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Dance online; Salsa, Samba, the Waltz, the Tango


The Paul Taylor Dance Company

Political Mother

Salsa *

Auckland (New Zealand) Salsa and Spanish Classes. LatinRhythm,com

Just Salsa.  A magazine dedicated to Salsa.

Salsa Roots. The history of Salsa.

Samba *

The World Samba Homepage

The Girls from Ipanema

Taiwan *

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan

Tango *

Tango Argentino de Tejas 


Tango Site
A free information service on Argentine Tango music and dance: tango, milonga, photos, mpeg, mp3 music files, a discography and lots of links to Tango organisations.

Total Tango.  Argentine Tango

Cyber-Tango. Argentine music on the internet.


Technology. Dance and Technology Zone 
New media and information technologies for dance.

Life Forms animation software. 


Tharp. Twyla. Twyla Tharp Dance Center, Brooklyn, New York.


Vienna dance companies.

Voice of Dance
A dance news ezine. 


Waltz *

Viennese Waltz Steps

Vienna dance companies.

Viennese Waltzes

Waltz history

Waltz Wikipedia entry.

Wikipedia entries on dance.