Pittura Analitca group

Sometimes, art movements are just too avant-garde for their own good. This seems to be the case with the high-minded, 1970s Pittura Analitica group which, until now, has been rather under the radar in the UK. Mazzoleni gallery in London…

The Donald Trump of Art, Jeff Koons

Koons’s ambitions are crass and he has achieved them all – he has turned his art into business and, boy, has he made it big in that business. He is the Donald Trump of art. In what is now a…

The British Museum’s new director

Art historian Hartwig Fischer to take charge at the London musuem – second-most visited in the world after the Louvre in Paris and most popular visitor attraction in Britain…. The Guardian

Information Overload

Our society is supposedly drowning in a flood of information brought on by the frenzied pace of technological change. A tour through history, however, shows us that these concerns are nothing new….. The American Interest

Classical music; the lost art of listening

There is a conventional wisdom that you come to classical music later. Maybe you have a road-to-Damascus moment, in which Beethoven finally speaks to you. Or perhaps it is something more mundane: as you become an older thing yourself, you…