Art movements, art periods and styles

Art movements, art periods; a guide to websites


Art movements and art periods timeline:


Art history, a timeline from The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Art movements and art periods, a timeline with articles and image examples.

The Web Museum
An online gallery of works of art from world art movements and art periods.

Social is a new kind of encyclopedia, delivering structured multimedia information about artists, musicians and authors (among others). Personalities are shown within their historical and cultural context, allowing the users to have the full picture encompassing life achievements, but also their influence.


Abstract painting

Abstract art: early abstract painters and sculptors.

Abstract expressionism

Abstract expressionism, a guide to websites.

Ancient art

See: Ancient Art

Animal paintings

See: Animals/painters of animal pictures. 

Appropriation art

Appropriation art.
Wikipedia entry.

Art Deco

See also: Art Deco

Art Deco architecture.

Art Deco Society, California

Art Deco Society, New York


Arte Povera

Arte Povera
Works and Documents from the Goetz Collection from 1958 to the Present. Art Contemporain

Art Nouveau

See also: Art Nouveau 

Art Nouveau architecture, image samples.
Cupola’s Galleries.

Jules Marie Aime Lavirotte

Arts and Crafts movement

See: Arts and Crafts

Ashcan School

The Ashcan School
An image gallery of Ashcan artists.

Ashcan School,
Wikipedia entry.

The Ash Can School and American Scene Painting

George Bellows

George Bellows
The Bellows Family Trust holds original lithographs and drawings created by George Wesley Bellows.

George Bellows. The Athenaeum

George Bellows. The Museum Syndicate

George Bellows. Catalogue Raisonné

George Bellows. National Gallery of Art

George Bellows. Wikipedia

George Bellows. Artcyclopedia


Barbizon School

See also: The Barbizon School

Barbizon School members.

Barbizon School
Wikipedia entry.


See: The Baroque art page, a guide to websites.

Baroque Art Internet Resources
Images, Baroque artists, essays on the Baroque.


See: Bauhaus

Der Blaue Reiter; Die Brucke

See: Die Brucke/Die Brucke


Cave art

See: Cave art

Conceptual art, conceptualism, minimalism

See:  Conceptual Artists
See also: Minimalism, Minimalist Artists 


See: Cubism