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British Baroque Bronze
Chinese Classical Dada
Indian Installations Kinetic
Medieval Public Renaissance
Sculpture gardens Wood .


Ice sculpture

Ice sculpture
Ice sculpture techniques, information, events, competitions. Ice

Ice and sand sculptors.
A list from The Open Directory Project

Matejkova, Alena.
Melted glass, ice and stone sculptures by Alena Matejkova.

Ice Art
Ice Art, based in South Africa, we specialise in high quality, hand carved ice creations. They provide a full range of ice sculpting services including wedding ice sculptures, sculptures for product launches and events and live ice carvings.

Indian sculpture

Lotus Sculpture.
South Indian sculpture in bronze, marble and granite. Statues of Hindu gods (Shiva, Shiva as Nataraja, Parvati, Ganesh, Lakshmi, Krishna, Vishnu, Sarasvati) and  the Buddha for the home or garden. 
International Sculpture Centre.
General sculpture internet resources.

Installations, installation art 

See also: Installation art, artists
Andy Plant, UK.
Mechanical sculptures for public art.

Directory of installation artists.
Open Directory Project

Installation artists.
Wordlwide Arts Resources. Installation artists listed under categories 'Environment and 'Outdoor.'

Installation artists.
A web directory from The Open Directory Project

Digital installations and performances.
A web directory from The Open Directory Project.

Artcylcopedia web directory of installation artists with work in art museums.

Materia Prima, U.K

Venice Biennale website.

Wikipedia entries on installation artists.
International Sculpture Centre (ISC). Sculpture Magazine,
sculpture parks and gardens, searchable sculpture database by name, type and country.

Isamu Nogochi Garden Museum, New York.
Sculpture galleries and garden.

Italian sculpture

Italian Sculpture, 1200 years of Italian sculpture
(an extensive internet resource, with photographs).

Renaissance sculpture, Renaissance sculptors. Thais

Renaissance art

Sculptors. A list of Italian sculptors.

Japanese sculpture

Japanese sculpture, Wikipedia entry.

Japanese sculptors. Wikipedia

The Noguchi Museum

List of national treasures, a gallery of Japanese sculptures and statues through the ages. Wikipedia

Sculpture gardens

Hakone Open-Air Museum

Kirishima Open-Air Museum

Sapporo Art Park
The sculpture garden in Sapporo Art Park features over seventy sculptures by regional and international sculptors.

Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum

Utsukushi-Ga-Hara Open-Air Museum

Kinetic art, kinetic sculpture

The Kinetic Art Organization

Kinetic Art encyclopedia entry.

Kinetic performance art web directory.
Open Directory Project


Benton, Fletcher. Benton Fletcher

Calder, Alexander. The Calder Foundation

Alexander Calder, Guggenheim Collection.

Alexander Calder. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Alexander Calder. Museums and galleries.

Tinguely, Jean. Jean Tinguely Museum, Basel. Image gallery.

Lye, Len. The Len Lye Foundation, New Zealand.

Laocoön and His Sons. Athanadoros, Hagesandros, and Polydoros of Rhodes, early 1st century. The Vatican.

Learning Stone,UK.
A sculpture resource site, with discussion lists. Carving, workshops, quarries, geology, landscape. Learning Stone fosters mutual interests, understanding and contacts amongst people who work with stone.

Light sculpture

Paul Friedlander, kinetic light artist.

Isamu Noguchi
The Akari Light Sculpture of Isamu Noguchi.


Medieval sculpture

Medieval Sculpture. The Tate Gallery

Medieval Sculpture. Metropolitan Museum of Art

European Decorative Arts and Sculpture. Art Institute of Chicago

Medieval Art History

Netsurf. Medieval resources on the internet.

Wikipedia entries on Medieval European sculptures.
Modern Art Foundry, New York.


Nasher Sculpture Center
An outdoor "roofless" museum situated in downtown Dallas housing the sculpture collection of Raymond and Patsy Nasher.

National Sculpture Society, US.
The oldest organization of professional sculptors in the United States.

19th century Sculpture.
Neoclassical, Romantic, Realist and Symbolist sculpture.


Organizations and associations.


Portrait sculptors. The Society of Portrait Sculptors

Public sculpture

Philadelphia Public Art

Public Monuments and Sculpture Association, Britain.

Public sculpture, stone carving, gargoyles by Walter S. Arnold, US.

Sculpture gardens

Renaissance sculpture

Renaissance sculpture, Renaissance scuptors.

Renaissance art
Recent sculptors
Recent sculptors.
An international index. Open Directory Project
Resources. General Scupture Resources.
Open Directory Project

Rock art, archaeology and anthropology around the world.
The Bradshaw Foundation

The Royal Society of British Sculptors
Committed to the pursuit of excellence in the art form, the Society aims to inspire, inform and engage people with sculpture.


Sand sculpture

Paul Hoggard & Remy Geerts, sand artists.
Master sand sculptors with a combined experience of 27 years in creating sand sculptures.
Comprehensive online resources for sculptors.Sculpture schools, children's sculpture, bronze sculpture, iron sculpture.

The Sculpture Center, Ohio, US.
a nonprofit organization fostering the careers of emerging sculptors and promoting the preservation of outdoor sculpture. Outdoor sculpture, young sculptors, sculptor news.

Sculpture gardens, sculpture parks

Directory of sculpture gardens around the world, by Benbow Bullock, sculptor.

List of sculpture parks, Wikipedia entries.
Jupiter Artland
Jupiter Artland is a contemporary sculpture garden in the grounds of Bonnington
House, outside Edinburgh. Works by many leading artists have been

Artparks Sculpture Park, Guernsey, U.K.
Artparks' yearly Sculpture Exhibition physically displays between 150 and 250 pieces of sculpture, by around 90 different international and british sculptors, which are on display in the sub-tropical gardens of Sausmarez Manor in the form of a sculpture trail. 1150+ for sale sculpture are displayed on the website.

Budapest Sculpture Park

Dallas Nasher Sculpture Center

European and British sculpture gardens.

Goodwood Sculpture Garden, U.K.
The Cass Sculpture Foundation

Information on Garden Sculpture.
Grounds for Sculpture, New Jersey, US.

Isamu Nagochi. Garden Sculpture Museum

Jupiter Artland
Jupiter Artland is a contemporary sculpture garden in the grounds of Bonnington House, outside Edinburgh, Scotland.Works by many leading artists have been commissioned and then constructed in situ, with the relationship of each artwork to its topographical location being a crucial feature.

Lough Boora Parklands, Ireland

Louisiana Sculpture Park, Denmark.

Lyons Sculpture Park, Australia.

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. sculpture gardens.

North American sculpture gardens.

Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle.

The Sculpture Garden.
Modern (Rodin, Smith, Giocometti, Hesse, Brancusi), African, Egyptian, Greek, Renaissance, Baroque sculpture. A picture archive.

Skulpturengarten Damnatz.

Socrates Sculpture Park, New York.

Skulpturenpark Artpark, Austria.

Sculpture gardens directory.
The Open Directory Project

Toronto Sculpture Garden

Treignac Project, France

Wanas Konst, Knislinge, Sweden
Wanås Art wants to work at the forefront of contemporary art, at the point where it is developing, influencing and changing.
Sculpture Zone.
A consortium of sculptors emphasing modern and post-modern sculpture.

The Society of Portrait Sculptors

Sound sculpture

Artifact Directory.
Providing searchable access to a collection of high quality online sound sculpture resources and web sites.

The Audio Foundation, New Zealand.
Includes links to sound scupture websites.
Stone Sculpture Journal, Traces.
Events, news, discussion, gallery.

Stone. Learning about Stone Carving.
Information, workshops. Portland, England.


ThinkQuest education section on Ancient Greek Sculpture.


Wood art, wood carving  

See also: Wood Carving

Individual wood carvers and wood sculptors home pages.

Wood sculptors, a web directory.
The Open Directory Project

Wood art by Patrick Goslawski, Canada.
Faces in wood, inspired by African and Far Eastern sculpture.

Wood sculpture.
Figurative wood sculptures by Stephanie Rocknak.

Totem Poles

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Ice Sculpture Exhibition
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Cupid and Psyche, 1796
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Greek Marble Female Head
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Auguste Rodin - Kiss
The Kiss
Auguste Rodin
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