Caribbean art and culture

The art, artists and culture of The Caribbean
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Artists *

Caribbean Graphic Artists
Caribbean Graphic Artists. Find your inspiration. Job Opportunities

The Caribbean Artists Movement. Wikipedia

Bahamas *

Bethel Gallery
Artist featuring canvas paintings of local scenery.

National Art Gallery of the Bahamas

Barbados *

Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia

The Culture of Barbados

The National Cultural Foundation

Belize *


Bermuda * general information portal.

Bermuda National Gallery travel guide. 

Cuba *

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana

Arte de Cubanos
Biographies and photos of works of several modern artists.

Cuban Art News
Launched in 2010, Cuban Art News is a project of Fundacíon Cuba Avant-Garde, an independent private foundation dedicated to advocating, promoting, supporting, and fostering connoisseurship of contemporary Cuban art and culture. Their goal is to foster a broader understanding and awareness of Cuban art, music, architecture, dance, film, and literature.

Eiríz, Antonia
Figurative painter associated with Los Once.

Gonzalez, Diosmel
Diosmel Gonzalez is an artist whose work is influenced by multi-religious and tribal icons.

Art Museums in Cuba, The Cuba Museums Guide

Viredo is a Cuban-born member of “Grupo de Los Once” (The Group of Eleven)

Jamaica *

Jamaica Caribbean art prints.

Jamaica Cultural Development Commission

Haiti *

Puerto Rico *

Puerto Rico government information portal.

Saint Kitts *

Saint Kitts Music Festival

Saint Lucia *

Culture of Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia Folk Research Centre

Saint Lucia Carnival

Virgin Islands *

Culture of the Virgin Islands