Fluxus art

Fluxus art and artists, a guide to websites

Fluxus artists. 
A list from The-Artists.org.

Fluxus Portal for the Internet. Fluxus resources. 
Joseph Beuys, John Cage, Allan Koprow,Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, Al Hensen, Geoffrey Hendricks, Larry Miller, Ven Vautier. A Fluxus Reader

Fluxus background information, from ArtLex.com

Cophenhagen Fluxus Archive
The archive has been established by Knud Pedersen. He has collected archive material which has been sent to him or given to him by FLUXUS-artists. Knud Pedersen came into contact with many of the Fluxus artists as early as the late 1950’s, and therefore the archive contains material from 1959 until the present day.

Fluxus audio samples, from Ubuweb.

The Fluxus Internet Portal

Fluxus internet links.

Fluxus Wikipedia entry.

MOMA collection of Fluxus art.

The Fluxus Museum, Potsdam
An extensive collection of artworks, correspondence, objects, relics and films connected with this art movement. This collection is supplemented by an extensive display of artworks by Wolf Vostell, who was also a member of the Fluxus movement.

The Fluxus manifesto, magazines; an article by Clive Philpott.

The Fluxus manifesto on Tumblr.

The Fluxus Manifesto, an article by Fred camper in The Chicago Reader.