Famous artists, a guide to websites and galleries

imagesFamous artists; a curated, A-Z list of artists from the past to the present, with works gathered from websites, art museums and galleries

Berühmte künstler; artistes célèbres; artisti famosi; artistas famosos

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Abramovic, Marina

Marina Abramovic. Wikipedia entry.
Marina Abramovic. Artfacts.net
Marina Abramović. MOMA
Marina Abramović. Sean Kelly Gallery
Marina Abramovic Online
Marina Abramovic. Artnet
Marina Abraomovic. New York Times
Marina Abramovic Institute
Marina Abramović. Moderna Museet i Stockholm
Marina Abramović. The Guardian

Acconci, Vito

Vito Acconci
Sound files from UbuWeb.
Acconci,Vito. Vito Acconci. The Guggenheim Collection
Vito Acconci. MOMA
Vito Acconci.
Works by Vito Acconci in museums and galleries.
Vito Acconci. Artnet image gallery.
Vito Acconci. SFMOMA
Vito Acconci. Tate Gallery
Vito Acconci on Artnet.
Vito Acconci. Wikipedia

Albani, Francesco

Francesco Albani
Francesco Albani Online
Francesco Albani.
Web Gallery of Art image collection
Francesco Albani, Wikipedia entry.

Albers, Josef

Josef Albers. Guggenheim Collection
Josef Albers. National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
Josef Albers. Tate Gallery, London
Josef Albers
Paintings by Josef Albers on display in art museums.
Josef and Anni Albers Foundation
Josef Albers. Internet resources from the-artists.org.

Alechinsky, Pierre

Pierre Alechinsky. Spaightwood Galleries
Pierre Alechinsky. Museum of Modern Art, New York
Pierre Alechinsky. The Tate Gallery

Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. Artcyclopedia
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. Tate Gallery
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. Royal Academy
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. Boston Fine Arts Museum
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. Olga’s Gallery
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. Wikipedia
Lawrence Alma-Tadema, an image gallery from Wikimedia.

The finding of Moses
The finding of Moses

Altdorfer, Albrecht

Albrecht Altdorfer. Wikipedia
Albrecht Altdorfer. WebMuseum
Albrecht Altdorfer. Artchive
Albrecht Altdorfer Online
Albrecht Altdorfer. Kunsthistorisches Museum Databank, Vienna
Albrecht Altdorfer. The National Gallery, London
Albrecht Altdorfer
Olga’s Gallery
Albrecht Altdorfer
Web Gallery of Art

Fra Angelico

Fra Angelico. National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.
Fra Angelico Hermitage Museum, Russia
Fra Angelico. National Gallery, London
Fra Angelico. Web Gallery of Art
Fra Angelico. WebMuseum

Fra Angelico; Beato Angelico Annunciazione, annunciation San Marco Museum, Florence
Fra Angelico; Beato Angelico Annunciazione, annunciation San Marco Museum, Florence

Andre, Carl

Carl Andre. Guggenheim Collection
Carl Andre. Wikipedia entry.
Carl Andre. Tate Gallery, London
Carl Andre. The Whitney Museum of American Art
Carl Andre
Art museums displaying works by Carl Andre.

Andrea di Bartolo

Andrea di Bartolo. Artcyclopedia
Andrea di Bartolo. National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.
Andrea di Bartolo
The Web Gallery of Art
Andrea di Bartolo. El Museo de arte Thyssen-Bornemisza 
Andrea di Bartolo. Wikipedia

Andrea de Sarto

Andrea del Sarto. Artcyclopaedia
Andrea del Sarto. Web Gallery of Art
Andrea del Sarto. Getty Museum
Andrea del cart. The Prado Museum
Andrea del Sarto. Le Louvre, Paris
Andrea del Sarto. The Hermitage Museum
Andrea del Sarto. National Gallery of Art, U.S.

Anguissola, Sofonisba

Sofonisba Anguissola
Women in Art
Sofinisba Anguissola. State Museums of Florence
Sofonisba Anguissola. Wikipedia

Anguissola, Lucia

Lucia Anguissola. Art museums.
Lucia Anguissola. Web gallery of Art

Antoni, Janine

Janine Antoni Catalogue
Janine Antoni, Wikipedia entry.
Janine Antoni Online
Janine Antoni. Art Institute of Chicago
Janine Antoni. Exhibitions, galleries, works.

Appel, Karel

Karel Appel. Artworks by Karel Appel in museums.
Karel Appel. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
Karel Appel Foundation
Karel Appel. MOMA
Karel Appel. Tate Gallery

Archipenko, Alexander

Alexander Archipenko. The Guggenheim Museum
Alexander Archipenko
Works by Alexander Archipenko in art museums.
Alexander Archipenko. Wikipedia

Arcimboldo, Giuseppe

Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Olga’s Gallery
Giuseppe Arcmiboldo. Palazzo Grassi
Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna 
Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Art and Illusion
Giuseppe Arcimboldo
The Life and Art of Giuseppe Arcimboldo
Giuseppe Arcimboldo
An image gallery from Wikimedia.

Arikha, Aigdor

Avigdor Arikha. Wikipedia,
Avigdor Arikha Online
Avigdor Arikha. Tate Collection
Avigdor Arikha. Los Angeles Museum of Art
Avigdor Arikha. Museo Thyssen Bornemisza
Avigdor Arika. National Portrait Gallery

Arp, Hans (Jean)

Jean Arp
Art museums displaying works by Jean Arp.
Jean Arp. Guggenheim Gallery
Jean Arp. Olga’s Gallery
Jean Arp. The Tate Gallery
Jean Arp. The Art Institute of Chicago
Jean Arp. MOMA
Jean Arp. Images on the Web, from Artchive.
The Arp Foundation
The Arp Museum

Ast, Balthasar van der

Balthasar van der Ast. Artcyclopedia
Balthasar van der Ast. WebMuseum
Balthasar van der Ast. Web Gallery of Art
Balthasar van der Ast. The Hermitage

Aubudon, John James

John James Audubon. Wikipedia entry.
The National Audubon Society
John James Audubon. National Gallery of Art
John James Audubon. Museum Syndicate
Audubon House. Gallery of Natural History
John James Audubon Online
John James Aubudon. Museum of Nebraska Art
The John James Audubon Collection. Houghton Library.
The Audubon House Gallery
John James Audubon
The Birds of America, Catalogue of the 435 plates.
Life of John James Audubon (full book)

Auerbach, Frank

Frank Auerbach. Works by Auerbach in art museums.
Frank Auerbach
Paintings and drawings, Royal Academy, London
Frank Auerbach. The Tate Gallery
Frank Auerbach.
An image gallery at BBC Your Paintings.
Frank Auerbach. An interview in The Telegraph.

Avery, Milton

Milton Avery
Works by Milton Avery displayed in art museums.
Milton Avery. The New York Public Library