Russian artists

Famous Russian artists, a list of websites


AES+F Collaborative *

AES+F Collaborative homepage, Moscow
The Last Riot video at YouTube.


Bakst, Leon *

Léon Bakst, Wikipedia entry.
Leon Bakst. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
Leon Bakst Online

Benois, Aleksandr *

Benois, Aleksandr. Aleksandr Benois Online
Alexandre Benois, Wikipedia entry.

Bulakov, Eric *

Erik Bulatov, Wikipedia entry.
Erik Bulatov. Artnet


Chagall, Marc *

Marc Chagall. Wikipedia

Chernysheva, Olga *

Olga Chernysheva’s website.

de Stael, Nicholas *

Nicholas de Stael


El Lissitsky *

El Lissitzky. Guggenheim Collection
El Lissitsky. Artchive Gallery
El Lissitzky Online

Goncharova, Natalia Sefgeevna *

Natalia Goncharova
Natalia Goncharova. Guggenheim Collection.
Natalia Gonsharova. State Russian Museum.


Jawlensky, Alexi *

Alexi Jawlensky. Works by Jawlensky in art museums and galleries.
Andrei Jawlensky image gallery. The Athenaeum
Andrei Jawlensky. MOMA

Kabakov, Ilya *

Ilya & Emilia Kabakov website.
Ilya Kabakov, Wikipedia entry.
Ilya Kabakov Online
Ilya Kabakov. Artnet
Ilya & Emilia Kabakov. ArtFacts. net
Ilya Kabakov. Kolodzei Collection

Kandinsky, Wassily *

Wassily Kandinsky. Guggenheim Museum. Biography and images.
Wassily Kandinsky. Guggenheim Museum
Wassily Kandinsky. Tate Gallery, London.
Wassily Kandinsky. Artworks on display in museums and galleries. Artcyclopedia.
The Wassily Kandinsky webpage.


Malevich, Kasimir *

Kasimir Malevich

Poliakoff, Alexander *

Serge Poliakoff Online
Serge Poliakoff. Wikipedia entry.

Rodchenko, Alexander *

Rodchenko, Alexander. Alexander Rodchenko. Artworks in museums.
Alexander Rodchenko. State Russian Museum.
Rodchenko photographs.
Alexandre Rodchenko. MOMA

Rublev, Andrei *

Andrei Rublev. Olga’s Gallery
Andrei Rublev. Wikipedia entry.
Rublev at the Russian Art Gallery
Selected works by Andrei Rublev: icons, frescoes and miniatures.
The Andrei Rublev Museum of Ancient Russian Art

Andrey Rublev, a dedicated website.

Servov, Valentin *

Serov, Valentin. Valentin Serov. Olga’s Gallery


Tatlin, Vladimir *

Tatlin, Vladimir. Vladimir Tatlin
Vladimir Tatlin, Wikipedia entry.
Vladimir Tatlin, a painting gallery.

Tchelitchew, Pavel *

Tchelitchew, Pavel. Pavel Tchelitchew.

Tretykov, Sergei *

Tretykov, Sergei. Sergei Tretkykov