Children’s toys

Children’s toys, games and dolls, antique toys, toy history, a guide to websites
Jouets, jouets antiques; giocattoli, giocattoli antichi; Spielzeug, antike Spielsachen


Aircraft models *

Aircraft models, Wikipedia entry.

Database of all model aircraft in 1:400 and 1:500 Scale

Antique toys *

Antique Games
An online store from Go

Antique Toys, Toronto, Canada.

Classic Tin Toy Company
Very early and old tin toys, space toys, robots, trains. Also carry replacement parts

American Dimestore
Antique toy information, with a focus on plastic toys.

American Jazz
High-quality antique toys including hand painted tin toys, mechanical toys, paper toys, dolls and jazz collectibles.

Antique Toys and Dolls, Copenhagen, Denmark.
German, French and other European antique toys and dolls.

Dinky Toys
English and French Emergency Vehicles

Doll House Collectables
The world`s leading supplier of doll house furniture, doll house accessories & wooden doll houses.

Galeria Navarro,
Spain, specializes in antique and collectable toys.

Sam’s Toybox
A personal collection of vintage toys.

Trains. Antique toy trains, a list of websites.


Barbie Dolls Homepage

Baseball games, antique baseball games.

The Big Red Toybox. Resources for toy collectors.

British toy museums. 


Collecting/Toy collecting *

Toy collecting articles, reviews, news, web links.

Tinplate Toys for Collectors

Computer games, Wikipedia entry.

Carousels *

Location de Carrousel
Location Carrousel Nostalgie 1886 is a faithful replica of an authentic old carousel with  barrel organ and wooden hand-painted animals.



Delaware Toy and Miniature Museum. Toy webpages 

Dolls, bears *

African dolls.
Wikipedia entry.

African dolls. Ethidolls: Educational Collectible African Dolls

Antique dolls, a gallery of images at Pinterest.

Teddy Bears, a gallery of antique Teddy Bears at Pinterest.

Teddy Bear, Wikipedia entry.

Delaware Toy and Miniature Museum

Doll Reference
Features a guide to help identify dolls, antique to vintage, A to Z, with over 5000 photos, descriptions and markings included.

Dolls United Interactive Magazine
A multi-media doll magazine for art doll makers, artists and enthusiasts.

Dolls at the V&A Museum of Childhood

German antique dolls

German Antique Dolls
All about German antique porcelain dolls from the late 19th century to the early 20th century.

Antique German Dolls/Bisque Collector Information
Collectors Weekly

Antique German Doll Makers 1860s+
A list of German, Bavaria and Prussia antique doll manufacturers.
Bing Kunstlerpuppen und stoff SpielwarenGesellschaft dolls 1921-1932.


Hand-painted dolls. Xenis Collection.

Kensington Dollshouse Festival, Covent Garden, London.

Musée National de Monaco doll and automaton collection.

Wikipedia entry on Dolls.

World Costume Dolls
A collection of  approximately 1700 costume dolls from all over the world, including different regional dolls and dolls from remote places.


History of Toys and Games. 
The History Channel




Matchbox toys


The Meccano Model Library

Model building, Wikipedia entry. 


Museums *

National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. Toy Collection.

Pollock’s Toy Museum, U.K.

Stansted Toy Museum, U.K.

Victoria and Albert Museum. The Museum of Childhood


Paper Toys, Paper Cut-Outs.

Pollock’s Toy Museum, U.K.
A toy theatre and toy theatre webpages.


Rail modelling, toy trains. Wikipedia entry.


Science fiction toys *

Star Wars Collectors Archive

Star Wars news and reference site.

Sci-Fi Station
Selling toy robots, space toys from Japan, DVDs, CDs, books, audiotapes, video tapes, science fiction and animation collectibles.

Sci-Fi UK
Merchandise and memorabilia from films and television shows.

Ships: model ships.
Wikipedia entry.

Soldiers *

Toy soldiers.
Wikipedia entry.

Spirograph *

Weisstein, Eric W.


Spirograph, Wikipedia entry.


Stansted Toy Museum, U.K.

Stuffed animals,
Wikipedia entry.


Teddy bears *

Specialising in antique teddy bears and vintage bears., an international resource for teddy bear collectors and lovers.

Old Bears Network
Vintage and antique teddy bears to buy, sell and part-exchange.

Teddy Bears, a gallery of antique Teddy Bears at Pinterest.

Teddy Bear, Wikipedia entry.

Collectors site for antique and vintage Teddy Bears

Steiff is the original manufacturer of the Teddy Bear.

Sue Pearson Teddy Bears
Antique Teddy Bears. Vintage bears, including Farnell, Chiltern, Chad Valley and Merrythought.

Tinplate Toys for Collectors

Toy Town Museum, USA.


Wikipedia entry on toys. 

Wooden toys (commercial sites) *

Chinese wooden toy manufacturers.

Heirloom Wooden Toys

Old Fashioned Blocks

A collection of wooden toys from around the world.