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Christie’s Auctions
Portrait Miniatures

Indian Miniature Paintings. Central India

Metropolitan Museum of Art collection of painting miniatures.

The Minassian Collection of Persian, Mughal, and Indian Miniature Painting

Miniatures. Artists and Ancestors.
An internet art exhibition for both art lovers and genealogy researchers. In a user friendly format, this exhibition catalogue documents a private collection of 800 miniature portraits, painted by a range of artists, research notes about sitters and relevant Internet links. The main focus is American portraits, but there are also European and British items.

The Origin of the Portrait Miniature
Artists, techniques, images. Victoria and Albert Museum

Persian miniatures,
Wikipedia entry.

Portrait Miniatures
Specialist antique dealers, London.

Portrait miniatures, 
Wikipedia entry.

Turkish Miniature Painting
Museums and libraries in Istanbul housing raremanuscripts containing outstanding examples of Turkish miniature painting.