Theatre, drama, a guide to websites

Theatre, drama by country, the history of theatre; companies, genres; a guide to websites


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Abbey Theatre, Ireland

Absurdist theatre *

The Theatre of the Absurd

Theatre of the Absurd

‘Absurdist’ playwrights

Alfred Jarry

Alfred Jarry

Alred Jarry. Liste des oeuvres.

Eugène Ionesco

Harold Pinter official site.

Samuel Beckett, an archive.

Samuel Beckett, Wikipedia entry.

Actor and actress directories, casting agents, auditions……

The Actor Site
Actor’s Index
For actors (18 and over) who work the LA Market.
For parents of young actors who work the LA Market.

American Actors’ Equity

American stage actors; entries in Wikipedia.

British Actors’ Equity

British stage actors; entries in Wikimedia.

Royal National Theatre Company members.

Stage actors; entries from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia entries on actors and acting.

American theatre

See: US Theater, New York Theater

Ancient theatre

See also: Ancient Greek and Roman theatre, drama, playwrights; a guide to websites.

Wikipedia entry on ancient Greek theatre.

Auditions *

Auditions Free
Daily updated list of casting calls and auditions for various projects such as films, student films, theater and plays.

The Stage: Jobs/Auditions (U.K.)

Backstage: Auditions & Casting Calls, Talent Seeking, Advice (U.S.)

Australian theatre *

Australian Theatre
The history of Australian theatre online. Articles and an historical database of Australian names associated with the theatre in Australia.

Australian Stage Online
Theatre news, reviews, interviews and what’s on around Australia.

HAT- the History of Australian Theatre on line
Contains articles on Australian theatre history and a 3000 entry historical database of people associated with it.
News, discussion, reviews and more.

Theatre companies in Australia, a list from Wikipedia.

Her Majesty’s Theatre, Melbourne

Melbourne Theatre Company

Sydney Theatre Company

Live Theatre in Melbourne
A gateway to live theatre performances in Melbourne, provided by Arts Victoria.

Awards *

Tony Awards


BBC Radio Drama and Comedy

An Institute of unique vision, a national centre of excellence to preserve, promote and propagate the cultural heritage of Kerala. Bhasabharathi is an Institute organized and undertaken by a group of researchers in the field of theatre and allied performing arts.

Belarus theatre *

A Guide to theatre in Belarus.

Belarus Free Theatre webpage.

Belarus Free Theatre, Wikipedia entry.

Berkoff, Stephen. Stephen Berkoff short biography.

British Theatre


See also: Musicals

Talkin’ Broadway
On Broadway/off Broadway discussion, history, shows.

Theater Mania
Broadway tickets and discount tickets for Broadway shows. YouTube Channel

Banraku *

Bunraku, Wikipedia entry.

Burlesque *

Burlesque As It Was

Burlesque, Wikipedia entry.

Glitzkrieg Burlesque Bombshells

History of Burlesque

British theatre, a guide to websites.


Cabaret *

Cabaret. CabaretWeb
National Cabaret Archive, Netherlands

Weimar culture. Wikipedia

Wikipedia entry on cabaret theatre.

Canadian theatre *

Ex Machina – Robert Lepage
Versatile in every form of theatre craft, Robert Lepage is equally talented as a director, scenic artist, playwright, actor and film director. Contemporary history is his source of inspiration, and his modern and unusual work transcends all boundaries.

The Stratford Festival of Canada

Theatre Museum Canada
Welcome to Theatre Museum Canada, the only museum devoted to celebrating the performing arts heritage of Canada.

Theatre Museum Canada YouTube channel.
Interviews with actors and directors.

Canadian Stage Company

ArtsAlive.c.a. Théâtre Français

Canadian Theatre Review

National Theatre School of Canada

Playwrights Canada Press

Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia

Wikipedia entry on Canadian theatre.

Carnival, carnivals *

Carnivals. Rio de Janiero, Trinidad, London, San Francisco, New Orleans, etc.

La Commedia dell’Arte, Panatone, Harlequin, Pucinella, I Dottori.

Carnival of Venice

Chinese theatre *

Chinese theatre, Wikipedia entry.

A list of theatres in China, from Wikipedia.

Chinese Theatre Index
Decoration, costume and symbolic design in Chinese theatre.

Chinese Theatre Circle
Preserving and promoting Chinese Opera, drama, dance, and music.

Chinese Theatre Works
Chinese Theatre Works is a non-profit theatre company whose mission is to preserve and promote the traditional Chinese performing arts.

Beijing People’s Art Theatre

National Centre for the Performing Arts

Shanghai Grand Theatre

Children’s theatre *

Birmingham Children’s Theatre, US.

Polka Children’s Theatre, Wimbleton, London

Children’s Theatre, Cincinatti.

Children’s Theater Company, Minneapolis

Children’s Theatre Reviews

Howick Children’s & Youth Theatre, NZ

Theatre for Kids in Auckland at The PumpHouse Theatre, Takapuna, NZ

AITA/IATA World Festival of Children’s Theatre

Children’s theatre. Wikipedia

Why children’s theatre matters. The Guardian

Children’s Theatre Plays
Stageplays for children, young audiences, schools and families.

Polka Children’s Theatre, Britain

Seattle Children’s Theatre

Circuses *

Circus acts / circus performance webring. A family site.

Cirque du Soleil

Circus World Museum. State Historical Society of Wisconsin

Les Arts-Sauts

Cirque Plume

Compagnie des Arts-Sauts

Théâtres Online: Cirque.

International Circus Festival of Budapest

Moscow Circus (Bolshoi Circus)

Ringling Brothers Circus

Russian Art Circus. Nikolaev’s circus family. Cirque du Soleil

Classical Greek and Roman

See also: Classical Greek and Roman drama, playwrights, a guide to websites.

Classical Ancient/Greek theatre/Hellenic theatre
The Perseus Project

Clowns, jesters, fools

The history of the jester; Wikipedia entry.

World Clown Association
The World Clown Association exists to serve the needs of the members of the Association, to serve the needs of local affiliate clown alleys, and to promote the art.

The History and Psychology of Clowns Being Scary

Commedia dell’Arte *

Commedia dell’Arte (Arlechino, Arlequinno, Columbine)
Websites and information page, with discussion.

Wikipedia entry on Commedia dell’Arte



Comedy *

Comedy, Wikipedia entry.

Comedy of manners, Wikipedia entry.

Daily Comedy
A social network for comedians and aspiring comedians.

Romantic comedy, Wikipedia entry.

Companies *

Theatre companies in the United States. Wikipedia

Theatres in the U.K.

Covent Garden Theatre Museum, V&A theatre collection,London.


Demain le Printemps. Association Tomorrow Spring, 
a French-Belarus theatre company, as well as an information, artistic and cultural events centre. Tomorrow Spring was created by actors and directors, French and Belarus, in the Academy of Arts at Minsk.

Directors *

Stage directors. 
Wikipedia theatre director name entries.


Donmar Warehouse, London
Started under the artistic direction of Sam Mendes in October 1992, the theatre has become a leader in London’s performing arts community.


English drama

English Renaissance theatre, Wikipedia entry.

Epic theatre *

The International Brecht Society

Brechts Werke, Bibliography

Bertolt Brecht, Wikipedia entry.

Epic Theatre

, Wikipedia entry.

Ex Machina – Robert Lepage
Versatile in every form of theatre craft, Robert Lepage is equally talented as a director, scenic artist, playwright, actor and film director. Contemporary history is his source of inspiration, and his modern and unusual work transcends all boundaries.

Experimental theatre *

Experimental Theater Wing
The Experimental Theatre Wing is dedicated to initiating students into the artistic process through the medium of theatre.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Stan, Antwerp, Belgium

An international theatre journal.


Farce, Wikipedia entry.


See: Arts Festivals

Frantic Assembly. London-based physical theatre.

French theatre

See: French theatre, a list of websites


See: German theatre, a list of websites

Globe Theatre
Shakespeare’s reconstructed Globe Theatre in London.

Greek theatre, ancient Greek theatre

See also: Classical literature, ancient Greek plays, playwrights.

Greek Theater
A site designed to provide a brief introduction to Ancient Greek Theater, and to provide tools for further research.

Greek and Roman Theatre. Perseus Project.

Greek Theatre Index
General Characteristics of the Attic Drama. An overview of ancient Greek theatre and analysis of its defining qualities.

Theatre of ancient Greece, Wikipedia entry.

Ellinto Theatre
Promoting Greek culture worldwide by expanding the temporal, spatial and social boundaries of Hellenic Theatre. The Ellinto Theatre was founded by actor, writer, producer Yannis Simonides and his colleagues in 1979, and ever since it has served Greek and English speaking audiences with acclaimed productions in the USA and internationally. The company has sought to approach the classical, medieval and contemporary Hellenic repertory with discipline, delight and occasional irreverence.


Grotowski, Jerzy. Jerzy Grotowski, Wikipedia entry.


The Royal Haymarket Theatre, London

History of the theatre


Image archives *

Images, historical theatre photograph and pictures archives, theatre design archives. Association of Performing Arts Archives, U.K.and Ireland

The American Theatre Archive Project

Indian theatre *

Clay Sanskrit Library.

Classical Indian literature, 
with a variety of classical Sanskrit plays.

Indian Theatre Web Index

Prithvi Theatre Festival

Wikipedia entry on theatre in India.

International theatre organizations, directories *

International Association of Libraries and Museums of the Performing Arts
Société Internationale des Bibliothèques et des Musées des Arts du Spectacle

ITI (International Theatre Institute)
ITI is an international non-governmental theatre organization, founded in Prague in 1948.

Israeli theatre *

Habima National Theatre

A leading Israel visual theater group.

The Cameri Theatre of Tel-Aviv

Israel Musicals. Musical Theatre in Israel

Haifa THeatre

Jerusalem Khan Theatre

Gesher Theater

Theatres in Israel by city, Wikipedia

Italian theatre

Italian theatre websites, a directory.


London theatre

Official London Theatre YouTube Channel

Japanese theatre *

Banraku, a history.

Banraku Kyokai Official Site

History of Japanese theatre – costumes, stage.

Official web site of Theatre company Ishinha, an Osaka based theatre company founded in 1970 under the direction of Yukichi Matsumoto.

Japanese Theatre Guide

Japanese Traditional Theatre
Noah, Kabuki, Bankru, Edo Period, etc. From Schauwakecker’s Guide to Japan.

Information and resources on the Kabuki form of traditional Japanese theatre, from FragranceX.

Kabuki 21
The art, the plays, the great stars of today, the legends of the past, the theaters, the history and traditions of Kabuki.

SPAC. Shizuoka Performing Arts Center


Kabuki. Japan Guide

Kabuki. Artelino article.

Kabuki 21
The art, the plays, the great stars of today, the legends of the past, the theaters, the history and traditions of Kabuki.

Kabuki, Wikipedia entry.

Information and resources on the Kabuki form of traditional Japanese theatre, from FragranceX.

Jewish theatre *

Jewish Theatre
A website promoting Jewish theatre and performing arts worldwide.

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts 

Journals *

Asian Theatre Journal

Backstage. Articles, casting notices.

Canadian Theatre Review

Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism

London Theatre Guide

JTD – Journal of Theatre and Drama, Haifa

New Theatre Quarterly

NYtheatre. New York theatre.

PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art


Shakespeare Quarterly

Show Business Weekly

Stage Directions

TDR (The Drama Review)

An international theatre journal.

Theatre Journal

Theater Pro


Lee Strasberg and The Theatre Group. Method acting.

The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute

London theatre, a guide.


The Magdalena Project
An international network of women in contemporary theatre. This web site provides a virtual meeting place for those involved and a source of information about current activities. With members in all continents, they organize festivals and workshop, provide networking and information sharing opportunities, and publish reports and newsletters. Photo gallery, archives, people.

Max Reinhardt Archives

Medieval theatre *

Medieval and Renaissance theatre. 

Medieval Theatre. Medieval Chronicles

Medieval theatre.

Medieval theatre, Wikipedia entry.

Mime *

Wikipedia entry on the mime artist.

Mime  theatre.

The World of Mime Theatre

Mime. Drama Online

American Mime

Marcel Marceau, Wikipedia entry.

Monologues *

The Monologue Archive

Moscow Art Theatre


Musicals, Music Theatre, a guide to websites.

Musical Theatre


Netherlands *

Theater Instituut Nederland

New York theatres *

New York Library for the Performing Arts

New York City Guide Magazine
Broadway theatre.

New York Times Theater section. Reviews.

Playbill On-Line
Source for Broadway theatre.

Talkin’ Broadway
On Broadway/off Broadway discussion, history, shows.

Theater Mania
Broadway tickets and discount tickets for Broadway shows

New York Theater Workshop YouTube Channel


Opera websites, a guide.


International Theatre Institute
The world organization for the performing arts.


Pantomime *

It’s Behind You
Pantomime history, articles, facts and web links.

Old English Pantomime

Pantomime, Wikipedia entry.

Performance art *

Women in theatre and performance art.List of performance artists.

Famous performance artists

Marcel Marceau

Robert Wilson

Photographs of stars from the golden age of the theatre, 1880-1920.

Plays, playwrights

African theater, drama, and theatrical plays online.

Children’s Theatre Plays: Plays for Children
The playwrights database of modern plays.

Playwrights; a guide to famous playwrights.

Plays and Playwrights
A database offering virtually every play currently published in the English language.

Puppet theatre

See also: Puppetry, puppet theatre; a guide to websites.

Punch and Judy Websites

Punch and Judy, Wikipedia entry.

Punch and Judy College of Professors

Prof. Glyn Edward’s Punch and Judy Pitch


Radio drama *

BBC Radio Drama and Comedy

Radio Drama. Independent Radio Drama (IRD), 
Britain’s leading radio drama producer.

Radio Echoes
Listen to thousands of radio dramas and programs from the past. An audio archive.

Reviews *

London Theatre reviews, London Theatre Guide
London Theatre Reviews from the West End

The Telegraph theatre reviews.

The American Theatre Critics Association, Inc.

London Theatre Reviews.

Critics’ Choice Theatre Reviews. Time Out London

New Zealand Theatre: theatre reviews, performance reviews

Theatre Reviews Limited
Reviews of Broadway and off-Broadway shows currently running.
Latest theatre reviews on the Stage site of

The New York Times
Theatre reviews.

Royal Court Theatre, London

Royal Shakespeare Company

Russian theatre

See: Russian Theatre


Schools, colleges, academies

See: Schools, performing arts courses

US performing arts schools

Yale University School of Drama


Shakespeare websites, a guide.

Shanghai Grand Theatre, China

Spanish Theatre Index

Stagecraft *

Association of British Theatre Technicians

Wikipedia entry.

Stage design

Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABTT).

Stage Directions, US.

US Institute for Theater Technology (USITT)

The Stage Theatre News Reviews and Auditions.The Stage Newspaper (UK)
Publishing for the entertainment industry since 1880.

Stage management *

The Online Resource for Stage Managers

Playbill: Find a Job

Stage Managers’ Association, U.S.

Stanislavsky, Konstantin Sergeyevich

Konstantin Stanislavsky

Excerpt from  My Life in Art.

Konstantin Stanislavski, Wikipedia entry.

Stanislavsky Theatre Studio, U.S.

Stanislavsky and method acting, an online forum.


Technique, theatre technique.
Wikipedia entry.

Theatre Library
The performing arts web site directory.

Theatre Library Association, New York.
A non-profit, educational organization established in 1937 to promote the collection, preservation and use of theatrical and performing arts materials.

Theatre of the oppressed *

Augusto Boal, Wikipedia entry.

Theatre of The Oppressed

Theater of The Oppressed Laboratory

Tickets for theatres in Britain. Ticketlinks

Tragedy *

Classical literature, ancient Greek and Roman drama, dramatists; a guide to websites.

Greek Theater
A brief introduction to Ancient Greek Theatre.

Theatre of ancient Greece.
Wikipedia entry.

Wikipedia entry.

Shakespearean tragedy

King Lear


Romeo and Juliet

Wikipedia entry on Shakespearean tragedy.


United Kingdom theatre, a guide to websites