David Bowie

Bowie’s dance teacher recalls their first meeting, their early collaborations, and their marriage of theatre and rock’n’roll in the Ziggy Stardust stage show….. The Guardian

Pierre Boulez

Pierre Boulez 1925 – 2016 BBC Radio 3 Pierre Boulez, Composer and Conductor Who Pushed Modernism’s Boundaries, Dies at 90. New York Times

Kirill Petrenko is the new conductor at the Berlin Philharmonic

Russian conductor Kirill Petrenko has been unveiled as the next artistic director of the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra. He is expected to take over from Sir Simon Rattle when the British conductor’s contract expires in 2018.

Does classical music need to change?

Everyone keeps talking about classical music’s image problem, and proposals on the table designed to rescue the music from apparent extinction have included the suggestion that conductors ought to face audiences rather than orchestras, and the cunning plan, mooted by…

The Kinshasa Symphony Orchestra

Despite being ravaged by war and poverty, the Democratic Republic of Congo has produced the world’s first all-black symphony orchestra, which has grown from a small group with home-made instruments to a respected international outfit. A day after arriving in…


‘Beethoven: Anguish and Triumph,’ by Jan Swafford ….The curtain opens on a difficult childhood: an abusive alcoholic father, a boy genius mocked for his dark skin. He survives, makes his way to Vienna for fame and fortune — only to…

Arts funding

John Tusa – Pain in the Arts Arts must stop moaning and politicos must trust the public’s love of art, says culture chief In the midst of ferment as the arts world faces fast-shrinking public subsidy, Sir John Tusa, former…

Der Rosenkavalier at Glyndebourne

In all its minute details, Der Rosenkavalier is rooted in a painstakingly stylised version of Rococo Vienna that, paradoxically, is further fixed in a web of cannily juxtaposed anachronisms. Upset their balance and you risk upsetting the balance of the…

Beethoven today

Richard Wigmore speaks to some of the world’s leading Beethoven conductors to understand why his music is as relevant and important today as it was 200 years ago….. Grammophone