Fresco painting

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Contemporary Fresco Painting Resource Center

Fresco examples from Italy.

Mariani Affreschi. Italian workshop realizing authentic frescos.

The Art and Nature of Fresco, by Lucia Wiley.

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Museum of Ancient Inventions: Roman-Style Fresco, Italy, 50 AD

The Art of Fresco Recaptured, by Steve Bogdanoff.

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Italian frescos

Roman frescoes. Frescoes from Campania.

Sigiriya Frescoes, The Mary B. Wheeler Collection, University of Pennsylvania Library

The Sistine Chapel frescoes by Michelangelo. Web Gallery of Art image gallery. 

Visoki Decani Monastery Frescoes, Serbia.

Wikipedia entry on Fresco painting.

Luigi Martinengo
Luigi Martinengo is a freelancer who manufactures, among other things, trompe l’oeil even in large dimensions and, if required, with the true fresco technique.

Nativity, 1470-75
Nativity, 1470-75
Piero della Francesa