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Art Addiction Medial Museum
Art Addiction Medial Museum, an established Art-Creator to Art-Consumer arena. Art Addiction Virtual Museums’ annual and biennial medial global art exhibitions are events in which contemporary artists and members of today’s cybercommunity have been asked to choose up to a maximum of 12 works of art and to show their choice one year on Art Addiction Medial Museum.

Videoed talks and discussion on contemporary art and artists.
Buy contemporary artworks and sell your own work. An art portal, with listed categories and artist names.

The Artangel Collection is an initiative to bring outstanding film and video works, commissioned and produced by Artangel, to galleries and museums across the UK, and to commission new works in collaboration with Ikon, Birmingham and The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester. The collection comprises film and video installations by contemporary artists such as Francis Alÿs, Jeremy Deller, Atom Egoyan, Douglas Gordon, Steve McQueen, Tony Oursler, Paul Pfeiffer and Gregor Schneider.

Art exchange, an art gallery website: a source for buying paintings, limited edition floral, original fine art prints, watercolor giclee prints, bronze original sculpture and art poster reproductions.

Art, an international gallery guide for modern, contemporary and emerging art. A searchable database of artists, exhibitions and galleries.

Art Gallery Worldwide
A large gallery of artworks in different styles and media. The website offers a wide variety of features and services that enable customers to buy and sell their art.

Artist search and alphabetical index of artists with artworks shown in museums.

Artifical Gallery, London
Artificial is an on-line gallery offering works for sale by a diverse range of artists from Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Takashi Murakami, Grayson Perry to emerging artists such as Banksy.

ARTINFO provides art news from around the world, as well as events, museums and gallery information, jobs, and auction reviews.

Artist-Info Contemporary Art database
Displaying a large number of contemporary artists showing  in art galleries in Europe, America and around the world. Artist search.

Artists’ books. A web directory of books by artists.
Art Industri promotes the work of students, amateur & professional artists and art galleries as well as encouraging the appreciation and interest in visual arts through a network of sites offering promotional tools, reference information and resource services to the art community. The group of sites include free art directory listings, free webspace, free email accounts and online portfolio creation as well as the fine art e-card site, the creative & educational art kids site and the art icons and art movements reference sites.
A scholarly guide. Contemporary artists – an exhibitions guide.

Buy and sell modern and contemporary art, fine prints and photographs.
Submit your art to

Artsbee is an online artists community where artists, photographers, illustrators, designers and more can showcase and sell their artwork online.

Artspan provides elegantly designed artist, artisan and photographer websites. Each site has an easy to use control panel where the member can customize and control all aspects of their site. Members can upload images, create galleries and post pages with any info they want.
Il mercato dell’arte contemporanea, dove comprare e rivendere opere d’arte non è mai stato così facile e piacevole.
A complete online portfolio service for fine artists.

Asian artists.&
Galleries displaying works by Asian artists.

The art platform Gallerease connects art lovers and collectors with prestigious galleries and art dealers. The online Magazine provides the visitor with educational articles and the ins and outs of the art world. Gallerease aims to make art accessible and transparent for a broad public. Gallerease is currently building an ArtEase Tool that will help art enthusiasts find their own style.

The ‘Avant-Garde’ term *

Marcel Duchamp. Audio interviews, from UbuWeb.

Historic Avant-Garde Periodicals for Digital Research, The Blue Mountain Project, Princeton University Library

Digital Dada Library of International Dada Archive, University of Iowa Libraries

Dada, Surrealism, & De Stijl Magazines on UbuWeb Historical

Avant-garde. Wikipedia entry.

Avant-garde. The Tate

The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, by Walter Benjamin

Complete text of the essay, translated.

Zeitschrift für Sozialforschung (1932-1941)

Complete text in German (in German)
Shairart is an online art sale platform for artists and art galleries all across Europe. They bring together more than 5,000 contemporary art works by established and emerging artists. Shairart is a community dedicated to promoting art through exhibitions, marketing, collection management, consulting and research.

Asia-Pacfic region *

Ocula Contemporary & Fine Art, Artists, Galleries and Exhibitions
Ocula is the source for contemporary art. Presenting news, views, artists, and exhibitions from leading galleries in or engaged with new markets like Asia Pacific.

Collecting contemporary art *

Independent Collectors
Independent Collectors is a network designed specifically for collectors of contemporary art.

Contemporary Art Daily
A Daily Journal of International Exhibitions


Delfina Foundation, U.K
Over the last twenty-five years, the “Delfina” brand has become synonymous with artistic development. Delfina Foundation, U.K., was established as the successor to Delfina Studio Trust, which was renowned in the international art world for nurturing and supporting many highly acclaimed artists and more than a dozen Turner Prize nominees. Founded by Delfina Entrecanales, The Delfina Studio Trust was established in 1988 as a registered charity with the aim of providing high quality studio space and related facilities for visual artists.

An online community for art and skin lovers. A large collection of software skins  and desktop wallpapers. DeviantART is an expansive, worldwide community of artists of every age and nationality who create works spanning every medium, every subject and level of talent and skill.

Digital Consciousness
A public database of contemporary art. The art and biographies of emerging and established artists are exhibited through galleries and artist pages.


Emerging artists.
Galleries displaying works by emerging artists.

Exhibition guides *
Buy and sell modern and contemporary art, fine prints and photographs.

Contemporary art exhibitions around the world.

Arts and Exhibitions
Under the leadership of its highly experienced principal, John Norman and Andres Numhauser, President of Museum Consulting Services Inc, Arts and Exhibitions constantly strives to bring the very best in exciting traveling exhibits to a worldwide audience.

Contemporary Art Daily
A Daily Journal of International Exhibitions

This gallery guide helps you find world-class contemporary art at the leading galleries and museums worldwide. Browse or filter our exhibition listings on the ArtMap to find art exhibitions, events and auctions in your city. Use the NearMe function on their ArtMap to search for contemporary art galleries and museums open today near you.

New Exhibitions
A bi-monthly new exhibitions guide (UK).

European contemporary art *

ARTMargins: Central & Eastern European Visual Culture
ARTMargins: cyber forum for contemporary Central and Eastern European visual culture. The premiere online dedicated to art, sculpture, performance, film and more.


525 AVC. 
525 AVC exhibits contemporary visual art works for sale online. It is a tool designed for art lovers, collectors, critics and curators. They intend to keep a careful balance of languages and techniques and we attempt to leave aside the distinction between fine arts and minor arts, established and emerging or central and peripheral art.

Fine Art America
Fine Art America is a premier online marketplace for buying, selling, and creating fine art originals and fine art prints. It’s also an easy way to stay in touch with your local art scene.

The Freize Art Fair
The Frieze Art Fair is held every October in Regent’s Park, London. It features over 160 of the most exciting contemporary art galleries in the world. As well as these exhibitors, the fair includes specially commissioned artists’ projects and an ambitious talks programme.


Galleries-Online represents the artwork of contemporary artists from across the world. Art lovers can find artwork quickly and easily by searching by subject, medium, region and country.

The art platform Gallerease connects art lovers and collectors with prestigious galleries and art dealers. The online Magazine provides the visitor with educational articles and the ins and outs of the art world. Gallerease aims to make art accessible and transparent for a broad public. Gallerease is currently building an ArtEase Tool that will help art enthusiasts find their own style.

A selective collection of original paintings for sale by highly talented. professional artists in different countries worldwide.


The Idiosynchronism movement invites all those who wish to join them in defining a new form of art. They categorically reject the current interpretation of Duchampian concepts of art which, although they laud in their original expressions, rather than bring the artist freedom have for over 50 years proved a prison of ever-diminishing nihilism and laziness.

An Introduction to Contemporary Art, by Pictor Victor.
Space, form and colour.

Italian contemporary art websites

KounterKulture is a cutting-edge concept, re-thinking the old art model for an appropriate approach to contemporary art in the 21st  century. Taking advantage of new technologies, Kounter Kulture seeks to reinvent the conventional gallery experience online. Artworks for sale online.

The Kurdish Artists Group
Online exhibitions of contemporary Kurdish art from


My Modern Met
My Modern Met is a blog where art enthusiasts and trendspotters connect over creative ideas.


‘Towards an everlasting art.’ Non-Object works dream about themselves throughout a period scattered with internal events.  They build up on casual contacts, they grow up through many conflicts, they store fragmental feelings. Looking endlessly for potentials, Non-Object works feed themselves as much on the indifference shown to them as the interest they might arouse.


Oceanic artists.
Galleries displaying works by Oceanic artists. is a site for all Lebanese and international artists who want to get better exposure through the Internet and who want to reach every art lover throughout the world.


Pears Gallery
The Pears Gallery project wants to be a bridge between the two worlds of artists and art professionals. The Pears Gallery project doesn’t want to take the art professionals’ place, denigrate the numerous virtual galleries or promise artists amazing sales. Their only aim is to be a spring-board, a promotion and fame accelerator. Ce projet est l?aboutissement d?une réflexion de plus de cinq ans. Cinq années pour marier l?Art et l?Internet. Cinq années pour proposer un concept innovant pour promouvoir le beau, le rare, l?unique, pour promouvoir votre art.

Contemporary art and cinema news.

An artist-run arts organization. It is their mission is to expose artists to “brick and mortar” galleries interested in presenting their work.  They are expanding the marketing tools available by providing easy to build websites for emerging artists.


Saatchi Gallery, London
The Saatchi Gallery maintains a very comprehensive database of artist works, information and biographies.

The Sonic Self
An exhibition exploring sound-related art, curated by Jolanta Gora-Wita, Koshek Swaminathan, Anna Frants, Koan Jeff Baysa, Yaro, with guest curator Maciej Zygmunt Czarkowski.


Take to Art
Take to art specializes in selling art, glass and sculptures. The work sold is from the pre-owned and second hand markets or new work directly from the artist themselves. They also operate a unique recommendation scheme where galleries can receive income when they introduce clients to the website. The website allows you to contact the seller directly for a small listing fee.

Tate Modern Channel
Video and audio interviews, lectures.


UBU Web: Visual + Concrete + Sound Poetry
A learned, varietous, and rewarding assortment of links and works concerning visual/concrete poetry, including a knowledgeable historical perspective on new media.

A guide to contemporary artists on the internet, based in Italy. Critics, artists, exhibitions, events, both Italian and international.
Modello d’informazione indipendente, diffonde eventi italiani e internazionali, fornisce gli strumenti per fruirne e crea relazioni tra gli operatori.
Online gallery for contemporary artists, digital art, painters, sculptors and photographers.

Women artists
Contemporary women artists, an art museum directory from Artcyclopedia.

World Artist Directory