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Bauhaus school; Bauhaus artists, architects and designers; a list of websites

Bauhaus Archive Museum, Berlin

Bauhaus-archiv Museum of Design

100 years of Bauhaus

Bauhaus Dessau

Tate art glossary definition for Bauhaus

Foundation Bauhaus Dessau

Manifesto of the Staatliches Bauhaus by Walter Gropius

Bauhaus Museum Weimar

Wikipedia entry on Bauhaus.

Wikimedia Commons Bauhaus image Gallery.

Artists, architects and designers *

Albers, Josef. Josef Albers, Wikipedia entry.

Josef and Anni Albers Foundation

Breuer, Marcel. Buildings by Marcel Breuer, from Wikimedia Commons.

Kandinsky, Wassily. Wassily Kandinsky, Wikipedia entry.

Klee, Paul. The Paul Klee Museum in Bern

Gropius, Walter. Walter Gropius, Wikipedia entry.

Hotel Brandenburger Hof Berlin with Bauhaus design furniture.

Wildenhain, Marguerite. Marguerite Wildenhain and the Bauhaus

László Moholy-Nagy, Wikipedia entry.

Moholy-Nagy: Future Present. The Guggenheim

Moholy-Nagy Foundation

The Moholy-Nagy Foundation

Stolsi, Gunta. Gunta Stolzi
Bauhaus textile designs by Gunta Stolzi, the only female member of the Bauhaus group.

Gunta Stolzi fabric designs.

van der Rohe, Mies. Mies van der Rohe, Wikipedia entry.

Mies van der Rohe Society

Mies van der Rohe Foundation

Josef Albers, Homage to the Square, 1965

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