selection of news, commentary, and analysis, spanning a wide range of cultural texts — in particular, those pertaining to modernism, continental philosophy and the work of Samuel Beckett 


Cambridge History of English and American Literature
Online version. of the encyclopedia in 14 volumes.

Comparative Literature and Theory
Eclat;  a web directory from The University of Pennsylvania.

Cultural studies *

Cultural Studies
Links to numerous sociology, political theory, post-colonial and mass culture studies web pages. From The Voice of the Shuttle.

Cultural Studies and Critical Theory EServer
Cultural studies and critical theory combine sociology, literary theory, film/video studies, and cultural anthropology to study cultural phenomena in industrial societies..

Cyberspace and Critical Theory (from Brown University).


Deconstruction *

A school of philosophy that originated in France in the late 1960s, has had an enormous impact on Anglo-American criticism. Largely the creation of its chief proponent Jacques Derrida, deconstruction upends the Western metaphysical tradition.

Deconstruction in Music
An online dissertation by music teacher and philosopher Marcel Cobussen. Discusses J.S. Bach, John Zorn, John Cage, and Jacques Derrida. Interactive Dissertation, Department of Art and Culture Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This website contains sound fragments.


An influential forum for scholars writing on the problems of literary criticism.

Dogma is an electronic journal that publishes articles and reviews in the areas of philosophy, psychoanalysis, critical theory, political theory, aesthetics, and sociology. Most of the articles appear here in French, but there is also some material in English and German.


European Graduate School/EGS/Media and Communications Department.
The school, founded, amongst others, by Jean Francois Lyotard, includes the following faculty members:
Giorgio Agamben, Jean Baudrillard, Judith Butler, Victor Burgin, Donna Haraway, Avital Ronell, Slavoj Zizek.


Feminist criticism and theory.

French literary theory (from Rutgers University).


Gender studies *

Genders OnLine Journal
peer-reviewed academic journal publishing essays about gender and sexuality.


Global Ideas Bank. Institute for Social Inventions, London, UK.
‘Submit an idea’.

Glossary of Literary Theory

Google Book Search
Search the full text of books in major university libraries around the world.

Google Scholar
Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature.



llluminations: The Critical Theory WWW research resource for those interested in the Critical Theory Project. 
Firmly based in Frankfurt School thought, this site maintains a collection of articles, excerpts, and chapters from many contemporary writers of and about Critical Theory.

Internet Public Library
The IPL Literary Criticism Collection contains critical and biographical websites about authors and their works that can be browsed by author, by title, or by nationality and literary period. French, Italian, Spanish, German and British, Russian, Japanese, Chinese literary criticism,


John Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism

Journals, blogs *

Journals on critical and literary theory, a guide to websites. 

Journals of literary criticism online,
a web index from the Internet Public Library.

Dogma is an electronic journal that publishes articles and reviews in the areas of philosophy, psychoanalysis, critical theory, political theory, aesthetics, and sociology. Most of the articles appear here in French, but there is also some material in English and German.

A French language e-journal which offers essays, links, discussion groups and more.

Journal of Literary Theory
The Journal is devoted to research in literary theory. JLT takes an interdisciplinary approach and is open to a broad variety of theories and methods. It serves as an international platform for different debates in all fields of literary theory.

Poetics Today
Poetics Today brings together scholars from throughout the world who are concerned with developing systematic approaches to the study of literature (e.g., semiotics and narratology)

An Electric journal for cultural studies, rhetorics & theories.


Lacan, Jacques. Jacques Lacan website links, internet resources.

Lectures, live discussion, talks. 
Lectures recorded on video by leading critics, theorists and philosophers.

Literary History catalogs credible literary criticism on nineteenth and twentieth century English and American literature  available on the free internet.

Literary Theory and Criticism
Now expanded and updated, The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism is an indispensable resource for scholars and students of literary theory.

Literary theory directories *

Literary critcism online, from the Internet Public Library.
Browse internationally by author or country. Criticism from ancient times to the present.

Literary History catalogs credible literary criticism on nineteenth and twentieth century English and American literature  available on the free internet.

Literary Theory. General web site links from  The Voice of the Shuttle.
Marxism, feminism, postmodernism, the history of literary theory and criticism from Ancient Greece to the present, literary theory mailing lists, media theory mailing lists.

Literary theory, semiology and criticism (from Ohio State University).

London Review of Books


Media Studies
Communications, television, general literary and media studies websites. Voice of the Shuttle


Narrative psychology. An internet guide.

a critical journal of innovative narrative. An on-line journal dedicated to the articulation of ideas about theory-based narrative.

The Society for the Study of Narrative Literature, a journal.


Online literary criticism from the Internet Public library. 
Over 3300 articles from the pre-1500s to the present day. An author index and a period index. 


Poetics Today
Poetics Today brings together scholars from throughout the world who are concerned with developing systematic approaches to the study of literature (e.g., semiotics and narratology).

Poetry criticism. Class texts,
including Walter Pater, Pope, Peacock, Addison.


Postmodern Culture,
a critical ezine from the John Hopkins University Press and The University of Virginia.

Postmodernism, Wikipedia entry.


Post-structuralism, Wikipedia entry.

Project Muse
Project Muse’s mission is to excel in the broad dissemination of high-quality scholarly content.
Project Muse is a unique collaboration between libraries and publishers, providing 100% full-text, affordable and user-friendly online access to a comprehensive selection of prestigious humanities and social sciences journals.


Russian Formalism, Wikipedia entry.


See also:  Theoreticians

The Semiotics of the Web
An article by Phillipe Codognet.

Semiotics, Wikipedia entry.

International Journal of Signs and Semiotic Systems (IJSSS)

Tartu Semiotics Library


The Slought Foundation
is a not-for-profit organization in Philadelphia that broadly encourages new futures for contemporary life through public programs featuring international artists, architects, and theorists. Our programs are purposely critical and provocative in an intimate and participatory environment, and we invite our audiences to consider criticality itself as a source of dynamism and enjoyment. The site includes several hundred audio recordings of interviews, lectures and discussions.

The Society for Critical Exchange
North America’s oldest scholarly organization devoted to theory.


Structuralism Wikipedia entry.

Study guides

SparkNotes Literature Study Guides

Lesson Plans, Book Summaries and more.
Download quality study guides, lesson plans, literature summaries, criticisms, essays, biographies, and quotes from over 100 educational resources.

Bibliomania Free Online Literature and Study Guides
1800+ texts of classic literature, drama, and poetry together with detailed literature study guides. Large reference book and non-fiction section.

Cummings Free Study Guides


Voice of the Shuttle
A comprehensive index of websites realating to literary theory.

Wikipedia entry on literary theory.

Theoreticians, writings on literary theory, critics *


Adorno, Theodor

Adorno, Theodor W. Theodor W. Adorno
Wikipedia entry.

Theodor Adorno
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Theodor Adorno Internet Archive

Barthes, Roland

Barthes, Roland. Roland Barthes
Wikipedia entry.

Oscillation, by Roland Barthes

A Barthes page from the Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory (registration needed)

Incidents by Roland Barthes,
Free from the University of California Press.

Elements of Semiology
The first half of the book, from

Roland Barthes by Philippe Sollers (fr)

Baudrillard, Jacques

Baudrillard, Jean. Jean Baudrillard
The World of Baudrillard

Jean Baudrillard
Wikipedia entry.

Benjamin, Walter

Benjamin, Walter. Walter Benjamin
Resources from the Walter Benjamin Research Syndicate.

Broadcasts, monologues, correspondence, UbuWeb. Walter Benjamin

Works by Walter Benjamin at Open Library

Walter Benjamin. Wikipedia

Bloom, Harold

Harold Bloom website:
reviews, lectures, excerpts, webpage links.

Cixous, Hélène

The Hélène Cixous website.

Debord, Guy

Guy Debord
Internet links.

Deleuze, Gilles

Gilles Deleuze Wikipedia entry.

Gilles Deleuze
WWW Resources


Lectures and talks (audio). Ubu Web. Deleuze

Derrida, Jacques

A Derrida Wikipedia entry.

Derrida interviews.

Derrida video interviews and discussions.

Guide to the Saffa Fathy Video Recordings of Jacques Derrida Lectures.

Derrida Archives at Online Archives of California
Typescripts, and recordings documenting the professional career of Jacques Derrida and providing comprehensive documentation of his activities as a student, teacher, and scholar. University of California, Irvine.

Derrida Stanford lectures.

Eliot, T.S.

T. S. Eliot.
The Sacred Wood, Essays on Poetry and Criticism

Empson, William

William Empson
Wikipedia entry.

Finkielkraut, Alain

Alain Finkielkraut, 
contemporary French literary and social critic.

Alain Finkielkraut

Alain Finkielkraut
New York Review of Books

Foucault, Michel

Michel Foucault Homepage

Michel Foucault. European Graduate School

Michel Foucault information site.

Michel Foucault. Wikipedia

Michel Foucault. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Madness and Civilization

Jacobson, Roman

Roman Jacobson
Six Lectures on Sound and Meaning

Roman Jakobson
Linguistik und Poetik

Jabes, Edmond

Edmond Jabès
Wikipedia entry.

Edmond Jabès
Online texts.

Kaplan, Robert J

Robert J Kaplan, social theorist.

Kermode, Frank

Frank Kermode
Reviews from The New York Times.

Kristeva, Julia

Julia Kristeva
Wikipedia entry.

Lacan, Jacques

Jacques Lacan
Web links, internet resources.

Jacques Lacan
Wikpedia entry.

Jacques Lacan
El Web de Jacques Lacan

Lévi-Strauss, Claudes

Lévi-Strauss, Claudes

Lévinas, Emmanuel

Emmanuel Levinas
Wikipedia entry.

Emmanuel Levinas Web Page

Institute for Levinassian Studies.

Complete primary and secondary bibliography.

Institut d’études Levinassiennes (French)

Société Internationale de Recherche Emmanuel Levinas.

Emmanuel Levinas
Web links.

Lotman, Yuri

Yuri Lotman

Lukács, György

Gyorgy Lukacs
Online esays.

Lyotard, Jean-Francois

Jean-François Lyotard
Wikipedia entry.

The Postmodern Condition,
by Jean-Francois Lyotard. 1979

Jean Francois Lyotard resource page.

Nancy, Jean-Luc

Nancy, Jean-Luc. Jean-Luc Nancy. Youtube videos (lectures, discussion).

Nietzsche, Friedrich

Friedrich Nietzsche webpage.

Friedrich Nietzsche, Wikipedia entry.

Pierce, Charles S.

Charles S Pierce

Reich-Ranicki, Marcel

Marcel Reich-Ranicki

Richard, I. A.

I. A. Richards
Wikipedia entry.

Said, Edward

Edward Said Archives (unofficial site).

Schiller, Friedrich

Friedrich Schiller Homepage

Friedrich Schiller webpages,
a web directory from Universitätsbibliothek der FU Berlin.

Friedrich Schiller 
Etexts in German from Project Gutenberg.

Sontag, Susan

Susan Sontag official page.
Against Interpretation extract.

Susan Sontag
Background information.

Susan Sontag. Films, video and sound. UbuWeb

Steiner, George

George Steiner
In Bluebeard’s Castle

Interviews with George Steiner.

George Steiner