Monthly Archives: January 2016

David Bowie

Bowie’s dance teacher recalls their first meeting, their early collaborations, and their marriage of theatre and rock’n’roll in the Ziggy Stardust stage show….. The Guardian

Pierre Boulez

Pierre Boulez 1925 – 2016 BBC Radio 3 Pierre Boulez, Composer and Conductor Who Pushed Modernism’s Boundaries, Dies at 90. New York Times

The British Museum’s new director

Art historian Hartwig Fischer to take charge at the London musuem – second-most visited in the world after the Louvre in Paris and most popular visitor attraction in Britain…. The Guardian

Ted Hughes

Among those who knew Ted Hughes — friends, rivals, lovers, wives — it was universally agreed that, his other qualities notwithstanding, he was very, very good-looking. Six feet tall, broad-shouldered, and floppy-haired, his face lantern-jawed and slightly concave, he was…

Information Overload

Our society is supposedly drowning in a flood of information brought on by the frenzied pace of technological change. A tour through history, however, shows us that these concerns are nothing new….. The American Interest