Famous classical violinists

Famous classical violinists of the past and present, a list of websites
Violinisti  Violonistes

Wikipedia entries on classical violinists, by nationality.

Legendary Violinists

Violin competitions around the world, a guide.

Famous violinists

Accardo, Salvatore

Accardo, Salvatore. Salvatore Accardo. Wikipedia entry.

Amoyal, Pierre

Amoyal, Pierre. Pierre Amoyal

Barton, Rachel

Barton, Rachel. Rachel Barton

Bell, Joshua

Bell, Joshua. Joshua Bell’s official site.

Benedetti, Nicola

Benedetti, Nicola. Nicola Benedetti

Biber, Heinrich

Biber, Heinrich. Heinrich Biber

Blacher, Kolja

Blacher, Kolja. Kolja Blacher’s homepage.

Busch, Adolf

Busch, Adolf. Adolf Busch

Carmignola, Giuliano

Carmignola, Giuliano. Giulino Carmignola

Chang, Sarah

Chang, Sarah. Sarah Chang

Enesco, Georges

Enesco, Georges. Georges Enesco

Georges Enescu. À la découverte de George Enescu

Ferras, Christian

Ferras, Christian. Christian Ferras. Wikipedia entry.

Christian Ferras. Legendary Violinists

Fischer, Julia

Fischer, Julia. Julia Fischer homepage.

Julia Fischer. Wikipedia entry.

Garret, David

Garret, David. David Garrett

Goebel, Reinhard

Goebel, Reinhard. Goebel Reinhard

Gringolts, Ilya

Gringolts, Ilya. Ilya Gringolts website.

Ilya Gringolts. Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft

Ilya Gringolts Facebook page.

Grumiaux, Arthur

Grumiaux, Arthur. Arthur Grumiaux

Hahn, Hilary

Hahn, Hilary. Hilary Hahn website.

Hilary Hahn. Sony Classical

Hilary Hahn on Youtube (video updates)

Heifetz, Jascha

Heifetz, Jascha. Jascha Heifetz

Jascha Heifetz Society

Jascha Heifetz. Official Web Site

Jascha Heifetz, Wikipedia entry.

Jansen, Janine

Jansen, Janine. Janine Jansen

Joachim, Joseph. Joseph Joachim 

Josefowicz, Leila. Leila Josefowicz website.

Kashimoto, Daishin

Kashimoto, Daishin. Dashin Kashimoto 

Kennedy, Nigel

Kennedy, Nigel. Nigel Kennedy. A German site.

Nigel Kennedy on Jimi Hendrix

Kremer, Leonid

Kogan. Leonid. Leonid Kogan. Wikipedia

Kremer, Gidon. Gidon Kremer.Wikipedia.

Kremerata Baltica

Kreisler, Fritz

Kreisler, Fritz. Fritz Kreisler Wettbewerb


Little, Tasmin

Little, Tasmin. Tasmin Little homepage.

Madoyan, Nikolai

Madoyan, Nikolai.  Nikollai Madoyan

Menuhin, Nikolai

Menuhin, Yehudi. The Yehudi Menuhin Foundation.

Yehudi Menuhin. Wikipedia

Yehudi Menuhin official website.

Yehudi Menuhin International Competition for Young Violinists

Yehudi Menuhin Center Saanen/Gstaad Schweiz



Milstein, Nathan

Milstein, Nathan. Nathan Milstein. Wikipedia

Nathan Milsltein, a website list.

Mintz, Shlomo

Mintz, Shlomo. Shlomo Mintz. Wikipedia

Shlomo Mintz. YouTube

Mullova, Viktoria

Mullova, Viktoria. Viktoria Mullova

Mutter, Anne-Sophie

Mutter, Anne-Sophie. Anne-Sophie Mutter. Official Webpage

Anne-Sophie Mutter. YouTube videos

Oistrakh, David

Oistrakh, David. David Oistrakh mailing list.

David Oistrakh. Homepage

Patchinskaja, Patricia

Patchinskaja, Patricia. Patricia Patchinskaja

Paganini, Niccolò

Paganini, Niccolò. Niccolo Paganini, a web page.

Niccolo Paganini, Wikipdia entry.

Images of Paganini. The Royal Academy of Music

Perlman, Itzhak

Perlman, Itzhak. Itzhak Perlman

Itzhak Perlman. Essays and pictures.

Repin, Vadim

Repin. Vadim. Vadim Repin

Shaham, Gil

Shaham, Gil. Gil Shaham

Spivakov, Vladimir

Spivakov, Vladimir. Vladimir Spivakov

Vengerov, Maxim

Vengerov, Maxim. Maxim Vengerov

Maxim Vengerov homepage.

Zuckerman, Pinchas

Zuckerman, Pinchas. Pinchas Zuckerman. DMOZ