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British Theatre Guide
British Theatre Guide, a site for theater news, latest performance and new plays.

Classical playwrights, plays; a guide to websites.

A free online guide to modern playwrights and theatre plays which have been written in or translated into English since the production of Look Back in Anger in 1956.

Elizabethan plays and playwrights.
A site dedicated to providing information about Elizabethan plays and playwrights.

National Theatre, U.K.

The Playwrights Center (US)
For writers seeking artistic and professional support.

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American playwrights and plays.
Theatre History

British playwrights and plays. 
Theatre History

French playwrights web index.

Wikipedia entries on playwrights.

The Playwrights’ Center
The Playwrights’ Center is America’s premier incubator of new work for the stage, and the nation’s most powerful resource for playwrights.

The Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco

The Playwrights Foundation of America

Young Playwrights Org
For those 18 years old or younger interested in playwriting.

Famous playwrights *


Ayckbourn, Allan

Alan Ayckbourn. Wikipedia entry.

Artaud, Antonin

Antonin Artaud Wikipedia entry.
Antonin Artaud. The Poetry Foundation

Beckett, Samuel

Samuel Beckett Endpage.
A Samuel Beckett website. The Samuel Beckett Society
The Beckett International Foundation
Samuel Beckett, Wikipedia entry.
Waiting for Godot
Rough for Radio I (Audio)
Rough for Radio II (Audio)

Cascando (Audio)
Embers (Audio)

Act Without Words I

Bennett, Alan

Alan Bennett. Wikipedia entry.
Alan Bennett. BFI Screenonline
Alan Bennett. The Guardian, news and comment.
Alan Bennett. British Council Literature
The truth behind the History Boys. The Telegraph

Berkoff, Steven

Stephen Berkoff short biography.

Brecht, Bertold

Bertolt Brecht
The International Bertolt Brecht Society Homepage
Bertolt Brecht. Wikipedia entry.
Brecht’s works in English: A bibliography.
The Brecht Yearbook


Chekov, Anton P

Anton Chekov web sites. Theatre Database
Chekov biography. Theatre History
Chekhov plays online. Ebooks
The Cherry Orchard (in the original Russian)
Project Gutenberg eTexts, English translations of several Chekov plays.
Anton Chekhov, Wikipedia entry.

Churchill, Caryl

Caryl Churchill. Wikipedia entry.

Cocteau, Jean

Jean Cocteau biography, bibliography, a filmography, movie stills and selected quotations. 
Jean Cocteau.
A look at Orphic Trilogy and a brief profile.
Jean Cocteau, Wikipedia entry.

Coward, Sir Noel

A Noel Coward Tribute Page. Noel Coward biography, Noel Coward quotes, performances, bibliography, photos.


Dürrenmatt, Friedrich

Friedrich Dürrenmatt, an introduction and bibliography.
Friedrich Dürrenmatt. Wikipedia
Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel
A Durrenmatt home page from The University of Chicago Press.


Ford, John

John Ford. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
John Ford. Oxford Reference
The Works of John Ford

Frayn, Michael

Heisenberg and the Uncertainty Principle
Michael Frayn. The British Council website.
Michael Frayn. Wikipedia entry.
Michael Frayn. The Guardian, articles and essays.


Genet, Jean

Jean Genet Wikipedia entry.
Jean Genet. Patrice Bougon:
academic research, symposium on Jean Genet. Société des Amis et Lecteurs de Genet

Hare, David

David Hare, a biography.
David Hare, Wikipedia entry.

Ibsen, Henrik

Henrik Ibsen web page. Ibsen plays, links, stage history.
The Ibsen Society of America Official Website
Ibsen Studies, an international academic journal devoted to Ibsen.
Online course by Ibsen scholar Brian Johnston author of The Ibsen Cycle and To the Third Empire: Ibsen’s Early Drama
An extensive resource on Henrik Ibsen, from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Ibsen. Works by or about Henrik Ibsen at Internet Archive. 
Henrik Ibsen. Online works at at Project Gutenberg.
When We Dead Awaken
A Doll’s House
Hedda Garbler
The Master Builder

Ionesco, Eugene

Eugene Ionesco. Biography plus links to all of his works currently in print. 
Eugène Ionesco. Wikipedia
Eugene Ionesco. TheatreHistory.com
Eugene Ionesco. The New Yorker
A Conversation With Eugene Ionesco. HuffPost

Middleton, Thomas

Thomas Middleton. Works, life, essays, books.
Thomas Middleton. The plays of Thomas Middleton.
Thomas Middleton. Wikipedia entry.

Moliere, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin

Molière. Works by Moliere at Project Gutenberg
Molière’s works online. Tout Moliere.net
Molière. Site Moliere
Moliere’s Verses Plays


O’Neill, Eugene Gladstone

Eugene O’Neill. Wikipedia entry.
Eugene O’Neill
Eugene O’Neill. Nobel Prize Archive
About Eugene O’Neill. PBS
Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site
Eugene O’Neill. IMDb
Eugene O’Neill. An introduction
Eugene O’Neill News. The New York Times

Osborne, John

John Osborne. Wikipedia, entry.


Pinter, Harold

The Harold Pinter Webpage
Harold Pinter.
Wikipedia entry on Harold Pinter.
Harold Pinter Nobel Prize Lecture

Pirandello, Luigi

Luigi Pirandello. Biography by the Nobel Foundation. 
Pirandello. ClassicNotes: Henry IV 
Pirandello. ClassicNotes: Six Characters in Search of an Author

Priestley, J. B.

J B Priestley. A complete guide to the playwright. Plays, theatres, agent
J.B. Priestley Archive, Library, University of Bradford
JB Priestley. The Guardian
An Inspector Calls


Rattigan, Terence

Terence Rattigan. Wikipedia entry.
Terence Rattigan, a dedicated website.
Terence Rattigan. IMDb
The fall and rise of Terence Rattigan. The Telegraph
Terence Rattigan. The Guardian

Sartre, Jean-Paul

No Exit, text in English.

Shaffer, Peter

Peter Shaffer, Wikipedia entry.

Shakespeare, William

See also: Shakespeare
William Shakespeare Oxford Society homepage. Information, life, resources, articles.

Shepherd, Sam

Sam Shepherd, Wikipedia entry.
Sam Shepherd Web Site

Stoppard, (Sir) Tom

Tom Stoppard, biography and background.
Tom Stoppard, Wikipedia entry.
Tom Stoppard. Guardian interview.
Tom Stoppard
Tom Stoppard: an information page from British Council Literature.
Tom Stoppard. Wikipedia
Tom Stoppard interview. The Telegraph
Tom Stoppard. The Guardian interview.


Webster, John

John Webster. Wikipedia entry.
The Duchess of Malfi
The White Devil
The Age of Shakespeare, by Algernon Swinburne.

Wesker, Sir Arnold

Sir Arnold Wesker

Williams, Tennesse

Tennessee Williams, Wikipedia entry.
Tennessee Williams at the Internet Broadway Database
Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
A Streetcar Named Desire: Study Guide
Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival
Tennessee Williams: An Inventory of His Collection at the Harry Ransom Center
Tennessee Williams Collection. University of Mississippi