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Artlex entry on installation art.

Installation artists. Worldwide Arts Resources
Installation artists listed under categories ‘Environment and ‘Outdoor.’

Artcyclopedia directory of installation artists with works of art in art museums.

Materia Prima, U.K

PAM. The Perpetual Art Machine
Perpetual Art Machine is a community for video artists, curators, writers, theorist, educators, collectors, and enthusiasts. Perpetual Art Machine is also an on line gallery and database of video art.

PAM Video Art YouTube channel.

Venice Biennale website.

Video installation artists.
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Wikipedia entries on installation artists.

Installation Artists

Abramovic, Marina

Abramovic, Marina. Marina Abramović
Marina Abramović
Sean Kelly Gallery
Marina Abramović
Marina Abramovic Online
Marina Abramovic
Marina Abraomovic
New York Times

Acconci, Vito

Acconci. Vito. Vito Acconci’s website.
Acconci video art.
The 0 TO 9 archive.
Vito Acconci.

Beuys, Joseph

Beuys, Joseph. Joseph Beuys

Chicago, Judy

Chicago, Judy. Judy Chicago
Judy Chicago homepage, Through the Flower.

Cragg, Tony

Cragg, Tony. Tony Cragg
Artcylcopedia web directory of art museums displaying work by Tony Cragg.
Tony Cragg
The Tate Gallery, London
Tony Cragg
The Royal Academy
Tony Cragg
British Council Art Collection
Tony Cragg. The White Cube video (YouTube)

Ermin, Tracey

Emin, Tracey. Tracey Emin. Guardian profile, web links.
Tracey Emin
Interview in the Observer.
My Toilet
Image with commentary by Tracey Emin.
Some Things about Art and Cities
An article with some images and links.
Tracey Emin 
Official faculty page and archive, includes biography, books and links to web resources.
Tracey Emin
White Cube Gallery

Fischer, Urs

Fischer, Urs. The Urs Fischer website.
Urs Fischer. The New Yorker, an article by Calvin Tompkins.
Urs Fischer. Palazzxo Grassi, Venice. Artinfo

Gallacco, Anya

Gallacco, Anya. Anya Gallaccio.

Gonzalez-Torres, Felix

Gonzalez-Torres, Felix. Feliz Gonzalez-Torres
Artcyclopedia directory of art museums displaying work by Felix Gonzales-Torres.

Hirst, Damien

Hirst, Damien. Damien Hirst
Artcyclopedia web directory of works by Damien Hirst in art museums.
Damien Hirst, Wikipedia entry.
Official Damien Hirst Website
OtherCriteria – Damien Hirst’s publishing company.
Damien Hirst at White Cube Gallery.
Damien Hirst at Gagosian Gallery

Holzer, Jenny

Holzer, Jenny. Jenny Holzer. Adaweb

Horn, Rebecca

Horn, Rebecca. Rebecca Horn Homepage
Rebecca Horn. Two Rebecca Horn works at the Guggenheim Museum.
Biography of Rebecca Horn at Tate Modern.

Irwin, Robert

Irwin, Robert. Robert Irwin

Julien, Isaac

Julien, Isaac. Isacc Julien, British film and installation artist.

Kruger, Barbara

Kruger, Barbara. Barbara Kruger. Biography, interviews, essays, artworks.
Barbara Kruger, a website.
Barbara Kruger
Broad Art Foundation
A Barbara Kruger criticism page.

Laib, Wolfgang

Laib, Wolfgang. Wolfgang Laib
47th International Art Exhibition, Venice 1997

Lee, Goghwen

Lee, Goghwen. Goghwen Lee
Korean installation and performance artist.

Leonelli, Dante

Leonelli, Dante. Dante Leonelli
Documents the work of artist from the 60s to the present.

Marcogliese, Catherine

Marcogliese, Catherine
A Canadian installation artist in France. These installations combine photography with organic objects and deal with the subject of nature.

McMillian, Murray and Megan

McMillan, Murray and Megan
Performance installations artist.

Nicholls, Graham

Nicholls, Graham. Graham Nicholls
Installation art and video by London based artist and film maker. Narrative works by artist who believes all art is a kind of visual autobiography. Flash, videos and still images.

Messager, Annette

Messager, Annette. Annette Messager Online
Annette Messager. Interview
Annette Messager. ArtFacts
Annette Messager. MOMA
Annette Messager Tate Gallery

Mori, Hiroharu

Mori, Hiroharu. Hiroharu Mori.
Hiroharu Mori, a dedicated website.

Nauman, Bruce

Nauman, Bruce. Bruce Nauman
Art museums displaying works by Bruce Nauman.
Biography, interviews, essays, artwork images and video clips
2004 interview from Frieze.
Bruce Nauman. Artfacts
Bruce Nauman
Video Data Bank

Oursler, Tony

Oursler, Tony. Tony Oursler, official website.
Tony Oursler. Lehmann Maupin Gallery
Tony Oursler. Metro Pictures
Tony Oursler. Lisson Gallery

Pinsky, Michael

Pinsky, Michael. Michael Pinsky

Sierra, Santiago

Sierra, Santiago. Santiago Sierra
Santiago Sierra Venice Biennale

Turrell, James

Turrell, James. James Turrell
Artcyclopedia list of art museums.
James Turrell
The Guggenheim Museum, New York.
Turrel, Roden Crater, an envionmental piece.

Tyson, Keith

Tyson, Keith. Keith Tyson. BBC profile.

Viola, Bill

Viola, Bill. Bill Viola website.

Walker, Kara

Walker, Kara. Kara Walker
Silhouettes and cuts outs by Kara Walker. Artcyclopedia.
Kara Walker. Guggenheim Berlin

Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei. Wikipedia
Ai Weiwei’s website.
Ai Weiwei. News from The Guardian

Weiner, Lawrence

Weiner, Lawrence. Lawrence Weiner
Lawrence Weiner
Directory of art museums holding works by Lawrence Weiner. Artcyclopedia.

Whiteread, Rachel

Whiteread, Rachel. Rachel Whiteread
Works by Rachel Whiteread on the internet.
Rachel Whiteread. Zing Magazine

Fifteen Pairs of Hands, 1996
Fifteen Pairs of Hands, 1996
Bruce Nauman