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A comprehensive guide to dance websites from around the world
Dance by country; danse; danza

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The Aesthetics of Dance
Three essays by David Best (available only from participating libraries and institutions).

American dance *

American Ballet Theatre
Archives, dancer biographies, photographs, ballet dictionary.

American Dance Guild
A non-profit  membership organization concerned with promoting the art of dance.

American Dance Legacy Institute

Learn to Dance with Forrest Vance. Ballroom Dance instructional videos and dance lessons on the internet. Learn ballroom dances like Cha-Cha, Salsa / Mambo, Rumba, Foxtrot, Waltz and Tango at home and at your own pace.

Starquest Dance
Dance competitions, with computerized scoring and state of the art additional cash prizes, a paperless computer scoring system, all judges’ critiques digitally produced on one CD.

Articles and forums

Ballet Dance.
A compilation of dance articles, dance tips, news, forums, dance listings, and educational information for the aspiring and professional dancer.

Australian dance

Dance artists in Australia. Australian Dance Council.

Austrian dance

Austrian folk dance, Wikipedia entry. dance portal.

The Vienna International Dance Festival


Balinese and Javanese dance *

Balinese and Javanese Dance.
Dance, Music, and Theaters of Bali.

Balinese Dance Maestros

Ballet *

Ballet websites, a comprehensive index.

Ballroom dancing *

Ballroom dance resource page.

Ballroom dance. Wikipedia entry.

Learn to Dance with Forrest Vance. Ballroom Dance instructional videos and dance lessons on the internet. Learn ballroom dances like Cha-Cha, Salsa / Mambo, Rumba, Foxtrot, Waltz and Tango at home and at your own pace. 

Blogs *

The Ballet Blog
capsules biographies, ballet fact cards, review roundups and commentary on social media. they also cross it over with other art forms and cultural references (pop culture, cinema and rock music.

The Royal Ballet
Classical ballet companies in the UK, and also covers vocational schools and companies visiting from overseas.

Brazilian dance *

Grupo Corpo
Grupo Corpo are a Brazilian dance theatre company founded in 1975. The group performs internationally and has been acclaimed by critics.

Grupo Corpo. Wikipedia entry.

British dance *

British Council dance section.

Dance East. National Dance Agency for the East of England

Dance Festival London/Dance Umbrella

English folk dance. Wikipedia

London dance events and companies.
London Dance

Morris dance. Wikipedia

The Morris Ring website.

Phoenix Dance Theatre

The Place Centre for Contemporary Dance

Rambert Dance Company
The oldest dance company in Britain and Britain’s major contemporary dance company..

Random Dance Company

Sadlers Wells Dance Company

Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company

U.K dance companies, an index.


Canadian dance

Dance Canada Online

Childs, Lucinda. Lucinda Childs, choreographer.

Chinese dance *

Dance in China. Wikipedia

Dragon dance, Wikipedia entry.

Chinese Ethnic and Folk Dance. Shen Yun Performing Arts

Choreography *

The International Choreographers Showcase
Providing emerging and distinguished choreographers opportunities to present their work at dance events worldwide.

Notation, dance notation, Wikipedia entries.

Frederick Ashton, Wikipedia entry.

Sasha Waltz and Guests

Michel Fokine

Hofesh Shechter

George Balanchine Foundation

Official website

George Balanchine Trust

Mikhail Baryshnikov Dance Foundation

Vaslav Nijinsky

Paul Taylor

Wikipedia list of choreographers.


Competitive dance *

Competitive dance, Wikipedia entry.

Federation of Dance Competitions (US)
The Federation of Dance Competitions is a non profit 501c6 organization comprised of 13 competitions with a singular mission to recognize dance excellence.

Contemporary dance *

All That’s Dance.
A modern dance links index.

Contemporary dance, Wikipedia entry.

Merce Cunningham, Wikipedia entry.

Martha Graham, Wikipedia entry.

Contemporary dance in the UK.
The Place, The Richard Alston Dance Company.

Modern dance, Wikipedia entry.

Contests *

Sadlers Wells Global Dance Contest

A Dance Magazine. Dance news, letters, schools, dictionary of dance terms, dance chat.

Dance magazines *

Dance Europe Magazine

The Dance Insider magazine.

Dance Magazine
Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Tap, Irish, Disco…

Dance movies

Dance Movies at the Box Office. Top Grossing Dance Movies

Dance Movies
A compilation of movies that feature dance.

Dancers *

Famous dancers and choreographers, Wikipedia entry.


Del’s Dance Book
A how-to guide for a typical SCA dance class, or other Renaissance dance classes interested in learning the basic repertoire of the period. 

Directories *

DanceWeb Contemporary Dance Directory

Dance Directory, U.K.


Festivals *

Dance festivals around the world, a guide.


Filmed dance. IMZ. The International Music Centre. Dance Screen

Forsythe, William

The William Forsythe Archive

William Forsythe. Article.

French dance *

Festival Automne, Paris
A festival of dance and music.

France and Burgundy
Dance steps. The Gavotte and others.

Can-Can, Wikipedia entry.


German dance *

Georg-Friedrich Kühn Tanztheater

Waltz, Wikipedia entry.

Tanztheater Wuppertal

Pina Bausch
Pina Bausch was a German performer of modern dance, choreographer, dance teacher and ballet director.She became a leading influence in the field of modern dance from the 1970s on.[

The Pina Bausc Foundation

Waltz, Sasha. Sasha Waltz and Guests.

Sasha Waltz

Greek dance *

Greek Dances
An entry from Wikipedia.

Greek National Dance Centre

Greek Dance Archives

Greek Dances by Region


Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London

Hip-Hop *

History of hip-hop dance. Wikipedia

Hip-hop dance. Wikipedia

Hip Hop International

Breakdancing, Present at the Creation

History of dance *

Congress on Research in Dance,
an organization encouraging research in all aspects of dance, including related fields.

France and Burgundy. Dance steps. The Gavotte and others.

History of Dance
Web Resources from Delbert von Straßburg, an SCA persona currently residing in the Barony of Southron Gaard (Christchurch, New Zealand).

Historic Illustrations of Dancing from 3300 B.C. to 1911 A.D.
from Project Gutenberg

Del’s Dance Book
A how-to guide for a typical SCA dance class, or other Renaissance dance class interested in learning the basic repertoire of the period.

United States National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame

Wikipedia entry on dance.