Asian antiques

Asian antiques, a guide to dealers and websites

Bachmann Eckenstein Art & Antiques
Dealing & consulting in Asian Art & Oriental Art, antiques from China, Japan & Tibet, and Buddhist Art.

B-Important is an antiques dealer, based in Weiswampach, Luxembourg, with a focus on Asian porcelain. Plates, bowls, snuff bottles and vases.

Chinese antiques, Chinese antique furniture, a guide to websites.


Japanese antiques, a guide to websites.
A directory of various Asian antique dealers and their wares.

Chinese Cultural Relics Collection
A website specializing in Asian antiques and artworks trade and auctions, as well as antiques appraisal and restoration.

Himalayan Antiques
A broad selection of antiques from Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan including many pieces of authentic, untouched Tibetan furniture.

Indian Bronzes
Antique Indian and Hindu icons.

Japanese Closet
Japanese woodblock prints, paintings, antiques, and collectibles.

La Galliavola Oriental Art
Museum quality antiquities: Chinese ceramics, jades, Tibetan and Chinese bronzes, ritual objects, architectural pieces, sculpture, furniture and Japanese netsuke.

Sacred Space
Asian antiques of spirtual meaning, located in Santa Barbara, California USA. Buddha, Chinese, Tibetan, pavilions, jewellery.