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de Francesco, Alessandro. Alessandro de Francesco
Poetry theory and sound art.

Alessandro De Francesco
Video talks and discussions, from EGS.

Alt-X. online publishing network,
where the digertali meet the literati. Art and fiction installations on the web, cyberfiction, writerly webs. Articles on internet versus print media.


Bernstein, Charles. Charles Bernstein.
The Republic of Reality and other poetic experimentations.

Blogs, directories *

See also: Literary Blogs
Poetry blogs, a listing from Coffee Connection Poets.

Poetry Blog Rankings
‘The Top 100 Poetry Blogs’

Carla Harryman
Text-based and performative works.

Carla Harryman. Three Poems

Fascicle is published at a (loosely) annual pace, with a continued emphasis on a global and historical view of innovative poetry & poetics.

The Most Interesting Poetry Blogs
Links to the ‘most interesting poetry blogs’, with poets’ journals, diaries and notebooks.

Poetry Blogs
A highly selective, personal collection of links to bloggers blogging about poetry.

Poetry Blog Catalogue

Poetry Matters Now
An online collection of readings and video interviews with poets.

32 Poems, with Deborah Ager.

Silliman’s Blog
Contemporary poetry and poetics.


The Cafe Irreal
A semi-annual webzine presenting a kind of fantastic fiction infrequently published in English. This fiction resembles the work of writers such as Franz Kafka, Kobo Abe, Luisa Valenzuela and Jorge Luis Borges.

Center for Literary Computing
The Center for Literary Computing (CLC) rethinks literary studies for the digital age, developing interdisciplinary research projects in the poetics of new media and the media ecology of literary institutions, using web technologies, multimedia, hypertext, audio/video, and virtual environments.

Coffee Connection Poets
A poetry community where poets can submit poems, read poems, share poems, create poetry communities and communicate with global poets.

Communities *

Nethugspoetry p f 
A showcase of modern poets, providing a focused point for members to take advantage of the visibility and searchable presence the Internet provides.

The Starlite Cafe
A community poetry site.

Concrete poetry, visual poetry *

UbuWeb. Concrete and visual poetry. An excellent, comprehensive online archive of poetry, as well as historical audio and filmed recordings.
UbuWeb’s historical section primarily documents the trajectory of visual and concrete poetry, beginning with Simias Rhodius’s “Wings of Eros in Theocritus”, dating from 1516, and continuing all the way into the late 1970s.

The Gates of Paradise, by David Daniels, plus many other visual poems by other poets.


Digital Fiction, U.K. 
Digital Fiction projects are created as an exploration into accessible and engaging writing for the internet. These works are not ‘e-books’ or hypertext sites in the traditional sense, nor do they adhere to the usual styles and standards incorporated into ‘quality’ Flash sites. The aim of Digital Fiction is to use Flash to create interesting ways of telling ‘stories’; to offer a blend of challenging writing, user-entertainment and user-interaction.

A homage to Pasolini. Through a script called Actionscript di Flash the words of the poems fly in a virtual 3D space.

Poesia Numerica, by Lello Masucci
Lello Massucci has participated with many experimental art groups and projects. He founded the Interactive Theatre “ATELIER MULTIMEDIALE”. From 2000’s he has been the director of many theatral pieces.

A guide to e-poetry, aural, visual, or textual. Cyberpoetry, cyber poets. Based in Chicago.


A serious site for hypertext. Creating new hypertext technologies and publishing serious hypertext, fiction and non- fiction: serious, interactive writing.

Ebooks *

Ebooks. Electronic book downloads from Simon and Schuster. 
Downloads of ebook reader software: the Glassbook ebook reader, Rocket eBook and netLibrary reader.

Ebooks. NetLibrary
Scholarly ebooks, arts and entertainment ebooks, humanities ebooks, society and culture ebooks, free ebooks. Reader software downloads.

Electronic Literature Organization,  
a non-profit group which advocates the production, development, distribution, and enjoyment of literature in the electronic domain.

Electronic Poetry Center (EPC) homepage, Buffalo University. 
Cyberpoets, cyber poetry, kinetic poetry, click poetry, hypertext poetry, computer-generated poetry. Headed by Charles Bernstein. 


Gibson, William

Gibson, William. William Gibson. Cyber fiction.

William Gibson Official Website

Blog archive for William Gibson.

William Gibson, Wikipedia entry.

Neuromancer. Wikipedia, entry.

William Gibson blog.

Artists and writers in cyberspace. Spirituality in the electronic age.


Holzer, Jenny.Jenny Holzer.  ada web 

A hypermedia literary  journal. Nonlinear texts. Essays, reviews, poetry, fiction.

Hypertext resources on the web. 
Technique, theory, hypertext webpages, speculation, critcism, theory.


IamAbove, an online poetry book by Zadok. 
An ongoing online poetry project by Zadok, from Israel. Many of the poems have been translated from Hebrew into English.

Interview with Poets
Between the Lines, a site specializing in publishing in-depth interviews with senior contemporary poets.


Journals. Literature Journals


King, Stephen. The Stephen King Web Presence


Mobile phone novels *

Maho-I-Land, the Japanese site for mobile phone novels.

New York Times article on mobile phone novels.


Poetry resources to help get your poetry read, critiqued, and published.


Online novel. 253.  An Interactive Novel by Geoff Ryman.


Poems and Poetry
Poems-and-Poetry compiles the greatest poems from recognized authors and amateurs.

Poetry and Poems
This website is a large collection of selected and famous poems for birthdays, weddings and a lot of other occasions.Poems are listed under 12 different categories so you can easily find a poem for a specific occasion.

Poetry Corner
An extensive online archive of poems dating back several thousand years.

Ploughshares Journal
Essays, stories, poems, reviews. 


Read Print,  a free online library. 
Their well-organized website offers thousands of free books for students, teachers, and the classic enthusiast. To find the book you desire to read, start by looking through the author index.


Shirley, John. Shirley John website.

Speculative fiction

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database

Stephenson, Neal. Neal Stephenson

Neal Stephenson, Wikipedia entry.


A UK site for the online writing community. Creative works, literary criticism, and new media arts theory.

Twitter poems, micro poems *

Best Poems

Poetry Tweets
The latest Tweets from Poetry Tweets (@PoetryTweets). Exploring the power of 140 characters or less.

Micropoetry is a genre of poetic verse which is characterized by its extreme brevity. In other words, a micropoem is a short poem. Micropoetry is a collective term for a variety of different forms of short poetry.

National Poetry Day (UK) on Twitter.

Some well-known poets with Twitter addresses.


Langu(im)age: experimental visual poetry, literary programming, and essays on new media by the poet Jim Andrews.

Vispo Blogspot

Visual and kinetic poetry, generated poetry in Javascript by Loss Pequeño Glazier.

UbuWeb. Concrete and visual poetry. An excellent, comprehensive online archive of poetry, as well as historical audio and filmed recordings.
UbuWeb’s historical section primarily documents the trajectory of visual and concrete poetry, beginning with Simias Rhodius’s “Wings of Eros in Theocritus”, dating from 1516, and continuing all the way into the late 1970s. 


Writing for the web. 
Guidelines and research on writing internet pages.